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Milbury does it again.

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Mike Mibury is one of the coaches for the Boch Blazers. It's a team out of Dedham, Mass. in the New England Hockey League, (the league in which my grandkids play). He helps with his son's peewee team, (12 year olds).

The Blazers had their own outdoor winter classic game, on Dec. 9, (yesterday). They invited a team called the Boston Jr. Blackhawks to play an exhibition at the Larz Anderson rink in Brookline.

Milbury sh!t all over the game. He screamed at opposing players. He grabbed and shook a kid from the Blackhawks. The Blackhawk boy was having problems with Mike's kid, who was out of control. Mike's son told someone, (one of the mothers, maybe his own), to f**k off.

I'm told there is a video, but the people who have it have declined to have it aired.

He screwed over BC. Did an awful job with the Islanders. Is a terrible, annoying "analyst". Was, at best, a mediocre player.

Yet, he's given a TV gig that we would kill for.

The older I get, the less I understand.

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Hey Block, I'll be 46 in 3 weeks...I feel your pain. People don't give a crap anymore and if they do it's for the wrong reason.

I'm embarrassed for the league. The tv people that they employ to represent it are mostly idiots. When you listen to the nationally broadcast NFL announcers you can truly appreciate their lack of bias (other than Chris Collinsworth) . The NHL has people out there that are terrible at their jobs. Yet we are subjected to them night after night. It's pathetic. It's no suprise the NHL ranks where it does.

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