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  1. That type of angry exchange should not be done in public. But, I remember times when I felt enraged by a coach's decisions. MacKinnon should be cut some slack.
  2. I'm watching a grandchild scoot around the ice for his college team. He's big and strong, and I'm very proud of him. Seems as if was yesterday, that he was in his flannel jammies, climbing up into my lap. He's clutching a book and eager for a story to be read to him. A story he's heard a hundred times. Happy times. But, I wish things would slow down.
  3. On the surface, it makes no sense at all.
  4. Hitchcock will bleed the life out of that team. It may take a season or two, but he'll do it.
  5. Most here know something about Hitchcock's wife. Maybe he took the job to get out of the house.
  6. blocker

    New one

    Never seen this one before. White team is short-handed, 5 to 4. Have a face-off in their own end. Official keeps throwing white players out of the circle. Finally he's thrown all 4 white skaters out. Calls a penalty on the white team. Dunno the call. It was a prep school game, so NCAA rules apply. New one on me.
  7. "But he was truly cocky, arrogant, codescendant, watching and judging easily people around him. Not a simple guy. He was just a primadonna diva, and that put things in perspective." That's not the Marty St. Louis I know. I've seen him interact with the public many times and he's never been anything but kind and polite.
  8. Didja ever notice that an awful lot of referees were nasty, chippy, spearing p***ks when they were players.
  9. It's employees complaining. No more, no less. Management in Ottawa would be smart to keep a copy, but otherwise, let it slide.
  10. blocker


    I watched a prep school game yesterday. One of the schools was a place I'd never heard of. It was obvious early that they didn't belong on the ice with the other team. Their players were being run over. They weren't skilled, big, fast, or whatever to compete. The officials wisely chose to declare running time before someone got injured. That game exposed a problem. In the US, there are a lot of people and institutions who take advantage of kids dreams or parents egos. Kids who lack the ability to play at a high level are given the chance because a parent was willing to write a check. And hucksters take advantage. Don't know the answer, but it's a problem. The day wasn't a total loss. Between the second and third periods, I'm in the restaurant area. This kid comes along and flips a sports drink bottle onto my table. The bottle lands right side up. I ask the kid to do it again. He did it. Not only can he do it, he was able to make the bottle land upside down on it's top sometimes. Nice to see someone who knew what he was doing.
  11. Yup. Stan Mikita was one of the sports heroes who earned the respect given to him.
  12. When Stan Mikita entered the NHL, he scrapped his way to the top. Piled up penalties for slashing and butt ends. He had the brains to realize that he wasn't helping the Black Hawks or himself by spending time in the penalty box. So, he learned how to play within the rules, while still being aggressive. Hence, the Lady Byng. Also, he was the subject of a story on CBS's 60 minutes. It was called "Fire on Ice". That was a big deal for those of us who were promoting hockey.
  13. That sounds like a description of most of the recycled NHL "coaches".
  14. That's very interesting. I'm not much of a believer in the stories of drama surrounding teams. But, I do know that there was some animosity toward Timmy Thomas in Boston. Never could understand it, but it was certainly there.

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