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  1. Yeah, but ain't Canada where all the cold weather comes from?
  2. My nominee is Ulf Samuelson. I've told this story on this site before. It was a Rangers pre-season practice game the first season after Ulfie got traded to New York. Shane Willis was a young kid trying to land a gig. He made a play, and had his face to the glass. Ulfie saw he was defenseless and ran him. At full tilt, rammed his elbow into the kid's head and watched the teeth and blood spew onto the ice. Cost Willis some nights in the hospital and a few years in his pursuit of a pro career. There was no need for the cruelty. Ulfie was guaranteed a job. Willis was not a threat. It was just meanness.
  3. I had the happy chance to meet Henri. He was quiet and reserved. A real sports hero. And, the only hockey player I ever saw who looked natty and dressed up in a uniform.
  4. Fu##ing Russians are all trying to get Trump reelected.
  5. We had Saturday night high school dances. A bunch of hillbilly kids in rural Vermont. One night, the fool who played the records, decided to include "Sabre Dance" in the evening's repertoire. Didn't get many dancers for that one.
  6. blocker

    Ice time

    Got a question. How do the scorers calculate ice time? Keeping track of the coming and goings of forty plus skaters seems to me to be a difficult task. How do they do it?
  7. "For those who don’t know, Tim Hortons is the Canadian Dunkin’ Donuts." Actually, there are Tim Hortons in the states. They've spilled south of the border along with cold weather and Celine Dion's CDs.
  8. First pair of real hockey skates that I bought for my son were used Junior Tacks. I paid $25.00 for them. His son's new pair cost $900.00, yesterday.
  9. One of the tough guys I liked was Ted Harris. He was a really good defenseman, who didn't fight a whole lot, but when he did, he was a force. One of the best one punch gladiators ever. His long-time partner was Terry Harper. Terry fought often and lost almost all of his fights. But, he was respected because he never backed down.
  10. I know it's not happening, but I sure would like to see Ted Nolan get another shot.
  11. "I get up three times a night to take a leak. Getting old sucks." One of my doctor's office nurses is a nice person, but she doesn't like me. So, I try to get in little shots. One visit, she asked the usual preliminary questions. She asked if I got up at night to go to the bathroom. I told her "almost always".

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