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  1. Hope everyone is safe and happy
  2. Jim Montgomery is one of the good guys. He's also the person who named the "Legion of doom". I hope he does well.
  3. When my youngest was a peewee, we got a chance to attend a Canadiens optional practice. No coaches on the ice. Players were free to practice whatever they wanted. Despite his reputation as an undisciplined free spirit, Lafleur pushed himself hard. I think my son learned a lesson that day. Success requires hard work.
  4. Hope everyone has a good holiday.
  5. “So what’s the best way to kill 48+ hours in Montreal?” What a question.
  6. "Genny Beer". God, that was awful stuff. Tasted like pine cones.
  7. The giveaway was bad enough, but I wonder how much damage has been done to Vegas by the coach throwing Fleury under the bus with his postgame comments.
  8. The best "coach" usually has the best goalie.
  9. Walter looked like the person he was. A Dad who froze while flooding a rink for a kid he loved.
  10. "I've heard a lot about fights in the past being more violent". One of the worst was Wayne Maki and Teddy Green. They were swinging sticks at each other. Maki finally got Green in the head. Terrible sight. Should have convinced NHL players to wear helmets, but most refused.
  11. Travis died Thursday. Very sad. Never met anyone who was as upbeat, despite given the bum hand with which he was inflicted.
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