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  1. First pair of real hockey skates that I bought for my son were used Junior Tacks. I paid $25.00 for them. His son's new pair cost $900.00, yesterday.
  2. One of the tough guys I liked was Ted Harris. He was a really good defenseman, who didn't fight a whole lot, but when he did, he was a force. One of the best one punch gladiators ever. His long-time partner was Terry Harper. Terry fought often and lost almost all of his fights. But, he was respected because he never backed down.
  3. I know it's not happening, but I sure would like to see Ted Nolan get another shot.
  4. "I get up three times a night to take a leak. Getting old sucks." One of my doctor's office nurses is a nice person, but she doesn't like me. So, I try to get in little shots. One visit, she asked the usual preliminary questions. She asked if I got up at night to go to the bathroom. I told her "almost always".
  5. That type of angry exchange should not be done in public. But, I remember times when I felt enraged by a coach's decisions. MacKinnon should be cut some slack.
  6. I'm watching a grandchild scoot around the ice for his college team. He's big and strong, and I'm very proud of him. Seems as if was yesterday, that he was in his flannel jammies, climbing up into my lap. He's clutching a book and eager for a story to be read to him. A story he's heard a hundred times. Happy times. But, I wish things would slow down.
  7. On the surface, it makes no sense at all.
  8. Hitchcock will bleed the life out of that team. It may take a season or two, but he'll do it.
  9. Most here know something about Hitchcock's wife. Maybe he took the job to get out of the house.
  10. blocker

    New one

    Never seen this one before. White team is short-handed, 5 to 4. Have a face-off in their own end. Official keeps throwing white players out of the circle. Finally he's thrown all 4 white skaters out. Calls a penalty on the white team. Dunno the call. It was a prep school game, so NCAA rules apply. New one on me.
  11. "But he was truly cocky, arrogant, codescendant, watching and judging easily people around him. Not a simple guy. He was just a primadonna diva, and that put things in perspective." That's not the Marty St. Louis I know. I've seen him interact with the public many times and he's never been anything but kind and polite.
  12. Didja ever notice that an awful lot of referees were nasty, chippy, spearing p***ks when they were players.
  13. It's employees complaining. No more, no less. Management in Ottawa would be smart to keep a copy, but otherwise, let it slide.
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