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Another good article on CBA/Lockout

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I'll continue to post as I find these.


I found this very enlightening..

HRR is revenue from which a number of items have been subtracted. Among what is removed from the total revenue are: money teams make from waiver claims on players; money the NHL makes from moving teams or granting expansion franchises; revenues that teams receive from operating other clubs, such as AHL affiliates; fines collected from players and teams; any money teams make through financial transactions, such as loans, interest income or investments; and the sale or leasing of real estate. All those categories of revenue don’t count when determining HRR, which is the pool from which the players draw their percentage under this salary cap system. Additionally, the CBA excludes from HRR “any costs, including fixed and variable costs, attributable to a revenue-generating activity” — anything spent while accumulating HRR, including the salaries of employees whose duties contribute to the revenue activities.

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