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  1. Just gonna leave this right here....pretty much says it all. [Hidden Content]
  2. Disagree...the contract was a factor, is a factor, and will continue to be a factor until he's gone.. Regardless of stance on contract, it doesn't change the fact that he's simply not a good defenseman-which is the most important factor .
  3. While I agree with your points about his salary blinding people, this is also more of an indictment of last years D corps, than a reflection of his strong play. On the Flyers he's a top 4 defenseman, on most playoff teams he's not. Hell, Streit was top 4 for Philly, got traded to Pitt, and even with all their playoff injuries, was still the LAST defenseman they went with to fill in. He's not that good...his contract just magnifies that fact.
  4. Thanks, dude. I went back thru some old Meltzer blogs, but couldn't find anything. Appreciate the update.
  5. And on the 3rd page of google results, I found this. [Hidden Content]#
  6. Not beating a dead horse but I want to bring this up again. Can anyone confirm if this correct or not? [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content] So which is it?
  7. What was the reasoning/fallout/decision--whatever it's called-behind Lange being pulled off TV a few years ago. Always liked him.
  8. I thought I had read one of them is eligible for the AHL, due to a loan agreement(Hischier). Could be wrong but I remember thinking if he fell to the Flyers, it would be a great option to have him start in the AHL, and move up at some point during the year--vs Patrick who is NHL or back to junior. Anyone?
  9. Not the 2nd pick. Roster players/picks during the season/at deadline. As as you stated- a lot depends on how the season progresses. But the Flyers have a lot of young talent in the pipeline--finally. I could see an acquisition to complement that youth. Who that is and what position-is anyone's guess. But Hexy has stated he's not opposed to acquiring pieces here and there-as they continue to build/acquire talent thru the draft. I could be totally wrong-it's just a hunch.
  10. Agree with your point about the young players. Based on Hextall's comments at year end, I believe he's ready to release the hounds, so to speak. I can't find the quote at the moment, but in case you missed it, he basically said he was pleased with the progression of the young players/the Phantoms, and it was now time to give them a chance to make the jump. I think we see 1/2 additional young Dmen to replace Schultz/MDZ...and probably 2 young forwards--at least. I still have no clue what they do with the goalie situation in the short term. I'm not sure how the money/roster slots will fit, but I think the Flyers lose Read/Raffl to Vegas. I also think this is the year that Hextall makes a package deal for future picks to continue stockpiling young talent.
  11. So happy to read this. I will actually watch Pens games now. Im being serious. I wouldn't watch because he was such a dick bag. Heck-my kid goes to college outside of Pitt. And even his college buddies who are Pens fans hate him. That's bad.
  12. Good point about the team size at Center. Didn't even think about that. I was thinking if they slid him to 3C, they could have PEB and 2 kids on the 4th line. But your idea works! Anything to NOT have VDV on the roster next year. Based on what Hexy said, regarding kids getting a chance/looks--I would pray that VDV is moving on, to be replaced by someone from the farm.
  13. Well, THAT didn't take long!! General Manager Tim Murray and Head Coach Dan Bylsma have been relieved of their duties.
  14. This is from an article on Philly.com today. Reading these quotes I started to wonder if they see Laughton as a cheaper version of Coots. Especially given the speed comment. I'm not on the "Trade Coots" band wagon, but he's a valuable trade commodity if they go that route. He's locked in at a reasonable salary for a new team. Laughton then slots into 3C, at a MUCH lower salary(he's an RFA after this season.) Like I said, just a thought...and yes, I'm not into the rum. Yet. At the time of his demotion, general manager Ron Hextall told Phantoms coach Scott Gordon he wanted Laughton to play more of a defensive role, whether as a penalty killer or trying to help shut down an opponent's top line. Hextall wanted the 6-foot-1, 189-pound Laughton "to think defense first," Gordon said. "And as it turned out, the more efficient he became at playing defense, the better he was offensively. He was one of our go-to guys offensively." "He's become a much more well-rounded player," Hextall said. "Scotty understands the role that suits him and his strengths. He's used his speed better. He's become a much more consistent player."
  15. Well, well, well....let's see how this plays out. Report: Eichel won't re-up if Bylsma remains coach Jack Eichel isn't willing to commit his future to the Buffalo Sabres as long as Dan Bylsma remains the team's coach, reports WGR 550's Paul Hamilton. The 20-year-old Eichel just completed the second season of his three-year, entry-level contract. Hamilton reports that the 2015 second overall pick in the National Hockey League Entry Draft had an end-of-the-season exit meeting with general manager Tim Murray last week and was candid in his assessment of a disappointing season in which the rebuilding Sabres finished dead last in the Atlantic Division with 33-37-12 record. They finished 17 points adrift of the Toronto Maple Leafs for the final playoff spot in the Eastern Conference. Murray is expected to meeting with Sabres owners Terry and Kim Pegula in Florida on Wednesday. Eichel has not hidden his displeasure with the team over his young NHL career. “It’s been a mediocre two years,” Eichel told the Buffalo News in early April. “More than anything, it’s a bit disappointing, a bit embarrassing for us as players that we can’t be better for them. You want to please the fans because of all they’ve been through and all they continue to put up with. You just want to be better.” Eichel continued on that theme during the team's final media availability of the season on April 10th. "I think guys want to win but there is a difference between saying you want to win and actually wanting to win," Eichel said. "Putting the work in, dedicating your life to it. When you do that and it doesn’t work it is pretty frustrating.” Last week, Murray noted that there would be a full review of the organization in the coming days and would not speculate on Bylsma's job security other than to offer that he currently remains coach. “I am the general manager today, [Bylsma] is the coach today, I haven’t had any thoughts of firing him up to this point and the reason I always say today is something could happen tomorrow, so he’s the coach, yes," Murray said. A native of North Chelmsford, Massachusetts, Eichel is arbitration-eligible after his fourth season in the NHL. Eichel was the Sabres' leading scorer this season, despite missing 21 games with injury. In 61 games, Eichel tallied 24 goals and 33 assists.
  16. I voted yes. Spearing should be a suspension, especially to the groin. That being said, I don't think he will get suspended. For the reasons others have pointed out.
  17. Goalie shopping just got more important. There are rumors he tore his ACL, as some have noted, but an ACL wouldn't be 3-4 months. I'm guessing it's another ligament that's torn. Regardless, the goalie-opera will move into the summer. Head coach Scott Gordon confirms in his Post-Game presser that goaltender Anthony Stolarz will miss the postseason. Said he's out 3-4 months
  18. I think he was sent back because they had a big game with Hershey last night(lost in OT), and another one tomorrow vs the SWB Pens. @radoran suggested he may come back up for the Flyers weekend games, which I also think is probably the case.
  19. Damn... The Flyers announced that Ilkka Sinisalo, a former player and long-time scout with the organization, died peacefully with his family by his side in Finland on Wednesday morning. He was 58. “Ilkka was a true friend and loyal member of the Flyers,” said Paul Holmgren, the Flyers’ president, in a statement. “He gave a great deal of his time, effort and talents to the organization in several capacities, as a player and long-time scout, to bring this franchise success on and off the ice. Most important to all that knew him, he was a great person, a loving husband, father and grandfather. His presence and friendship will be deeply missed by all that knew him. “Our thoughts and prayers are with his wife of over 35 years, Carina, his sons Niklas and Tomas, as well as Tomas’ wife, Maija, and their children, Peter and Matilda.” A talented forward, Sinisalo played for the Flyers from 1981-82 to 1989-90. He was a solid second-line winger who had 199 goals, 209 assists and 408 points in 526 career games with the Flyers. Sinisalo scored more than 20 goals six times, including 36 in 1984-85 and 39 in 1985-86. “Ilkka was a very good player, a great teammate, but most importantly an outstanding person and a terrific friend to us all,” general manager Ron Hextall said. “We’ve all had the pleasure to work with him for many years and he will be missed.”
  20. Per GM Ron Hextall, the #Flyers have loaned D Sam Morin and F Colin McDonald to the @LVPhantoms.
  21. I'm not in the fire Hakstol camp...yet. But IMHO, he's on a short leash next year. Not saying Hextall has him on one, just as far as I'm concerned. I've not been impressed with him this year--for all the reasons we've been discussing here. But his constant singling out of young players, and apparent ignoring of vets making the same mistakes is ridiculous. If we as "dumb fans" notice it, I can only imagine what the locker room must think of it. My buddy/I were discussing the other day. Makes you wonder about all those bridesmaids appearances of UND in the Frozen Four, but they win it all the year after he left. Coincidence? Maybe. Cause/effect? Maybe.
  22. It's all good. Their coach benched one of their top forwards, cause of a dumb penalty. Who care if we score or win a game, or heck, even play to win the game????? Just look at the 5 skaters the last shift of regulation. None of it matters because Hak is great at developing young talent.
  23. Interesting timing with the Phantoms going through the final playoff push. Per GM Ron Hextall, the #Flyers have recalled Defenseman Sam Morin from the @LVPhantoms.
  24. Agree with you 100%...put the kid in...give him the basics of the system and let him go. It's not like he's coming back from 6 months of NO hockey.

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