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  1. It's on my expat retirement shortlist. I have to find a way to deal with the dry winter air though.
  2. Dubois is the best player in the deal. I wonder about Columbus' center depth now, too.
  3. From folks who have had the injury, the first ten days are nothing but pain. But after the pain subsides, you can do stuff. It's not healed, but you can get back to playing. So it seems like Coots' pain tolerance is going to be the limiting factor here.
  4. https://twitter.com/JHallNBCS/status/1346141964123713538
  5. Oops. Yeah, that's supposed to be NAK with Laughton.
  6. Lindblom - Couturier - Konecny Giroux - Patrick - Voracek JVR - Hayes - Farabee Raffl - Laughton - TK JVR potted the second most 5v5 goals on the team in the 6th most minutes among forwards. He also had more primary assists than everyone but Voracek. As for his defensive failings, he had one of the best shot attempts against rates on the team, and only NAK and Thompson had better expected goals against rates among forwards. His actual goals against was still better than Giroux, Hayes, Farabee, Konecny, and Raffl. Why are we sitting him in favor of a guy
  7. Any way we can persuade him to make it permanent? Also, of course an organization that lives in a swamp would be proud...
  8. https://jfresh.substack.com/p/whats-patrik-laine-worth
  9. I can't say I won't get it. I got shots in October and November as part of the Pfizer Phase 3. Pfizer has since extended me a request to enter the vaccine group in May, assumedly that means I received a placebo previously. I think the information is important, so I will almost definitely participate when my next appointment rolls around.
  10. Armchair psych-evaluating, but Miller seems like a borderline sociopath at the least, maybe a narcissist. Maybe both. Apparently Chayka had him on their no-draft list, but with his departure and the sanctions they had in place during the draft, the group leftover didn't get the message. UND dropped him too. Miller doesn't have a right to play hockey for UND or the Coyotes. That said, while I may not have been thrilled with the idea, it's possible that UND could have moved forward with him on the team if they'd attached significant strings. There's a serious question to
  11. Just look at the names that went off the board in that same draft before Carter Hart. Laberge was ranked higher than where the Flyers took him in his draft year, and generally higher than Debrincat. He was a high-skill, high upside pick. The problem with where Laberge is is most likely related to this right here: By most accounts, he's never been the same player after that.
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