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  1. Plus the third that Carolina paid to get Gostisbehere from AZ...
  2. The Flyers getting Gaudreau is most likely to end exactly how @flyercanuckpredicts. First, the Flyers will spend assets to dump JvR and his contract, as well as his production. Then they will also have to jettison another player, I'm guessing either Konecny or Provorov, in a deal that brings back little in the way of cap. Indications are that Gaudreau will command~10 million on the open market. So you've traded two players for one. let's assume that it's Konecny that goes with JvR. Konecny: 16g, 36a, 52p JvR: 24g, 14a, 38p A total of 40g, 50a, 90p outgoing. Gaudreau: 40g, 75a, 115 p in a career year. So you're adding 25 assists, plus whatever you get from the low cost guy that they bring in to replace Konecny. And that's if he continues to produce like last year. Otherwise, he's a ppg player over his career, which means you're losing production. which sounds fine. Until you realize that they also lost Giroux's production. Even if Couturier comes back at 100%, you're looking at another never ending contract that may slightly increase their offensive production over a terrible year. Not exactly the kind of move that makes me all warm and fuzzy. It just leaves one more contract for Fletcher's eventual replacement to somehow get rid of.
  3. Isn't Bissonette one of Hayes' frat buddies?
  4. I was referring to the fact that they interviewed him and then hired Fletcher. The guy I like is Tulsky out of Carolina. Pipe dream, but he's from Philly.
  5. If only the Flyers had a shot to hire Zito instead of Fletcher... Oh.
  6. I really don't think they're going anywhere until Clarke and Holmgren and Lombardi are gone. Even if they mercifully fire Fletcher, they're just going to hire a GM with their same vision, a backwards-thinking coach like Torts or Tocchet, and not understand why things continue to go poorly.
  7. I don't really feel like going back and piecing things together, but I think there's a very good chance this is close to what happened. It certainly seems like Clarke and Holmgren are still tied into the day-to-day operations - see Clarke's comments on Fletcher and Hextall - and there seems to be a decent amount of evidence that Hextall kept a much smaller circle. I think there's also some truth to the idea that they were unhappy with the speed of the rebuild. Fletcher certainly seems more in the haphazard, grab the shiny toy, Clarke and Holmgren mold.
  8. FWIW, Friedman is "100 percent certain" that Yandle was told "we'll get you there" (the record) by the Flyers and it is a primary reason why he signed in Philly. According to Friedman, there were other offers, but no other team would guarantee him a roster spot.
  9. It's on my expat retirement shortlist. I have to find a way to deal with the dry winter air though.
  10. Dubois is the best player in the deal. I wonder about Columbus' center depth now, too.
  11. From folks who have had the injury, the first ten days are nothing but pain. But after the pain subsides, you can do stuff. It's not healed, but you can get back to playing. So it seems like Coots' pain tolerance is going to be the limiting factor here.
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