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  1. I actually think keeping Rick Wilson might be a positive for the young defensemen, but LaPerriere and Knoblauch can go. I don't know about Dillenbaugh, but I would have preferred they not have driven Reese away. To me, the goalies have just been OK since then, while Reese seemed to get the most out of them.
  2. Food for thought. I know nothing about the model, but I feel like it was pretty accurate last off-season.
  3. It does appear that Hextall at least reached out to Tavares, and tried to sign Statsny (I believe to a shorter term/higher AAV than he signed for in Vegas). In the end, sometimes you miss. At least he seemed to learn his lesson after the Weise signing, and didn't sign players just to sign players. Not firing Hakstol, especially once Trotz became available, was the worst move of his tenure.
  4. Agreed. The hockey world would be better served if the rink literally exploded with both teams in it.
  5. Agreed. I believe that you and I actually talked about this a while back. Excellent assistant coach.
  6. If you're lucky, he's talking to John Stevens.
  7. Were you watching our game last night?
  8. Suspended for the rest of the first round. So it remains to be seen which poll answer is correct.
  9. I don't believe the lottery is actually fixed. If it was, the Oilers wouldn't have gotten 5 #1 picks in 10 years. But a little more transparency would be great. Publish the list of numbers assigned to each team and hold the drawing live. If Pennsylvania could do it in the 80s, I'm sure the NHL could do it today.
  10. Eliminate the shootout in the regular season, but have one to determine the draft order. Starting goalie for each team, but the shooters are picked out of a hat.
  11. RE: Stone It made no sense to pay trade deadline prices for Stone. Ottawa moving him at the deadline made him way more valuable to a team like the Knights. A comparable package would have been this year's first, Sanheim or Myers, Laughton, and a 2nd. It might have been even higher due to Ottawa's reluctance to deal premium pieces inside the conference. Now I love Stone, but that's a ton to give up - on top of his 9.5 million dollar cap hit - for a team that's missing the playoffs this year.
  12. He's the Athletic's Florida beat writer. FWIW, Charlie O'Connor said the Fletcher's statement that the Flyers didn't talk to Q was "bull****" and that plenty of people he talked to said the Flyers were in on Q, they made serious offers, etc. Said folks on the business side were talking to Q. He doesn't know why Fletcher played it down.
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