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  1. @Podein25 isn't a tourist, he's family. The weird one you sit at the kid's table at Christmas, but still Family.
  2. And Pats/Genos are for tourists. There are tons of better places. I personally love Donkey's in Camden. Or John's Roast Pork for... Roast pork.
  3. I do wonder how much of the "Hextall was a bad man" news was real, and how much of it was justification for firing him when/how they did. It's not that I doubt that he ran a tight ship - it's clear he did from the lack of any news of substance breaking prior to it happening. He apparently told the president to stay in his lane with regards to hockey ops shortly before he was fired, which absolutely may have hastened his way out the door. It certainly appears that he limited the access that the alumni had, which was a departure from the way the club was run, and something that Snider probably would not have been a fan of. But there was never a hint anywhere of a toxic working environment, and for a team this heavily covered, it seems unlikely that something wouldn't creep out over the years. The truth is most likely somewhere in the middle. Hextall was generally able to find value in trade, hit well on his picks, and get players signed to good contracts. His failings were in the area of professional scouting and allegiance to his coach. Given Hextall's process in Philly, he may have informed Leopold that the Wild needed a process like the Flyers followed in order to get the team in shape to compete long term. If Leopold was willing to tear it down or at least semi-rebuild, I think Hextall would be a fit. However, it doesn't seem (from the outside) that that's how ownership sees the team.
  4. It's like Tim Hortons, but with candy, hoagies, and gas.
  5. Sure. And in a couple years they have to revisit them again. Bridge deals are fine for a bit, but they can kill you too. They don't need to though. All they need is to have $3-5 million seasons, and you're in trouble.
  6. I don't think you'll find many, if any, who will argue that. He's been a consistently good 5v5 player over his career, and his production rate has stayed fairly constant when given increased ice time. He will certainly help them in the near term, I actually think they're placing in the division, not a wildcard, partially because I see Columbus, Pittsburgh, and the Islanders falling off, and partly because I think they should have a 4-line deep forward corps, which Hayes has a large impact on. Braun and Niskanen, on the other hand, are another story, but since this is the Hayes thread, I'll stick to him. What many people have a problem with, is that Fletcher has tied himself to Hayes in a way that is very difficult to extract himself from. He's being paid to be a core member of the team, when he arguably might not even be playing center for them in a couple of seasons. Patrick, while disappointing so far, has shown flashes in the NHL of why he was the consensus #1 until his injury. Frost might actually have a higher ceiling than Patrick. If just one of them hits, you now have to pay them what they're worth, AND pay Hayes 7 million a season as he enters his decline, to be your 3C OR 3RW. I was doing some back of the napkin math yesterday, and the Flyers have roughly $6 million coming off the cap next season. Which means that they will have that $6 million, plus whatever space they have this year, plus whatever the cap goes up, which could very likely be another small number, to sign Myers, Patrick, Lindblom, and a backup goalie. They're looking like they're going to be pushing up against the cap this season, so that leftover cap seems likely to be fairly low, so maybe $11 million all told if they're lucky. You almost have to hope that those guys all have disappointing seasons in order to get them all under contract, because if just one of them breaks out, you're going to have a decision to make. Then the next year, you have Sanheim, Hart, and (maybe) Hagg, again with only about $6 million coming off your cap. We already know, per Charlie O'Connor, that the Flyers and Sanheim were talking long term, then the Flyers moved to a bridge deal in order to keep the cost down because they found themselves low on cap space. While bridging guys is somewhat effective short term, a lot of quality RFAs are pushing for long-term deals coming out of their ELCs, and the guys you think will be part of your core long term are the guys you SHOULD lock up long term. Where would the Flyers be if Hextall had bridged Ghost or Couturier again on a deal that ended this off-season? Eventually, bridging good players bites you. Again, I don't think I've seen ANYONE argue that Hayes won't help the Flyers this season - I argued in favor of acquiring him earlier this summer, back when I thought he'd come in at 5x5. He gives the Flyers great depth down the middle. Even if Patrick takes a jump forward and supplants him as the 2C, the cost THIS YEAR is not so big a deal that a 7 million dollar 3C is the end of the world. It's next year, and the year after, as all these prospects start coming off their ELCs and could well be pushing for Hayes' spot on the roster that he becomes an expensive, difficult to move luxury. Not likely to be useless like AMac, but causing issues with his contract all the same. While any of Frost, Patrick, etc. could turn out to be a career-long disappointment, you really need almost all of these guys to miss in order for this contract to not be a hindrance, not 4, 5 years down the line, but in the very near future. THAT'S the concern with Hayes.
  7. Agree, it's a nice signing. Some risk with his recent concussion history, but high skill and high reward if he pans out. I wouldn't have minded the Flyers giving him a shot on that contract. I disagree with HJ on the quality of their defense, but there's admittedly a level of personal bias in there (not against the team, but against particular skill sets of players), and they're not terrible in any case. With quality goaltending this year that holds up all season, they're right in the mix for a wild card.
  8. Giroux was a Clarke pick. The most successful thing Holmgren did there was not trade him away for Dion Phaneuf and a $25 Canadian Tire gift card. (OK, and signed him long term. But that was as no-brainer as it gets by that point) Edit: I would add Couturier to the list, though.
  9. I'm not going to rehash my disagreement with this.
  10. Friedman mentioned a couple of times that once Fletcher was hired, Holmgren/Scott were pushing for "stuff" to happen, and Fletcher pushed back and managed to get them to calm down on it. I think the fact that no kids have been moved in the offseason is an indicator that Fletcher liked what he saw of them. It's the one positive I've taken out of Fletcher's tenure so far.
  11. Holy hell. I've seen hometown discounts before, but this borders on negligence by Labanc's agent. Not going to compare the two deals because they're not comparable.
  12. Laughton's QO was $1,050,000. Arbitration filing is pretty much a formality for eligible players who don't have contracts by the time the deadline hits. It doesn't mean anything more than Laughton is making sure he keeps all of the tools he has available to him.
  13. My mother is from Niagara Falls, and I spent a lot of time up there when I was a kid. So, pretty close to being Canadian.
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