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  1. Just look at the names that went off the board in that same draft before Carter Hart. Laberge was ranked higher than where the Flyers took him in his draft year, and generally higher than Debrincat. He was a high-skill, high upside pick. The problem with where Laberge is is most likely related to this right here: By most accounts, he's never been the same player after that.
  2. On it's face, I think Toronto at best is treading water. Thornton is a good pickup, but Simmonds has unfortunately seemed cooked for the past two years. They will bring some accountability to the locker room though, if that was lacking. I don't think they make up for the losses of Kapanen and Johnsson on the scoresheet. Barrie wasn't great in TO, but I still think there's a bit of a downgrade going to Brodie. Bogosian's health will be a question mark all season- he's hit 65 games once since 2011-2012.
  3. I actually see this as a good thing. If Patrick was worried about whether he'd play this coming season, he'd be more apt to go for maybe a two year deal. By just signing his QO, it tells me he thinks he'll play and play well enough to earn a bigger contract after next season.
  4. Patrick signed his QO. Just leaves Myers. [Hidden Content]
  5. If Winnipeg turned down Pesce and Necas plus #13 this year like @OccamsRazor mentioned, I'm not sure the Flyers can match that with Ghost as part of the deal. While I like Ghost almost as much as Pesce, I doubt other GMs are going to let Fletcher get the same value, even if they feel the same. So that means you have to offer a better forward than Necas. With Patrick's future uncertain and Frost an unproven commodity, that leaves Konecny or Lindblom, and neither helps Winnipeg at center where they really need it. And that's good, because I want nothing to do with Laine.
  6. I got nothing. If you hate Ghost, you just signed a worse version of him. If you like him, where does this guy fit?
  7. Winnipeg should have taken that and ran.
  8. They could just be going for the #1OA too.
  9. Theodore is a lefty though, which doesn't really fit the mold of what AV seems to really want, LH/RH on each pair. Otherwise you can just move Sanheim, Ghost, or Hagg to the right side without making a trade. Plus, I'd expect Vegas wants no salary coming back, which would make things dicey on the cap in this direction. And for those that worry about these things (I don't), Theodore's contract extends past next season, so that means you now have Provorov/Sanheim/Myers/Ghost/Theodore that you need to decide amongst for expansion. I'd be interested to see if St. Louis is open to dealing Parayko in order to get under the cap. Had a bit of a down year last year, but is a righty, makes $5.5 million for the next two years. But St. Louis could take some money back, so if you send them a Hagg/Raffl/Laughton the other way to make the money work on this end it will work for them too.
  10. If we're looking at 4C, I'd strongly consider Linus Wallmark. Florida didn't qualify him, but he's got consistently good defensive numbers. You could deploy him like Thompson but actually expect him to be effective. Wennberg is interesting, as well. Generally good possession metrics, not a big goal scorer, but put up some really good point totals early in his career. Koivu's not terrible as a 1 year defensive guy, either, but there's no potential for upside there anymore. Manson from Anaheim is a guy I'd like to kick the tires on, see if they'd make him available.
  11. @flyercanuck Watch Foerster a lot? Thoughts?
  12. The other part of this trade that gets ignored is the fact that it leaves Calgary with $10 million to sign four forwards, two defensemen, and a goalie. In order to balance it out, the rumor has been that Lucic would be attached as a cap dump. Ha has three more years at 5.25 million remaining.

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