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  1. I can't take credit for it, heard it proposed on the radio prior to the firing. But the PK under him was always very good. He did have Richards and Carter and Gagne, but it's not like the Flyers don't have some quality defensive forwards currently.
  2. Think he could fix the Flyers' PK?
  3. I do think Neuvirth is the odd man out, unless maybe they figure they want to keep some stability in the minors and roll with three in the NHL. It's unfortunate, because Neuvirth IS a good goalie when healthy. He's just healthy less and less. Feel bad for the guy, but the Flyers just can't rely on him.
  4. Don't get me wrong, I think the Flyers did a pretty good job overall against a speedy team, but they did spend a decent amount of time chasing the puck around their own zone. And I'm not one to get too concerned about TOs in the offensive zone, but the ones in the defensive zone are the ones that I worry about. Because on a night where Elliott isn't this dialed in, those turnovers are goals. And while I'm not an Elliott hater, I realize that he's not a guy you expect to be that good too often. One plus is that they didn't seem to fail to clear when they had opportunities as much as it seemed to plague them last season. The good news is they buried their opportunities when they got them, and Elliott closed the door. I expect the top two lines and top pairing to warm up, and that will make the whole team look better (The Patrick line especially got caved in on possession, but they were very good at the end of last season). Given that they opened on the road against the defending Western Conference Champs, I will certainly take it.
  5. They should just go ahead and get a long snapper.
  6. Looking through their results last year, I don't think so.
  7. Courtesy of your Philadelphia Flyers, the Golden Knights have fallen below .500 for the first time in their history as a franchise.
  8. Flyers need to clean up the team D. Too many turnovers and too much running around in coverage. Elliott kept them in this one.
  9. I like giving Vorobyev Simmonds and JVR to start. IF things come together for Lindblom, they Flyers could have the makings of three very dangerous lines. And while I would have preferred a few different personnel choices for keeping on the big club, that roster is almost optimized based on what they have. My one gripe is Lehtera over Weal, but hopefully Raffl and Laughton can carry him.
  10. They'd have to waive someone on the same day or before. Alternately, they can demote a guy who is waiver exempt. This early in the season, Stolarz would actually be more likely to squeak through than on the last day of the season, since teams have set their rosters and generally aren't looking to pick up an extra goalie. If he was a skater, it might be a bit different.
  11. Flyers claim Pickard from Toronto.
  12. Theory Charlie posted was that night is going to make the team, and they're just doing the waivers now rather than try to slip somebody through when he's healthy
  13. Flyers waive both Leier and Weise.
  14. Meyers is close to ready. He was good but not outstanding prior to his first demotion. However, he did play poorly yesterday. Looked like he was trying to play it safe, rather than play to his strengths.
  15. Folin looks bad. Elliott seems to have shaken off some rust. ETA, Laughton - Lindblom look pretty good on the PK together.

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