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  1. Been reading up on this and it sounds like both sides may want to part ways. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/nhl-trade-rumors-jakub-voraceks-future-after-expansion-draft-seth-jones-flyers
  2. Haven't said this for about a decade: Shut up Rick; the Sabres blow. Now go warm up that jalopy Lumina of yours, and head on over to Applebee's for some gross ass halibut. Man that felt good.
  3. He could. That's the risk and why the offer shouldn't be too steep. At this point the Flyers best defender (Provorov) and he could use some help. Hell this entire team needs a lobotomy.
  4. I definitely would part ways with Sanheim and a 1st for Jones.
  5. Too steep. I would give that package for Eichel. For Jones: 2021 1st and Morin
  6. Okay Rux, I made the mistake of watching the show after reading your post. Now I am like, well what the hell happened? Are they dead? Were they sent to another dimension? Is Pfeffer the Pied Piper of New Ham? Couldn't the writers just give us a recap of what season two would have been>? I heard there is a petition to have Hulu pick it up.
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