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  1. Worst feeling ever to have to go through. No one ever should have to know this pain that they are going through. Condolences to Evander and family.
  2. Montreal 1 Toronto 3 Boston 5 Washington 2 Calgary 3 Vancouver 4 Anaheim 0 SJ 3
  3. Gents, it's quite simple! Our solution is Antero Griittymäki. What about Kari Lehtonen? There is money and he is better than what the Flyers currently have.
  4. I think Antero Griittymäki ™ would have been a far better mascot.
  5. The only thing "gritty" I like is my toilet paper.
  6. Exactly! As Flyers fans we have waited long enough to secure a home grown talent (sans Bobrovsky), waiting a little longer for the sake of developing a goalie that could be with the team for the next decade is well worth the wait.
  7. Dammit Gudas Iscariot!!!! #Gudas_Iscariot ™
  8. I heard NJD could be the 3rd team. And of course, the NYR rumor has been floated.
  9. SJ sent Mikkel Boedker, defenseman Julius Bergman and a 2020 sixth-round pick. Florida sent 2018 fourth- and fifth-round picks and a 2019 second-round pick to San Jose for Hoffman and a 2018 seventh-round pick. Is it me, or is that really an underpayment?
  10. I definitely appreciate your input here as many of us can only speculate and finger point, but in the end it's the people in the trenches that are going to know far more than the rest of us. I speak out of confusion and anger, but in the end; the user is the one doing it to themselves for the most part. I hardly believe the "I didn't know that I would get addicted" camp any longer, but I also think far more scrutiny needs to be placed on physicians that over prescribe. As someone who had the delight (insert sarcasm font) of dealing with a PA for medication, I can say that yes that my previous post was a little bit of a stretch. I have had a few surgeries in the past and if I needed a PA to get a five day script for Percocet, I would have went nuts. Where my confusion lies, is with the long term users. Do their docs take labs that can identify abuse, not a drug test per se, but something? Or at the least test for elevated liver enzyme markers to get the big picture if there is liver damage? Not to be vague, but we are on the internet after all... Anyhow, I take a medication 2x a month that required a lot of leg work on my end to get approved. This is not a narcotic, nor is it anything that has the potential to abuse, but it is expensive. Very expensive. Therefore, my insurance company likes to put on their latex suit and slap me around before granting my PA. So I can see how crazy it would be for someone to have to go through that for a minimal supply of pain meds. The one thing though is my entire healthcare team is very active in my treatment. They have very candid conversations with me and expect me to very honest with them. They almost remind me of having four mothers. They are that on top of me. The thing is, I really appreciate it from the bottom of my heart. I wish that people in chronic pain were treated with the same respect and dignity. Just a thought. However, this seemed to work:
  11. While long term acetaminophen is problematic for the liver, the narcotic is what shuts down the repository system. Hence acute death. The problem is doctors in the 90's and 2000's were prescribing this **** like it was candy. Narcotic painkillers do not treat the underlining problem, only mask them. If the insurance companies had any balls, they would black label all narcotic painkillers and require prior authorization (from a medical review board) before allowing it to be prescribed. Sorry to be on a soapbox, but I lost two very close people in my life due to this ****
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