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  1. Not to be that guy, but here we are. Your post is a smorgasbord of stupidity.
  2. Still alive somehow. Now the Flyers on the other hand is another topic.
  3. Any word on his return? I cannot find it anywhere.
  4. He as close to being fired as I am being an NBA first round pick.... I trip over my feet and am 5'10". Until there is ownership that cares more about winning and less about corporate profits, it will be more of the same.
  5. 2020 season? I should read the entire article before commenting....
  6. With Sakic it was just a fantasy not a reality. Croce for me would be a different set of eyes and a new direction. I like the guy and what he brought to the 76er's. I mean realistically he cannot be any worse than the hammered **** that has plagued this franchise.
  7. GM: Joe Sakic President: This is kind of against the grain, but Pat Croce, the man has vision and passion.
  8. How do I feel about the JT head coach signing? Well boys, I've been warming up the Lumina for my trip to Applebee's since last Friday. Got to get that juicy halibut and savor how long this franchise has let me down.
  9. Easy man, it takes the Lumina a good two weeks to warm up, and the lines for halibut at Applebee's can get a little hectic at times.
  10. Been reading up on this and it sounds like both sides may want to part ways. https://www.nbcsports.com/philadelphia/flyers/nhl-trade-rumors-jakub-voraceks-future-after-expansion-draft-seth-jones-flyers
  11. Haven't said this for about a decade: Shut up Rick; the Sabres blow. Now go warm up that jalopy Lumina of yours, and head on over to Applebee's for some gross ass halibut. Man that felt good.
  12. He could. That's the risk and why the offer shouldn't be too steep. At this point the Flyers best defender (Provorov) and he could use some help. Hell this entire team needs a lobotomy.
  13. I definitely would part ways with Sanheim and a 1st for Jones.
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