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  1. I haven’t posted in like five years and I came back to say this team is trash and it’s time to move on from Giroux, Voracek, Patrick, Braun, and TK. Raffle has more heart then the entire team combined. see you all in 2026
  2. That very well could be true too. Crossing Broad made a brief stink about it. I fell for it too. I don’t think Gordo is all that bad, but I agree with others that Fletcher is going for his big name coach.
  3. Yeah that is true. They probably are arguing over whether Miller Lite tastes great or is it less filling.
  4. I mean the standing kind of debunk your post, but......
  5. It’s not crazy disrespectful, but it’s not good either. I am torn here with the team. Maybe it’s deeper than a coach. This summer may get 2007 free agency crazy. edit: I thought it was the Saturday game not the Dallas game, but still not good.
  6. I am jumping in late here and didn’t read all the replies, but I say that’s a hard no. 1)I heard that he just kept Hakstol’s system in place 2) he got yelled at by a 20 yr old 2nd year pro. on National television. I would then go get Q under contract before the draft. Is that is possible? This team needs a hard look by the new coach and they got to do something with this roster. There is too much talent on this team to suck so hard. They haven’t given a **** since 2011-12 and that says a lot.
  7. Worst feeling ever to have to go through. No one ever should have to know this pain that they are going through. Condolences to Evander and family.
  8. Montreal 1 Toronto 3 Boston 5 Washington 2 Calgary 3 Vancouver 4 Anaheim 0 SJ 3
  9. Gents, it's quite simple! Our solution is Antero Griittymäki. What about Kari Lehtonen? There is money and he is better than what the Flyers currently have.
  10. I think Antero Griittymäki ™ would have been a far better mascot.
  11. The only thing "gritty" I like is my toilet paper.
  12. Exactly! As Flyers fans we have waited long enough to secure a home grown talent (sans Bobrovsky), waiting a little longer for the sake of developing a goalie that could be with the team for the next decade is well worth the wait.
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