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  1. Of course you’re right about the staff. I assume theres a better chance of that happening with a legend like Q than an AHL call up. I also worry that they might not bother with an AHL guy over Gordon unless he’s got some serious mojo (like back to back caldera or something). Oh to be a a fly on the wall in all those meetings and season ending interviews. Wtf is the deal with Knoblach anyway? Is he just terrible?
  2. I know, i know. I saw earlier today. I’m only joking because I get to be that guy who told everyone here for years that Coots was a special player and he just needed the right kind of minutes and O-Zone starts. “70+ points easily” I would say. “You’re nuts”. “Pass the bong.” “have another!” They’d say back to me. “Watch him go through the neutral zone, watch him watch the play. He knows where to go, he just needs guys who can get there for him to find or to find him there.” I took a lot of grief. And I couldn’t have been more right, so I’m gonna be that guy forever now. Although even I didn’t think he’d put up PP numbers. He didn’t seem to have that in his game. After last year (and his rookie year actually) i’m Desperate to see this guy back in the playoffs with more than a hope and a prayer around him. So so far my Hakstol prediction has been spot on too, but we’ll see about next year.
  3. Makes it all the more odd because reports were that Fletcher was getting calls about Elliott on deadline day. There does seem seem to be something fishy about the whole thing. Meanwhile the Oilers arentnokaying Stolarz enough to be able to force him into RFA status either. This trade simply perplexes me.
  4. They definitely should have signed him. He's just one of those guys who can push you over the top some nights by sheer force of will. I was on board to, but maybe not as vehemently. What did this team need most going into this year? Someone who friggin knows how to win and hates to friggin' lose. Who is that more than Willy? Dude's old enough to have maybe seen things for what they were and had a few words with Hextall about Hak before the poop hit the fan as well. As a GM and as a coach, I would think having a guy like that around, that age, with that resume, who can still produce like, that who has been everywhere and won just about everywhere he's been would be invaluable. Almost a player/assistant coach type. It's more or less what Rod turned into by the time Carolina was winning the cup and I feel like Willy's been doing that for the past few teams he's been on. God I hated when they dumped him and I hated Hitch for not figuring out how to utilize him (or Rusty). Markov wasn't bad and the team needed help on the back end, but they still couldn't score!
  5. I don't buy that about the coach. Not if it's the right coach. Look at the Islanders (who I think we all know are a not what they appear to be, but nevertheless) started hot and stayed decent all year despite losing their far and away best player and captain... all because they got a GOOD new coach. I'm not opposed to Gordon, though losing to these teams like Montreal and the Caps is making it easier for Fletcher to move on from him (though beating the Islanders and Penguins in the ways they did will make doing that harder). I am opposed to another question mark like Hakstol. Hakstol IMHO proved that mining colleges and probably even Juniors is just too risky. If you want to compete out of the gate, you need a guy who knows the NHL game or at least the pro game (i.e. AHL) inside and out. Just being a good coach with a good head for the game isn't enough. The NHL has enough quirks and gamesmanship tactics that other leagues just aren't in on. I'm far from a coaching talent expert, but from my limited knowledge, they've gotta be thinking: Q, Keefe or Gordon. There was someone else i was hearing scuttlebutt about at some point (it may have been Mike Van Ryn who was snagged as an Assistant for the Blues, but not promoted to interim when they canned their coach) but I just can't recall.
  6. I just wanted to take this moment to point out that Justin Williams is STILL playing almost every game and putting up decent numbers for NOT the Flyers.
  7. It would require an utterly fundamental change in philosophy, but one I'd theorize Gordon might be more open to. I'm not sure, but it's possible a Keefe type numbers guy could be open to it too. Long story short, it could help as G, Jake and JVR all continue to head into their 30's under contract if they're not expected to play 23+ minutes a night. Running four lines that can each log 13-17 minutes a night instead is something that challenges the conventional understanding of the game. It's also not something most teams have the depth to try to pull off, but as we have all seen, depth is the thing that the Flyers need in order to compete at the next level right now. Honestly, I think they're already having issues because of the Hextall situation. Fletcher doesn't get to just stand on his own here. He essentially has to prove to everyone that Homer's not calling the shots. Players, GMs and Agents may not hold anything against Fletcher, but they're not likely to be ready to do Homer any favors just yet. Not until Fletcher can establish his independence. I'm not sure unloading "Hextall's guy" would do that. Might even backfire. Regardless, I'm pretty sure he wouldn't get a decent return for him. I don't know enough about FLetcher's history to know if he's pissed off anyone in the past himself, but I doubt it. I've said in the past, it's a tough call. My feeling is that he is making such timid, small effect, low return moves because he came in, took a look at the situation and decided it merited standing on it's own for a while, but he knew Homer and Scott wanted to see some action, so he gave them what amounts to little more than paperwork moves, while Gordon took care of actually turning things around. I still can't understand why it took so long for them to replace Hakstol and how it didn't happen the same day as Hextall. The fact that it didn't still screams volumes about how knee-jerk and not thought three (and therefore I assume personal) it all was. Coots had a two year bridge deal at 1.75 per. I think TK gets more than that and in the climate of Nylander and Pastrnak he may push for more. Not that he's remotely in that league yet, but the environment around the league is rife for it. I think you're right though that a longer term deal for TK isn't necessary especially with the Frosts, Farabees and Ratcliffes of the world coming along. Not that I disagree, I don't have an opinion, but why do you think Laughton would leave money on the table to stay in Philly at this point? I mean if he had been available two years ago, I certainly would have. Am I going to blame Talbot for how god awful the Oilers are? Realistically I cannot. Hyperbolically, because I preferred keeping Stolarz, I have anyway for the purposes of Rhetoric. Either way, he's going to make more than 2 million. The only way Raffl creeps up the lineup is if someone gets hurt. I like him for our 4th line. I think a 4th of Him, Laughton and Hartman sounds just about right for the next two years. WIth Hakstol, you'd have to worry about them creeping up. With Gordon, you definitely will not. With Q... who the hell knows? The big question is whether Hextall was leaning on his scouts or some other connections and pray that it wasn't Pryor who had all the insider info. I forget the story so it's useless to bring it up, but I read somewhere that Hextall (or some close connection) just knew Farabee's high school coach at Kent who gave them the inside track on some details that pushed him onto their radar. Those are the things that make the difference. Of course, maybe Fletcher "screws up" and we end up with the next Petterson. That'll work too. Ideally you can trade Hagg, but as you say you won't get much back for him. But at least he's less likely to hurt you too bad when you play him. Tyler Myers Provo Ghost Myers P. Myers Gudas Morin That way it also leaves you with more for when Seattle snipes one from us next summer.
  8. Or maybe just use the players for what they're good at. It's that simple. You really think every player on the ice is coached to do exactly the same thing in all situations? No, you've lost me. Your roles on the team contribute to the team objective of winning hockey games. Period. Giroux doesn't camp out in front of the net and JVR doesn't get caught in deep behind his own. It's not that hard.
  9. Well that depends on a couple of things doesn't it? I'm not Hakstol apologist, I wanted him gone for a long time, but I do believe that he was harder on TK, Laughton and Ghost and some of the other kids specifically because he was being charged with turning them into a certain type of player, whereas the vets who sucked were never going to be able to be turned into that kind of player at this stage in their career and the same goes for the ones that were good at one thing (Jake most notably) but not the other. Absolutely not. That's kind of the point, isn't it? Everyone has a role to play. You have to lean in on everyone's individual strengths. So it also depends on what you're telling them as a coach relating to those individual strengths. For instance: A) It's a pretty dire situation or a pretty crappy system if EVERY one of your players is deep in his own zone back checking all the time. B) If not everyone is going to get themselves deep into their zone, what if you're specifically saying to TK and Laughton, "hey, you guys need to back check because you can actually skate well enough to get back there and Jake and JVR can't, so make sure to get your butts back into the D zone" then there's a pretty good reason to be harder on them if they don't. All of this notwithstanding, the Flyers weren't bad in the first half of the season because Jake and JVR didn't back check enough and I was never ready to run JVR out of town. It's pretty silly. His upward trend goes farther than the last 10 games too. He's just been more consistent over them. Remember, he got hurt in the second game of the season and lost a lot of time. Remember how it took Coots a few weeks to get up to speed after his off season knee tweak damaged his camp time? JVR is JVR, you didn't bring him in to back check. Same with Jake. But as long as they keep scoring hat tricks and sending your tight games to OT and someone else IS able to back check, why is it so important to run a guy out of town? It's typical Flyer fandom... hate a guy for not scoring, until he does, then hate him for not back checking enough. Patty's a bust as #2 because he doesn't score enough, yet that is in part because he's learning how to play a 200ft game. How much did we hate Coots for not being able to be both a great back checker and a great scorer? TK could have 70 points if he didn't, but he's learning a 200ft. game. it's not realistic to expect a perfect game out of every one of our players every night. So yeah, if JVR can score 30 goals, I will in fact, forgive a lot. Imagine if our PP was good! Think about how many goals he could have.
  10. Sorta the price of doing business in the NHL these days isn't it? Which side are you arguing anyway? Or is it just the "Give King a hard time" side?
  11. It's not moral or ethical to me, it may just reduce credibility with some folks around the league. Homer already has a bit of an issue with this as did Clarke before him. Essentially, I don't want a Keefe type to be able to turn the Flyers down in a couple of years if Q doesn't work out because he knows no matter how well he does, if someone with a fancier name comes along, he knows they'll can him and hire that guy ASAP. The Homer does not have a good history with this sort of thing. I think what happened to Lavvy (along with the more offensive Weber offer sheet) contributed to the problems he had getting deals done. Fact of the matter is other GMs LOVED trading with Hextall. I just wish he'd taken the opportunity to talk to a few coaches too!
  12. That said, we can have both, but it would require someone playing on their off wing. Probably at least two people. One thing I don't want is a long term signing for a 2C or 3C. Frost is a Center and even if he starts as a wing, should return to C in a few years regardless, which is why I like the idea of trading for an established one whose contract might be up on a similar timeline. Whether that means trading JVR or trading a young D man we'd rather not part with, I just don't know... It's a very tough call to me.
  13. I'm not saying they HAVE to trade JVR to get Panarin and give Frost a roster spot, just that those are the circumstances under which I'd be okay with trading him. What would they get? I don't know... a roster spot on the left side for Panarin and maybe a 2C in return so Patty can get better matchups on the third with Lindblom and Frost on his wings plus 7 million in cap space to help pay for Tyler Myers? But again, I'm not pushing to trade JVR. I've never had a problem with the signing or him as a player (although I know his 26 goals have been really hard on some people here because of back checking or something or other )
  14. Yeah I know... I just can't put my finger on it. I'm really not sure how on earth they're going to justify not keeping Gordon on after the turnaround, but even if they successfully negotiate that one, there's something telling me that Q just isn't going to fit in Philly. The only way they could possibly consider dumping Gordon is if they know he's got another team to land with. It could be another situation that comes back to haunt them at some point. But beyond Gordon, and focusing on Quennville, first off, Fletcher just doesn't seem like a dominant type of personality. Q does. SO there's Fletcher, kind of this quiet reserved guy stuck in between Holmgren and Scott (who we know are capable of just about anything at any moment) and Q, who's a pretty firey personality who seems to wear his rage on his sleeve. That also makes me wonder how he's going to cope with being a Flyer and how he's going to deal with the refs and the league. For instance, how do you think Q would cope with Bettman suspending Voracek for that "interference" on Boychuck? How would he cope with the refs pulling the kind of crap they tend to do to the flyers (and it's not just me, everyone from Briere to Laviolette has complained about it)? I don't think he'll cope well. It may not be a bad thing actually. I've been wanting a coach who will let the refs have it for most of my adult life. Then there's his systems. How are they going to function? Did the Blackhawks fall off just because some of them got old (despite Kane continuing to score relentlessly) or did they league change around them? Then there are coaches like Sheldon Keefe who is almost certain to get an NHL job next year (Frankly, Hextall should have given him one last year and we probably wouldn't be in this mess). Do you miss out on the next Jon Cooper or someone because you want to give the HOF coach one last go around? But more than any of these things, it's just a feeling. Can't say what it is. Maybe it's all of it combined. I don't know. Maybe he'll be fine. I just don't feel great about it. Isn't that weird?
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