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  1. Yeah totally, even though this is Eklund, I think it makes perfect sense. They may even have the framework for a deal in place, or they may just be expecting to replace him in UFA if he gets a better deal. Wayne is HUGE in that locker room. I don’t think they’ll trade that for anything unless they are utterly in the tank.
  2. Mom not interested in trading Konecny or Patrick who are the only top 6 guys i’d Consider young. I kinda want to keep Lindblom too because I think he’s going to be a more talented Raffl type who plays bottom 6 but can move up if needed. That said, if trading him gets you Stone, you do it and don’t look back. But it I don’t want to trade for Stone unless they’ll take AMac or Gudas or Lehtera or Weise. I don’t want to give up assets for a guy who might not resign here (hello adam Oates?) I would love to sign him in July though. I’d totally trade Jake in a “Sign and trade” a’la Pronger. But I’d prefer not to do that during the season unless the team sucks for some reason. Thats a caveat for everything. If the team isn’t in playoff contention at the deadline, Jake & Simmer both OUGHT to be moved and th team should go all in on karlsson and stone types. Re: Konex and Patrick, I think we’re just scratching the surface of what these kids are capable of. The difference between 1st and 2nd half for José two was ridiculous. For Pat it was health and getting up to speed (which makes it wmeasier to stay healthy) for Teeks it was getting off ththe Filppula / Weal disaster line. Someday in the not too distant future, Lindblom/Patrick/Konecny might be a truly amazing thing to see but for now, I desperately want to see Jake carrying the puck and fishing to Patrick who sets up JVR for some silky smooth tick tak toe goals and G/Coots/Teeks can just keep doing what hey did all spring which was elite level stuff. The thought of those two top lines inevitably always playing with either Ghost, Provo, Sanheim, Myers or hopefully Morin begins them makes me feel (to quote Jared on Silicon Valley) like Mary Magdalen on resurrection day. Switch in Stone and that just lingers for longer.
  3. That’s the thing. They will be able to afford it. I expect It will have more to do with his role.
  4. They be morons not to at least kick the tires like they did with Tavares. However, like with Tavares though, I'm sure the larger problem will be Stone not wanting to come to a team where he can't be guaranteed top line minutes. I love Simmer, but the long story short is that I'd rather pay a 27 year old Stone 7 million for far too long than a 31 year old Simmonds.
  5. I think they will entertain insane offers, but most likely they will try to Sign Mark Stone as UFA in the summer and let SImmer get what he's going to doing the same thing.
  6. I'm not worried about Laughton or Weal at 3C as much as I am about Lehtera at 4C. Whoever the 3C is should be playing with Lindblom and Simmonds. Lindblom is an upgrade at wing over Weal as far as I'm concerned and either one of them are upgrades over Filppula. If it is Laughton at 3C, that means Weal will stay at Wing and Lehtera will almost definitely play 4C reagardless of how good Vrobyov or Vecchione perform in camp. I'm not a fan of this. I think either one of them gives you a better chance than Lehtera (though I prefer Vex this year as I think he's more ready for an actual impact and his game translates to the NHL better right now). There's an outside chance one of them gets a shot at 3C, but I'm not counting on it. Nor am I counting on Frost making the team out of camp, but no one expected Konecny to make the team out of camp 2 years ago or for Couturier to do it 7 years ago.
  7. Hextall will not play Hart this year until either he or Elliott/Neuvy/Stolarz/Lyon have made it impossible not to.
  8. Much depends on their health. Neuvy is clearly assumed to be injured at all times, but i’m Hearing rumors that the team convinced him to stay under their watch instead of using yet another one of his own personal coaching/rehabbing “experts” and maybe he’ll find something he’d been missing. there are no guarantees obviously, but if Elliott and Stolarz can be healthy, I feel they’ll be enough to at least not be the reason they lose. Lyon is another crap shoot. No reason other than Flyer luck to question His health, but what kind of play he’ll give us is face from assured in any direction. At best, he might be “ok”. Which may be enough for a round or two even depending on the overall team play and the draw.
  9. I'm under no delusion that they play a similar game (though I admit to not being sure what kind of game Simmonds will play this season after not really being able to play his game at all last year). I agree that the position is the thing that makes him expendable, but it will not change his overall market value. The Flyers may not want to spend top 6 dollars on him because he likely won't play top 6 minutes as you point out. But someone will. Back to their games, I think overall, Simmonds is a far more well rounded player and can do everything to some degree (he was a pretty good penalty killer 2 years ago and wouldn't mind seeing more of that if he's good to go). I think that actually makes him more valuable on the open market. So maybe his market value vs. his value to the team balances out to something cheaper or at least shorter than JVR's deal? Not sure.
  10. He was losing his PP time to Patrick because he was injured and because they still had Filppula. This year, Patrick will likely have to center the second unit and that will likely put Simmer back on the top unit if he's healthy. I think you pull the trigger if you get a great offer in the off season. Mid season, or at the deadline, you only pull the trigger if you're out of it and you know it or if you're close, but several key guys are injured so you know you're not going far even if you make the playoffs. Trading Simmonds will SCREW UP THIS TEAM and SCREW UP THIS LOCKER ROOM. If you do that in the regular season, you can kiss a decent year thereafter goodbye. Personally I think they try to extend him for 5 years now before he has a chance at being great or crappy in his return.
  11. I was with you at the time about the practice injury, but apparently tearing his MCL made Couturier better! Of course Radko was pretty damn horrible that game and coughed up a big one. Still (and this is no excuse) Malkin not getting called for Tripping Couturier and that leading to a goal really seemed to just shock the hell out of the Flyers. They never recovered from it. You could see them being utterly dumbstruck by the lack of a call in the moment, and the game started again and they were still just dumbstruck. That's when game 6 fell apart. Yes, the ref screwed up, or was paid off or whatever, but I'm not saying that's enough of a reason to blow it like that. The team needed to respond. I'm just saying to my eyes, failing to respond to that ridiculous non call was what did them in and when the game was lost. They were playing like crap a lot of that series and the lack of a healthy goalie didn't make anything any better. The Penguins had their number all year, even though there were a few games the Flyers should have won against them. The Capitals however... the Flyers had their number all year. I think most would have laid odds on the Flyers.
  12. They shopped him and didn't get the kind of offers Hexy bites on. So he didn't go anywhere. I don't think Hexy brought in JVR for three years from now. Maybe we expect them to be competitive in three years time, but that doesn't mean they don't expect themselves to be competitive in the mean time as well. JVR just signed $7million for 5 years. He's the same age as Simmonds and similar numbers. Why would they sign him for 5 years and we assume it means they're ready to be competitive soon, but they wouldnt' resign Simmonds for something similar because they're not ready to compete yet?
  13. I don't think they make a deadline trade (unless it's for a goalie) if the team is in contention at all. Remember, this team was battling for first place at the deadline last year. We like to talk about how they're still 2-3 years away, but most people would have given them the edge if they'd faced the Capitals in the first round instead of the Penguins and the capitals won the damn cup. I'm not saying I expect them to compete for a cup this year, but I am saying that stranger things have happened (see 2010) and I just don't see them trading a valuable asset at the deadline unless it's for something they really really need at the deadline.
  14. I believe he gets traded before camp or not at all (unless they really really stink).
  15. I highly doubt Simmer gets traded in season unless the team is doing terribly. If they're in playoff position, losing his presence any time after camp begins would be too jarring and it's almost definitely something Hextall won't be interested in doing.

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