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  1. A guy like Nylander outperformed him with very similar minutes and usage, but I happen to think Nylander got way too much at least particularly for Toronto's situation. Still, I think we all believe TK has a ton more in him with the right coach and some consistency in line mates and usage. I'd prefer 5 to 5.5, but I'd really like to see him crack 50 points before giving him more than that. Either way, it should be at least 5 years so it brings us to the expiration of Jake's contract. Ideally, I'd really prefer a 4.5 AAV bridge deal that keeps him an RFA but set up for a big raise akin to Werenski. THis team has too much potential in Patty, Lindblom, Myers, Frost, Farabee and others to lock up a ton of money into TK at this point. I love the player, but I'd just prefer to see this handled more strategically.
  2. TK should get a Coots type deal, but shorter term for a bridge deal... and looking at Johnson and Kapanen he should be thrilled to get it. I know he thinks, "hey, I'm the 1RW!" but he didn't get the special teams minutes and that's a big deal. He (and we) can blame Hakstol all he/we want, but Gordon didn't really use him that way either. William Nylander was an incredible eff up by the maple leafs, but even so, Nylander is a Center and had already performed quite a bit better than TK has so far and he did it without much PP or PK time as well. TK simply has to accept that he has to take the bridge deal, set himself up for the big qualifying offer like Weresnki and be happy earning what he's actually worth right now. He'll have three years or so to go out and show the league he's worth $8million. In the meantime, he's a 22 year old kid about to earn $4.5 million AAV. That should be good. If Fletcher is trying to sign him for less than that... shame on Fletcher. NOW, that said, I think they're done. I don't think they sign anyone else. Between Pitlick, the Germ, Frosty, Farabee, NAK and Vorobyev, they'll have plenty of capable bodies to try to take that 3RW and bench slot. Additionally, seeing as how so many of the above will be waiver exempt (I believe), I wouldn't feel amazing pressure to carry 2 forwards (since apparently Fletcher thinks we need to carry 8 D men). At this point, if playing a kid on the 3rd with Patty is too dicey (I think it'll work because even though they're young, Patty and Lindblom's defensive games are actually both pretty good, but say it doesn't, then...) I almost feel like the safest scenario is Laughton at 3RW and Ruby on the 4th. If they start the season and it doesn't work out with any of the above scenarios, then there's always the possibility of a Hagg trade for a decent 3RW to be had. That said, I think Hagg is likely worth a bit more than your average 3RW. They need to enter this season with a bit of cap room. They may need to make moves here and there, and Fletcher is going to need that room next summer for Patty and Lindblom and Myers... all of whom, I fully expect to make life very difficult and make the Kevin Hayes deal seem dangerously irresponsible.
  3. Newsflash. TK on the PK could use his speed to shut down a lot of passing lanes and turn a bunch of pucks the other way.
  4. I wonder... Wonder if a NTC kicks in or a NMC shifts to a limited NTC or something.
  5. Yeah, Marner's a bit delusional with that. HOWEVER, the problem is that the Leafs kinda screwed themselves with the Matthews, Tavares and Nylander deals. Provorov's delusional if he wants to be the highest paid player on the team NOW. in 4 years? He could likely deserve that. Of course in 4 years, Giroux's contract is up and Jake will be the highest paid player on the team at 8.25million AAV. If Provo wants to structure a bridge deal so that he'll still be RFA but the qualifying offer has to be in the $8million dollar range, I'm pretty much fine with that. If he thinks he should get $8.5 million + right now, then I'm gonna have to ask him to cool his jets. Giroux had a bridge deal, Jake had a bridge deal, Coots had one, JVR had one and Hayes had one. Those are all the highest paid players on the team now and they got that way via bridge deals that enabled them to prove their value to the team and the league. I love Provo, but as you point out, injured or not, he had a down year (most of the defense not named Gudas or Sanheim had an off year). Bad time for him to have an off year, but I'm not interested in letting him Nylander this team into not being able to move on it's other key players. He needs to understand that there is an expansion draft coming up and Sanheim and Myers are hot on his heels right now with Cam York sharpening his blades on the horizon. The fact of the matter is, if they HAD to trade his rights, it would sting quite a bit. It would suck for all of us, and the team would be worse off... BUT the organization on the whole would still be better off in terms of Defense talent than they have been since 2010. Werenski took the deal. If Provo takes a similar deal that gives him a higher AAV and bigger subsequent qualifying offer, he should be happy. I really get the feeling that this is a waiting game right now. A final few minutes of chicken. Provo and his agent were at the game last night apparently. I do think they're expecting to go to camp on time.
  6. This just makes me think of Giroux and Voracek. Jake got literally 25k/year less than Giroux did and that had to be by design and I assume Jake understood and was cool with that. However, unlike Matthews and Marner, it's far less vague as to who was more valuable to the Flyers. There were more seasons between G and Jake's deals than Marner and Matthews, so the market value inflation also played more of a factor. Long story short, if I was Joe Sakic, I'd have really thought hard on an offer sheet for Marner and let the chips fall where they may.
  7. Sorry, if you knew what I was doing while I was typing, you'd understand.
  8. I think you’re right re: Simmons’s. Just too nice a guy I think. Homer certainly my not known for his shrewd negotiating u less he just handed that to his new AGM. Coots was coveted. Most of the league would have paid more even at the time. I was almost shocked he didn’t get offer sheeted knowing the Flyers cap issues.
  9. True, but I don't know that it's just the agent. If Fletcher is savvy at all, he knows it could behoove him to wait until the other deals are on the table. He knows he can try to Ghost him with a low end deal before Werenski and McAvoy sign, but he also knows that he could end up Hayesing himself by giving a fatter deal than he needed to. As it turns out, the Weresnki thing happening first the way it did could likely help out the Flyers case. Long story short, I don't think this is a player hold out or anythign obnoxious. There are a LOT of RFA's still waiting. Werenski was the first of a big stack of pretty big young names. It should start to flow soon. Except Marner. He'll happen day 1. Point is a trickier maneuver for Tampa. Not sure how that plays out actually.
  10. I’m hoping. I still want to know exactly what tactic Hextall used to get Simmer, Coots and Ghost and Coots to sign their team friendly deals and if it was the same thing TO just pulled in Johnson and Kapanen.
  11. I expect you’re correct. I guess it could be suggested, they’re better off in the long run trading him than paying him $13ion for 15 years, but I doubt it’s that unrealistic. Its a little bit of agita waiting, but I’m not terribly concerned. This is the kid who was bereft and blamed himself for the Penguins series loss because he couldn’t decent two of the leagues better players with one hand. He’s not a prima Donna am he doesn’t want to break the cap and he wants the team to win. This is just a fairly unique year for RFA’s. I’m hoping this is the peak of the RFA madness and that Johnson, Kapanen, Werenski and Sanheim are sort of the dawn of sanity returning. I think Marner and point are going to blow that up though. We’ll see. I agree though, I think this gets done in the next 48 hours. These guys are expecting to go to camp.
  12. After Werenski, it can't even be that much money we're talking about here. Honestly, I really don't see any reason to assume there's a problem.
  13. I'd love to see the bridge deal go as far as it an while keeping him an RFA when it expires. With Sanheim and Myers coming along and Ghost already on board, there's something to be said for hedging your bets and almost playing them against each other. Instinct says they'll use whatever the others get to define their own deals, but if Fletcher is proactive, he can leverage the performance of the others against the next to sign. So if Provo gets a three year deal, So Myers is next and if he has a really great season, he'll likely get a deal a little lighter than Sanheim's (I kinda wish Sanheim would have gotten at least three years, so maybe Fletcher can get that out of the less experienced Myers next summer). So after that it's Sanheim again, at which point he may be able to start making some serious demands cash wise to which Fletcher can play the, "Well I don't know man... we've got Myers and Provy to lock up next year two and they're playing as many or more minutes yadda yadda... open market's one thing but here's where we think you are in relation to our team and what we're trying to build here. Hextall was quite good at this tactic. With the exception of Voracek (who was early on and producing the best) but he really got Simmer, Coots and Ghost for team friendly deals. Almost as friendly as the deals Johnsson and Kapanen just signed. I'd love to see Fletcher manage to do something similar. So far though, I'm a little terrified of his negotiating and cap management skills.
  14. The Leafs will have their Marner money on day 1 of the season. He won’t sign til then. Giving Provy 3 gets him to when G and scoots expire so that helps, but ending with $10 seems like a killer. Ghost likely won’t be a factor then, and they could theoretically buyout Hayes with the new CBA(no way scott will be okay buying him out that early though) but Sanheim’s bridge will be up and Myers will not be far behind. Needing to start at $10million seems like a shot to the foot.
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