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  1. As much as I hate to say it, because he is annoying AF with the refs and all his whining and complaining every game in the face of absurd BD, Torts is a decent coach. I agree with you on smoke and mirrors, but I thought it was enough smoke and mirrors to screw things up for the other teams fighting for a wild card (especially after Jones and Atkinson and Carolina's goalies went down). That said, they lost the goalie who gotten them into that position due to the car accident. He might be back before the end of the season. Then they lost Kreider while playing us for an
  2. I don't know about the Islanders. I'd love it if they didn't make the dance somehow. I know they're getting a bit exposed now, but something about the bugs me. some teams aren't necessarily very good, but for whatever reason, they can match up well against what should be a much better team overall. I think Trotz is smart enough to know how to exploit the Flyers and take advantage of them... BRIEFLY. He knows how to play to disadvantages system wise and inertia wise I think. If the Flyers had played the Isles instead of the Canes last night, I'm fairly sure Trotz would have b
  3. Looking at the minutes last night, on the second half of a back to back against a playoff desperate team, the Flyers rolled 4 lines as evenly as they have all year and they still won 4-1. The Flyers also lead the league in Defensive scoring which is crazy considering Ghost isn't playing and wasn't playing well when he was. Their goal differential is now 3rd in the league ( of course 1 and 2 in the league are in the Atlantic so there's that). Having a 50 goal scorer would be nice, but I'd much rather have the situation we do now than sacrificing the ful
  4. The other thing that I'll point out about this thread's premise (not to pile on and not that added scoring isn't nice) but the team that scares me the most in the Metro right now is the Islanders. Not only do they not have a big gun, but they have significantly fewer goals for than the flyers and a much worse differential than the Flyers. Trotz just has good instincts against the Flyers system. Or at least he did. The other thing I'll say about the Islanders is that the Flyers weren't where they are now the first two times they played. Their goal differential in the
  5. I feel like the one line thing has been the case. They haven't had much more than one line since 2013 and even then it was a bit sketchy. I think there's legs to this. There's the rub! All I'm saying is that I'm not exactly on board with this perspective that Jake and G and JVR aren't any good in the playoffs. We'll see what happens.
  6. He's starting Elliott against the caps and likely for exactly this reason. Give Hart a few in a row including an away game against an easier team to help him shake his road head games. Give the more seasoned vet the big team. If they lose, at least it's not another away loss in Hart's head.
  7. The thing about having a big weapon is that you can shut him down and if you shut him down, you cripple them. The Flyers are proving they have depth and that all of their lines are capable and three of them are dangerous.
  8. Found it interesting for obvious reasons https://www.pbs.org/newshour/show/15-percent-of-americans-have-migraine-disease-why-arent-there-better-treatment-options
  9. I'd kinda prefer to put Laughton with the new guy and I simply wouldn't insert them both into the lineup for the first time together. That said, there are no easier games for a while so... I just really hope they plan to Bring back Farabee soon. Grant is a good thing at C to help spell Giroux and Coots on the PK and some tougher D zone starts. And I do agree that Farabee responds to a rest well and comes back strong as hell... but I want to see them take advantage of that and bring him back so we can see that strong play again.
  10. Gotta win this one. The new guys stepping in has me worried, but I guess against the Sharks is as good a time as any. The Flyers have another rough stretch coming up. Home and Home against the Rangers who are making a huge push and are a mere 6 points out of the 8 spot. They have two fluke injuries due to a car accident including the goalie who's been so hot, so maybe that'll help but no matter what the Flyers can't sleep on them. Then it's the caps, canes, sabres, bruins and lightning. They get a slightly less elite team in the Wild, but it goes back to bat **** cr
  11. Yeah and he's got a couple on the PP, but a guy who can put together a hat trick while playing on the Ducks this year? I'll take him for nothing on my roster. I'm not saying he's Ovechkin. I'm saying he ain't a nothing bottom 6er.
  12. I think Hazy was always the guy. I feel like we came to that consensus here on the board last year sometime after he went to the Jets. We didn't even have the insight Fletcher did on Patty's problems. I wanted Stone, but the Knights and the deadline took care of that. Panarin would have been nice, but the 2C/3C to get Patty the minutes he needed to develop was the other thing I thought they needed maybe a little more and Hayes fit that bill to a T. I think most of us here would have cringed that the thought of Duchene or someone coming in instead. My only
  13. It'll leave them stronger for the Even strength minutes and allow for more of those minutes to be against top lines. Adding these two also all but ensures that G will stay on the wing. G and Coots and Jake have been a force for driving play since being put together. This only makes them better.
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