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  1. I actually just had to go amend an earlier post. I'm afraid they were doing okay despite not scoring but they're kinda losing battles now. I was surprised that their possession numbers were holding up despite was it looked like, and in fact i was looking at the wrong games. They got owned this past weekend, especially in Boston (though Twarynski less so) I definitely think something's not clicking. If it were just Jake, I wouldn't be jumping on any trade him bandwagons (it's unrealistic) or anything, but I'd be second guessing him a bit more. The fact that it's Hayes too says to me that something more is going on here. Not sure what. Clearly Twark and his speed were intended to help but it hasn't quite worked yet.
  2. I can go with that. Frankly I forgot about him.
  3. The only "contenders" that even come close to having the cap space are the Habs... and I'm not sure I see them as contenders come deadline time. Evens so... the only way I see them making this trade is if the Flyers take Weber in return. So Jake and Ghost for Weber. Interested? Not me. I'm with you. I just don't see trading him as making any sense. I'm also with you in that I'm not a particular fan of his or anything (kicking the puck at AV at the end of OT was a bit interesting I'll grant, but still...) I just don't see moving him as making any sense. There's no one he's blocking and he's not doing a poor job. He's just not scoring as much. I'm not sure how to get Hayes going either, but right now they're both kind of holding steady with low production, but decent possession numbers. They're doing what they need to. I think Turns out Twarynski isn't enough to get them over the hump and scoring more. Who'd'a thought? I've said it before and I'll say it again regarding Ghost. I'm not at all interested in trading him until I see him play with someone better than Braun. With how bad things seemed with Hagg and Morin now out of the picture, I'm not sure where that leaves us. Ultimately though, if you trade Ghost, you're not going to get equal value in defense back for him. That said, I'm not sure how to get him a better partner either.
  4. You know what... I have to amend this response. I was looking at the wrong games. Jake and Hayes got demolished in the possession game in both contests this weekend. I was flat out wrong. I was looking at last week somehow. There's something increasingly off there. Hopefully they can sort it out soon. Games are a little more up and down coming up, but there's very little rest. They're on pretty much every other night (w/one two night break) until December.
  5. It's not that they're not winning by enough to suit me, it's that I think the lack of a 3C is forcing 2 of the top 3 lines to underachieve. I hope what you say happens. Frankly, I think he might be able to come up in the spring and be a real curveball for the stretch run and playoffs. I wish Laughton hadn't gotten hurt and I wish Patrick wasn't dealing with these Migraine issues. I really wish a lot of things. The team went from having too many centers to not enough pretty quickly. What's happening now is only acceptable because they're winning and I'm concerned about how much of the responsibility for that is falling on Lindblom Coots and TK. We can tell the others to step it up as much as we want, and Giroux's line is at least looking better. So that's something.
  6. I mean, it was never going to work out with Hakstol. It wasn't a bad idea to try it I guess. Hextall knew he was going to be leaning on a coach to make men of a bunch of boys and Hakstol had a good record of doing that. But that neglects the fact that he was also doubling down on some already men who he was going to be putting in a tough spot for the prime of their careers. I think the experiment proved what it needed to a year and a half before anyone took action. Before Homer lost his mind in 2012 he did a lot of really good things and jumping on Laviolette when he became available was one of them. I still believe that firing Laviolette was more for Laviolette's sake than for the Flyers' sakes and I think it was a gentleman's understanding between coach and GM that lead to it. Hextall was already in the process of being groomed to take over for Homer himself. Anyway... I thin AV is a good choice. He actually is an NHL minded coach, not just a hockey or hockey player minded coach. He doesn't seem to carry or even acknowledge any of the baggage at play. He sees the players he has doing what they're doing. He doesn't even seem to gage the level of frustration or anticipation of the fans. He's in this to win a cup for himself. I think we'll see more of a connection with the players and the fans develop over the course of a season. It doesn't seem like Fletcher's going to give him Frost any time soon and now that Morin is out of the picture completely He's kinda stuck with the players he's got (at least he will be once Laughton returns). Hopefully Laughton's return can either shake loose an actual 3C or be that 3C himself. Lindy Coots Teeks Giroux Hayes Farabee JVR Laughts Jake Raffl Misha Pitlick that works for me for now hopefully they start seeing what they need to from Frost soon and maybe we can see him in 2020. To me that leaves the biggest weak spot being Braun and Hagg. And I don't know what to do about that because I don't see anyone trading a good 4D anytime soon. Maybe come deadline time if the Devils are completely out of it, you might be able to bring in a Vatanen as his UFA year is coming... but I'm not terribly interested in giving the Devils anything helpful.
  7. He leads the team. It's not even close really. He got manhandled and still managed to score a goal. I'm not saying you don't have a point. And I'm not saying he couldn't do with more time. I'm saying that 3C is a very big question on this team right now that's causing more problems than are currently evident because they're still managing to win games. Frost may not be as complete an answer to that question as he could be in March or this time next year, but he's the only answer to a very important question that the team doesn't seem to be asking. Laughton will be back soon. Maybe that'll help. I don't know. I do know that the team could be playing better than they are and scoring more than they are right now and 3C is the most apparent reason why they're not.
  8. There isn't a single team in the league who can afford Ghost and Jake. Honestly, The idea of trading either one of them before bringing up Frost and benching Braun is short sighted insanity to me.
  9. Sanheim is going. He's even staying on his feet. That's all he really needed to do differently. He doesn't need to be scoring to be helping the team win and when he stays on his skates, he does just that. He did some fantastic stuff last night... just didn't result in a point. I don't think Ghost gets shopped around. At most, I think he just won't be protected in the Seattle draft. What? you say, Give him up for nothing?!?! What are they going to get for him that they need? The thing this team needs most is a 3C and they have one crushing it in LHV and they're just refusing to bring him up. Alternatively, they could have claimed Spezza off waivers for a mere 700k which also could have fixed the problem. I'd consider sending him to the west coast for a decent enough draft pick, but I wouldn't necessarily think we're getting a first for him. In the meantime, with Morin done for the year again, what are they going to do? replace him with Hagg? The larger issue IMHO is his usual partner (and someone who could theoretically be replaced with Hagg), Braun. Seems like he's always the one on the ice and the one directly missing a clear or coverage when a back breaking or game tying goal gets scored. I'd like to see Braun sit for a few games. Maybe platoon with Hagg more. Braun's 32, which isn't old by any stretch but when they have 4 games in 6 nights and he's struggling in the first 2, maybe he doesn't need to play BOTH the back to back games? They're winning, so it's hard to complain too much, but they're just barely winning (albeit against VERY good teams that are -or at least were- above them in the standings).
  10. Jake got an assist on JVR's PP goal last night and he and Hayes' corsi numbers were through the roof last night. Long story short is that if they can just do that and keep the puck in the other end, then they're doing their jobs to help the team win. It would be nice to see a few more pucks poke through once in a while, but neither player is terribly off his normal scoring pace. As much as it may frustrate fans, and as boring as it ends up being for the hockey card stats, Hayes and Voracek mostly do their jobs to help the team win. Their Corsi's were atrocious agains the Canes though... but really so were everyone's The canes dominated the shots in that game, Ghost was the only on above 50%. We don't disagree about the system. The problem is that Ghost is an X factor player. Or at least he should be. They've been trying to get him to commit and buy into the system, but there are situations when your system has to allow for opportunity when it presents itself. When the puck bounces out to Giroux coming on for a change and he has a breakaway, you gotta let him take it. Ghost should be a player who can see those opportunities and take advantage of them with his skates and his stick when he sees them. It shouldn't be a normal part of his game, but when they need a goal and he sees a seam, he should absolutely have the ability to take it and know that his team mates will compensate for him doing so. This is the kind of thing that they develop into now, see happen once or twice a week, make some mistakes on, get burned once in a while so that they can pull it out when playoff time goes from push to shove. He's a tool in their box, they need to keep him and them sharp for when they really need it. All that said, taking Ghost off PP1 isn't helping him or PP1.
  11. Preach. Lindros too (or have the protection Clarke got for that matter). That said... let's get him a cup or two and remove all doubt.
  12. I am merely providing context as evidence that my hatred of them is EARNED and not remotely a partisan irrationality. It's like hating a politician for their policies and toxic character, not their party affiliation. They deserve every ounce of my ire.
  13. I never had a problem with the Penguins until Kasparitus tried to kill Lindros. I even supported them when Mario, Rex, Tocchet and Borrasso won those cups. Things changed when Mario got sick. Even when he came back, the league seemed to really want to help them. The debacle of the way the league cheated it's own rules to keep them in Pittsburgh and eventually get them Crosby (and 4 other top 5 picks in a row) makes everything since then illegitimate in my view. The way they played in the '08 and '09 playoffs and what they were not only allowed to get away with, but were seemingly encouraged to get away with was an embarrassment to the league that echoed through other teams for years to come and I think the NHL has yet to reckon with that. It's mostly gone from the league now, but it still rears its head occasionally. Malkin is the sleaziest player in the NHL and Crosby will forever be the guy who sucker punched another player in the stones from behind as far as I'm concerned. Orpik may be gone, but I'd have some words for him too. By my own admission they played more cleanly and respectably for their recent runs, but the damage is done and the franchise will forever be shamed in my estimation. I can only hope they'll start sucking again soon so their miserable fans (2nd most vile home crowd I've encountered) can once again abandon them and the league can finally move on and put them in a new city. But that's not likely to happen any time soon.
  14. Hayes has been trailing off in recent games. I think he could help balance things if he centered a line with JVR and Jake (which would be the most beautifully overpaid line in the NHl most likely), but that would leave Frost for the Giroux and Farabee line (I'm only thinking of things in terms of Frost being up and G being a LW again). I'm not sure that's a bad thing, but I'm not sure it's a good thing... I think it's a thing worth trying though. Ghost and Voracek will respond fine. It's going to be a process. They're going to get notes and things to work on and they're going to get better, then worse, then better than worse and better again. One of the things you're seeing now is both of them kind of chilling out and focusing on their defense a bit. Ghost in particular needs to not be paired with Braun. Braun isn't very good at this point but doesn't offer any offensive upside either. They're the weakest pairing for a reason. The other two pairings have been okay... or at least when Sanheim doesn't fall over they're okay. Fletcher should never have picked up Braun. And at the very least, AV should not be playing him every night. I said this two years ago, and I'm saying it again now... you want Ghost to be good? You gotta let Ghost be ghost. sacrificing what he does well in favor of marginally improving his D will not help any team. compensating for his defensive holes while he does what he does well will do this and that wasn't something Hakstol was interested in or couldn't accommodate with the talent he had. AV is doing it on paper, pairing him with a guy like Braun, but frankly, I think Braun should be out of the lineup. Someone with size who can take up space and cut down lates, who can skate and play well in his own end is who should be paired with Ghost so to my eyes, that's Myers or Morin. Hagg in a pinch, but the size and skating of the other two helps a bit more. I'm just not sure Ghost remembers how to do what came so naturally before at this point.
  15. He's on pace for a 23g, 65 point season with a Corsi for of 56.4%. ...and I for one assume that will actually improve between now and the end of the season. There are 4 Flyers with a better Corsi and one Flyer with a higher point total (which means there are 19 Flyers with lower point totals and lower corsis). Jake's essentially having a similar year to Lindblom (who is also -2) but who also has a slightly better Corsi with similar minutes per night. That said, there are 4 Flyers on pace for a 65 point season plus TK who is on pace for I think 84. 3 players are on pace for 20+ goals in addition to TK and Lindblom who are on pace for 40+. I happen to think (based on past years) that Coots, G's and Jakes point totals are likely to surpass the paces they're each currently on, but even if they just hold steady, and the season ends with 5 Flyers scoring at least 65 points and 20+goals each, are you really going to sit here and tell us the offense was the problem? If the Flyers aren't remotely in the playoff hunt by the deadline and Fletch can find a taker, then yes. I agree. Trade him, but trade him because it's complete and utter rebuild time, not because Jake's not pulling his weight. Trade a lot of people at that point if you can. But in the meantime, they have 5 out of 6 points since the clunkers last week and he's far from the biggest disappointment on this offense, let alone this team. JVR and Hayes are producing much worse in most aspects of the game than Jake is so far and they make nearly as much. At the very least the $1million dollar difference between their salaries and Jake's doesn't nearly make up for how much less they're producing right now. To me, they and their contracts are much MUCH bigger mill stones around this team's neck. But even WITH them under producing, this team's offense is putting up numbers and controlling the flow of a lot of games.

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