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  1. What's going on with him is that he has a new coach who has him playing differently. He's beginning plays and often controlling zone entries while the other guys get into position. Then two or three passes later there's an opportunity. He's playing more of a point guard role and I don't see it as being a problem. He's had a quiet stretch, but before that he had 8 points in 10 games (half of which the team got beat soundly so you know he was trying when it was 'really' needed). Now, Yes. In Situations like the Tampa game... it would be nice if he figures out how to shake it off and make a goal happen. That's kinda what you need to see happen from your stars/captains. But the fact that didn't happen in January annoys me mildly, but I don't see it as a grand scheme of things problem. Coots couldn't do it either, and lately Coots is the guy who can step up and just make poop happen out of thin air. it was a tight game against the hottest team over a recent stretch and one would hope in a playoff situation, that "get 'er done" mentality comes through a bit more. But right now, I think it's usually more important to figure out what can be done on a more systematic level to compete more consistently. This team has a much larger fundamental problem in that it's bottom six really can't be trusted. A lot of that has to do with Patrick and Lindblom being out, but the long and short of it really seems to be that when AV can control who the Bottom six are out there against (i.e. put them out against other bottom 6ers), it doesn't result in that many terrible goals against. But when the other team gets the chance to put out who they want against the bottom 6, it can get ugly fast. What's worse, the other teams know it now. And I'm not sure how it gets better because they've tried everyone even remotely possible for these roles and Fletcher spent right up against the cap, so they can't afford to bring anyone in to help. I think it would help win a few games here and there if Therrien pulled his head out of the sand, put G on the LW side board and get the PP going, but I think the larger fundamental problem is that the bottom six can't hold their own against other teams top 6.
  2. Also... He's got 18 goals and 31 points and a plus 7. It's not like he's producing horrible numbers! Yzerman scored less when the Redwings finally started winning cups. And you're definitely right about the "puck luck" I think when it's this prolonged, it's more than luck, but it's not like he's slacking off out there.
  3. The Redwings cups were a bit more spread out and could be attributed more to an approach to the entire game from management, to coaching to players than to a specific talent pool. The Devils cups in a historical context (forgive me) come down to Clutch and Grab and Brodeur. The Blackhawks appear to mostly have been the right group at the right time (which has passed) and the same for the Kings teams. I will not even mention the other team that has won multiple cups in recent decades. I don't want to get into a whole thing... and that will definitely get me into a whole thing.
  4. This is the thing. They won a cup right away without him (beat the Bruins and Andy Moog and our old Pal Reggie Lemelin I think) but in the years after, there was a cascade of players exiting (Messier, Coffey, Tikkanen, Kurri, Graves) and other guys started aging out (Huddy, Lowe, Fuhr) of their effectiveness and the organization got little in return for any of it. They were an epic Dynasty and it's extremely difficult to have the lengthy run they did (based almost 100% on skill) and be able to refuel yourself with talent so a few years of tanking was inevitable. Their managemenet has done little in 30 years though to take advantage.
  5. Didn't the Oilers win the cup the next year? Anyway, Trading Giroux is no path to making this team better. He's not putting up huge numbers, but I think too many people are watching the stat sheets and seeing the problem and not noticing how much he does in the games. He's often the guy who starts the play that three other guys get the points on. His shooting % is oddly terrible this year, but he's dominant in generating opportunities and driving the play. The line with him and Hayes and TK got a goal, but gave up (I think) three last night, so maybe that doesn't need to continue, but as far as I'm concerned, very little good can come out of trading Giroux.
  6. Can't Buyout anyone until Summer. JVR's buyout would be weird and would take 6 years. You could do it, but it jumps oddly after the first two years of a just under $3million cap hit and the third year his cap it is almost 5 million. Then it drops below 2 for the last 3 years. Doing the above could make resigning Hart, Sanheim and Myers a bit easier, but it's not a key to doing so AND bringing in a new guy. As far as we know, with Fletcher, it might already be part of the plan.
  7. I mean 2 home losses at this point in the season is a bit more than just playing bad teams. But you’ve got a good point and both our points are likely contributors. Losing to bad west coast teams this badly though... that’s got to stop. They’ve got to have the tools for that.
  8. The other point I'd like to make is that (sorry Occam, no pun intended) I don't think we're seeing the simpler solution. They are a dominant home team despite the fact that we keep hearing about how there are so many empty seats. They are a pretty bad road team. To me the simplest solution is that not having that control of the matchups is taking a toll on them. Maybe they don't like hotels, maybe they drink too much on the plane, maybe G misses his bride and baby and maybe, they're jet lagged... or maybe teams are just getting the matchups they want instead of AV getting the matchups he wants. The fact that they've been playing through so many injuries and don't have the depth that they had when they were really hitting their strike bears this out to me. I think teams are simply able to exploit the Flyers weaknesses the way they want to. The Kings game doesn't bear this out simply because so many of the goals were on special teams. But the Sharks game certainly does.
  9. Yeah, I agree with the sentiment on G's Silence and Coot's textbook answers, but I really don't think it matters who says what to the press and the conversations that do matter don't make it to us. That's not meant as a defense of any player or a contradiction to any assessment here. Rather just to say we really don't know. There's more to being a captain than getting the guys going. I know that's our perception of the role because of... I'm actually not sure why. But There's no rule in any locker room that says a guy without a C on his uniform can't speak up and encourage or criticize his fellow guys. For me this goes back to the Pronger / Richards thing. Pronger had a bee in his bonnet that he wasn't the captain. That's fine. He's kind of a legendary figure in this so I don't actually begrudge him that. But if he didn't yap at his team mates or give speeches in the locker room that might have encouraged his team mates or if he didn't give advice or tips to his team mates that might have helped them win that G.D. cup, then there's no excuse for that and certainly "well, Richie was the captain!" isn't one of them. Sorry. Nope. Uh uh. Way back when, I was highly against giving G the Captaincy. But not because he wasn't vocal. It was because I wanted him to focus on scoring as many points as possible. Because that was his skill set and the Flyers really never encourage that skill set. Of course you want him to "play the right way" and a "200 ft. Game" and all of that, but at the end of the day, I didn't want Giroux to have to worry about all the B.S. minutia that a captain has to worry about (It's dumb, but there is an actual job he has to do during games that has nothing to do with calling out his team mates). And I didn't want him to have the pressure of hearing about how he wasn't being vocal enough or a good enough leader in the press. After Pronger went down, to me it made the most sense to give it to Briere or Timmonen. I don't know why that didn't happen. Even if they knew they wanted to buy out Briere once the compliance buyouts were offered, who cares? They didn't bring back Smith and he was an excellent captain for this team. So if not them, then I'd have said resign and give it to Jagr even though he got tired in the playoffs because he was old or whatever. But Homer in his infinite wisdom didn't think he was worth two years at his age (once again something Homer was proven irrevocably wrong on). Even Talbot or Knuble would have been better choices for the role as far as I was concerned and when they brought back Gagne, then they should have given it to him. But that's all a tangent. My point is if Steady Eddie or Hazy have stuff to say, then there is NOTHING holding them back and I am willing to bet two whole coke-a-colas after da game that they say everything they think they should during and after and before the games.
  10. I think it’s mostly confidence and that’s mostly coaching with a dash of Hart letting them know they won’t get destroyed every time they make a mistake. Niskanen has been very important confidence wise as well. Hayes has been a great addition, but the absence of Patrick sort of balances that out. I had to take a little while off from the board because this Lindblom thing has me just heartbroken. BUT, in the week or two I’ve been gone, JVR now leads the team in goals after the Sens game. Thats... unforeseen, even by me who had been defending him to much.
  11. Though intentional Helmet to helmet contact is illegal in the NFL and would qualify as illegal in the NHL as well.
  12. And Belak and Rypien were "just depressed" and Boogard was a fighter. You're equivocating and you know it. Pronger and Primeau couldn't play with their kids years later their symptoms were so bad... so because they didn't shoot themselves that makes it okay?
  13. They both wrote their families explaining it. It was reported on extensively.
  14. Dave Duerson and Junior Seau shot themselves IN THE CHEST specifically because while they couldn't handle the way their CTE made them feel anymore and they decided they needed to end their lives because of it. BUT they also knew that shooting themselves in the head would destroy the evidence that researchers might be able to use to help other athletes and soldiers with similar problems. Let me repeat: THEIR POST-CONCUSSION PROBLEMS WERE SO BAD THEY DECIDED TO SHOOT THEMSELVES, BUT THEY CHOSE THE SLOWER MORE PAINFUL WAY TO SHOOT THEMSELVES IN THE HOPE IT MIGHT HELP OTHER PEOPLE WITH CONCUSSION RELATED PROBLEMS. But you know... Borowiecki isn't a ***** and I am. I'm really okay with softer hits if it ends up preventing **** like that.

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