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  1. Duclair too. BUT to be fair, A LOT of guys were taken above Geuntzel and Duclair. Oddly, both teams traded their first and second round picks that year (the penguins got a second back from Columbus though). The Rangers apparently didn't have a second either. I think DuClair was their first pick. The Penguins got goalie Tristan Jarry ahead of Guentzel. Guentzel IMHO, SHOULD have been the Conn Smythe winner on their last run. Crosby got it on name recognition and the C alone. He hasn't the achievements of Jake Guentzel yet, but Lindblom was a 5th rounder.
  2. Nothing wrong with Moose other than potentially his durability. The problem is WHY THE HELL DID FLETCHER TRADE STOLARZ FOR TALBOT IF TALBOT HAD NO INTENTION OF BEING A BACKUP!!!!!! I still contend that trading Stolarz for Talbot when he did was the single biggest cause of their comeback ending. Dumping Simmonds for Hartman our the nail in the coffin of them regaining it. Doesn’t matter? They should have had a better first half? Ask the Blues. At at least he got something for them? He got Pitlick and Zilch.
  3. If you’re talking about Neuvirth, you’re just begging me to take us all back to history class to review the Vegas expansion draft chapter. Hextall wouldn't have traded Stolarz for a UFA goalie he knew he couldn’t resign. I have utterly no confidence in Fletcher. Looks like Sandstrom is going to get his shot at some point this year.
  4. 2013, so yes. Also, I would have thought if we were going to wine about taking Goulbourne over anyone the third round it would have been Guentzel, not Bjorkstrand, but that’s just me.
  5. 2013, so yes. Also, I would have thought if we were going to wine about taking Goulbourne over anyone the third round it would have been Guentzel, not Bjorkstrand, but that’s just me.
  6. I couldn’t imagine being worried about it. That’s why I was confused.
  7. Not being an Oiler will help.
  8. Dude started a TON of games in the last few years. The idea of not being #1 has got to be foreign to him. Maybe you’re thinking of someone else?
  9. I’m sorry, I’m not trying to harp on this, i’m just trying to understand your point. GTFO of the way... for what? What are they in the way of?
  10. Because it's yet another indication that some crazy good or crazy stupid deal is coming.
  11. Well, the Weber offer sheet probably SHOULD have been a reason Homer needed to step down. The offer sheet was absurd. It would have screwed the Flyers immeasurably. It wasn't just an attempt to get a player, it was ridiculous. The black balling of a GM over that isn't something that should have made other GMs stop trading with him, but it IS something that should have made Lukko fire his ass immediately. It was insanity.
  12. Exactly. I'm not sure what the sticking point is. They're not getting paid anything or taking up roster spots. It's not like we're going to get any great value for trading them. If anyone wants them, they can sign them or trade for them. In the mean time, maybe they'll win a Calder Cup or two with Frosty and Radcliffe and everyone's happy. Who cares?
  13. But that's just what I'm saying. They're going to rot in the AHL and at best be a halfway decent injury call up once in a while. Why do we need to be antsy about that?
  14. Well Clarke was being a bit hyperbolic because Sakic was a 9 year veteran at the time. Imagine being in the league, being 28/29 years old, captaining a cup winning team, winning a Conn Smythe and STILL being an RFA unable to control your destiny at all. And IT truly worked out better for the Lightning not to have Gratton... so they can have a nice warm cup of shut the hell up. Homer's offer sheet to Kesler was only 1.9million and was only a problem because the Canucks were so close to the cap. Essentially, the landscape has simply changed. Tavares and Stamkos only signed short, lucrative bridge deals. Pastrnak, Nylander, Matthews, McDavid, Eichel and the like are getting big career defining pay days as RFAs, some of which are deserved, some of which are not... all to prevent them from doing what Tavares did I think, but probably not to avoid offer sheets. IMHO, as much as it would suck to lose a Frost or Farabee or Hart to an offer sheet (are you paying attention FLETCHER) I actually think the offer sheet is kind of key to making the cap era functional. I think they need to figure out a way to implement it better so that Offer sheets are both more common and less destructive.
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