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  1. Yeah... I’m with you. I think it only helps indirectly in that it gives Frost and Farabee the best options and maybe (hopefully) takes some abuse and harder minutes from them.
  2. They're not scoring, but they're all actually playing fairly well right now. I know he's not scoring and that's "why he's here" and all that, but JVR is actually crushing it in play driving and overall momentum right now. He's only been on the ice for I think 5 Even Strength Goals against and there haven't been any in like 4 games. Hayes's play driving numbers are a little worse than the other two because he plays the PK, but all in all this isn't a bad line. I know they're not scoring and that's a problem. But sticking them together should keep the puck in the other team's end for good swaths of time. Plus they're the biggest line by far and they'll be hard to defend against so even if they're not scoring, they'll be drawing decent assignments and wearing those lines out, thus things easier for the other lines to do so. If you're going to put your heavy hitters and big guys out to bruise Giroux, Coots and the kids, then you're leaving your softer lines out against the JayVeeHazies, not generally a good idea as they're gonna score eventually if you give them room. Initially my gut wanted to stick a Frost, Farabee, Lindblom or TK with them, but on further review, maybe that will come in time... but Jake and JVR should really be scoring more on the PP than even strength anyway. I feel like even if they were firing on all cylinders and scoring a bunch of goals, I feel like as an even strength line, their role would predominantly be in a play driving capacity anyway. Not that they wouldn't be trying to score, but just that we wouldn't necessarily be expecting a boat load of even strength goals coming from them. More to be sure. But I dont' feel like sticking them together should probably hurt anything. Hopefully all of them figure it out soon and maybe together, but even if they don't, it's not a nightmare line just because they're not scoring.
  3. I know we're all just having fun here, but is there a reason I've missed as to why Calgary would ever consider trading Gudreau?
  4. Saw this. The 3rd will just be the straight up Snake-Bitten/Stone Hands line. I feel like this must be the best option considering everything though. Certainly a good situation to introduce Frost to the NHL with. This is the thing I've been on the Flyers for since the years of Willy and Rusty. They did it with G too. Talented young winger... hey, let's put them with checkers and tell them not to try to score! What could go wrong? AV is giving Frosty and the Bee a chance to succeed, not setting them up for failure and I dig that. If Frost sticks, I'd likely keep these lines when Laughts is ready, putting him back at 4C. I leave it up to AV as to whether he drops Andy or Pits. Neither is performing too poorly right now. Laughton should be much better than either.
  5. If he needs more time, he needs more time, and I hope he stays safe out there too. But the offense is down two centers and needs help mostly in energy and creativity and he's just sitting there to try out.
  6. I just hope he can avoid getting his noggin bumped.
  7. Well from an outsider's position, while the leafs are indeed chock full of talent, I'm not sure it's balanced enough to be a dominating power. The defense is a big question mark without many answers yet. I'm really not sure what they're going to do next year when they have only 1 D man under contract and will be entering the summer with zero cap dollars. In hindsight, I'm really not sure signing Tavares was the right move at all for them, though I suppose Marner hadn't really shown his stuff at that point yet. Either way, giving in to Nylander and not just sitting him or trading him was an enormous miscalculation. I'm really not sure they're going to be able to move him without retaining significant salary. They're going to have to move someone though. They may be getting 11million off the books with Horton and Clarkson, but those guys already don't count against the cap. It's nowhere near the disaster pit that Paul Holmgren dug for the Flyers as at least they're overspending on functionally good players. But winning in the playoffs is going to be challenging with so many question marks on defense.
  8. He's been called up. guess this is where the blades meet the ice. My guess is that they got some discouraging news on Patrick and the lack of offense from 3 lines proved too much to bear. Hopefully he takes care of himself out there and adds what it seems like he should.
  9. Is it me or does Babcock's expression always look like he's in the midst of an extremely difficult BM?
  10. Yeah presumably, things start to fall into place for those two before long. Historically it should. Hopefully it pans out that way. In the meantime, at least the PK is clicking!
  11. Sorry, the source I looked at when I wrote it said 17% I think trying to keep it above 20% is a fair expectation, though with the firepower they have and the history that firepower has, i'd expect it to be higher, wouldnt't you? It's not like G, Jake, JVR, and Ghost don't all have a history of being good on the PP.
  12. It's BS hockey. I hate it. I don't mind agitating. I don't mind chirping at your opponent and I don't mind annoying them with hard hits or subtle hooks every once in a while. I don't mind trying to get them off their game or take a bad penalty. I effing hate massaging the refs and whining like a little brat trying to coax out calls against your opponent for crap you're actually guilty of. That part of old time hockey can stay in the past as far as I'm concerned. I don't actually even hate guys like Wislon for it (though I wish someone would pop them) I hate the refs for being thick skulled enough to fall for it. The Flyers CAN'T have that guy anymore because it straight up bites us in the rear. They've tried over the years (Carcillo and that lunatic Steve Downie come to mind) but it never works because they just end up causting more penalty kills because the refs DO NOT put up with that BS from the Flyers anymore. And it isn't really Old Time Hockey. In old time Hockey that guy would have his teeth bashed in and think twice about opening his mouth or sneaking in a slash the next time.
  13. sorry, hit submit too soon. I'm not so worried about the size aspect of physical. I don't really think that was a problem for anyone other than Farabee for long. I noticed the defense was extremely good at using their sticks and shutting down lanes. The thing that worries me more about a 7 game series with a team like that is the Flyers 4th line and the PP. The Caps got about 2 more minutes and a goal from their 4th line than the Flyers did. Our top 6 outplayed their top six. That was the difference in a very very tight game. Over the course of a 7 games series, those extra shifts are going to really start to wear down your top 9. If a couple of games go to OT... it's gonna happen faster. The PP has to get better. They're wasting opportunity after opportunity. I don't know what's wrong and I don't care anymore. They're better than this. Figure it out. if their power play was a mere 20%, a half these games never would have gone to OT. To fix the 4th line, they really don't have anyone in the system. we know this because they keep trying. Andreoff has potential and actually did pretty well last night (though in less than 6 minutes of work). So to add they can a) trade for 4th liners from outside. b) add top 9 guys and drop better players who belong there (like Raffl and Laughton) to the 4th. I'm not ready to trade yet. The 4th line is Raffl, Laughton & Pitlick / Andreoff. I think if you can roll those guys as your 4th line, then you're going to be able to play them 9+ minutes a night which means keeping your top 9 more fresh and competitive throughout the evening and that will matter over a playoff series. I think these things get sorted out as the season goes. It's very possible Washington is just going to be a monster all year, or it's possible they're just peeking now.
  14. The 4th line didn't really play in this game. And I think that had more to do with their size and defense than lack of scoring ability. The third line isn't going to score much in it's current form. Jake and Hayes are too similar and they each need a more skilled line mate than each other or twarynski. Putting a Giroux or a TK or a Farabee with them might help them out, but then what's that going to do to the line you take that guy away from. Its games like this that have Fletcher not wanting Frost up yet and I get that. But I still think he's the best hope of evening out the finesse and skill level on all three lines. Farabee Hayes Gee . (The Heebee Gee Bees) Lindy . Coots . Teeks JVR . Frosty . Jake . Raffl Laughton . Andy / Pitlick If you run into a game like last night and you have to shorten the bench, you know Laughton can come up to 3C and Raffl can come up to 1W.

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