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  1. Well, none are restricted free agents, so they might not have a choice. And the avs, as you pointed out, went and got Grubauer specifically, so they at least do have some plan B even if you think he’s just a backup. They may be hoping to retain Varlamov, but Grubauer Was never going to be more valuable and they want and got him anyway. To boot, they’re paying him more to be their backup than we’re paying any of our 6 goalies. He may have been a backup so far, but would you take him over anyone on our 2 pro teams not named Hart? I probably would. Maybe Bob will be Edmonton’s plan B. I genuinely think Talbot might be sick of Edmonton but I forget what I read that makes me think that.
  2. For the record (and as an aside) I've never felt the Flyers were two years away since Pronger got hurt. I had a brief moment of believing maybe 2010 was possible again in the Jagr year, but that team vanished utterly in the 2nd round. Since then they went from a team in denial of a desperate need of a rebuild, to a team self destructing itself deeper into talent and age debt (Kinda like the kings of the last three years, but at least the kings won two cups before their disastrous choices) then on to the Hextall tenure which began and ended with a 3-5 year rebuild plan. This is year 5 and the fact of the matter is the talent is still coming up and developing. That said, I firmly believe the only reason this team isn't VERY good right now with the talent it does have is a combination of bad injury luck and bad coaching. They are a good team 5x5, and Hakstol DID make adjustments to the 5x5 game after the disastrous home games early in the season, so I'll ease off him for a tad... except to say that I have no idea how the PK and PP have become as terrible as they are. There's no excuse. Are they a PK and a PP away from being a very competitive team? I don't know. I'll tell you more after the next two games.
  3. I don't know why, but I kinda have a good feeling about Talbot. For some reason, I get the feeling that Edmonton is just such a cluster of an organization that a lot of decent players could excel when they leave. And Hall is NOT the only reason I say that, but he is evidence to support it. After all Tablot's been through, he might revel in the chance to be the man on a team that friggin' needs him and knows it (as opposed to a team that seems to only focus on one player) until he's 33-34, and then be the big brother for a few years while his contract runs out. I don't see Bob going for that and Frankly I see Varlamov looking at Rantanen and his Avalanche and deciding he wants to stay right where he is.
  4. This is true and I agree with it, but between the Vegas expansion and the salary cap and the UFA availability, this simply wasn't a possibility without giving up key prospects for quite a while. And giving up prospects on a team in the middle of a rebuild doesn't make much sense either. Last year was the first year Hextall had any cap room to do anything and he had 5 goalies under contract and there were no good UFA goalies to pick from. Hextall did however POUNCE on Pickard when he came up and that to me suggests that he might have been ready to pull the trigger on a goalie if one had been available. This summer, he will have 2 goalies under contract and both are currently (and look to remain) in the minor leagues for at least another year. So I'd seriously consider someone a possibility for Hextall this summer or even at the deadline depending on how their teams are looking then. I actually think Talbot might be a good choice, but he, Bob and Varlamov are all within a year of each other age wise. I think Hextall has to make a play for one of them if they're not asking for too long of a deal. If he has to overpay him to sit on the bench as a backup for a two years once Hart (or whoever) is finally ready, would that be such a bad thing? Not in my book. Semyon Varlamov, G, COL NHL.com rank: 48 Sergei Bobrovsky, G, CBJ NHL.com rank: 69 Cam Talbot, G, EDM NHL.com rank: 107 Petr Mrazek, G, CAR NHL.com rank: 175 Mike Smith, G, CGY NHL.com rank: 184 Robin Lehner, G, NYI
  5. They have, but I think under Hextall, that's been more a matter of necessity than anything else. I do wonder, now that the reality of Carter Hart actually probably needing time to adapt is setting in, if Hextall will try to sign a bigger name UFA goalie this summer (there will be a few) to bridge between now and when Hart or whoever is ready. I'd be behind it. I think it'll take the pressure off Hart and let him gain his game naturally. It could also buy more time for Sandstrom and the others to make their mark and get thir games ready to go. Either way, with Stolarz, Pickard, Elliott and Neuvy all on expiring contracts, this summer is sure going to be interesting for the goalie situation. The PK is a distinct enigma. It makes no sense that it's still this bad and hasn't been remotely addressed. It's literally losing them games and last year that could have been the difference between first place and missing the playoffs altogether. How do you not do anything to fix that? How is it not the question you have to answer seventeen times every night? The PP should be fine, I agree and I think it will get better too, but no matter who is where, it's not going to happen until they start passing more. I think they need to keep Jake on PP1. I'm not sure who the next best passer is (Patrick maybe?) and that guy needs to be on PP1 to distribute to JVR/Simmer/whoever. Konecny isn't a passer. The gang on BSH radio had a keen observation last week regarding the PP1 unit which is that the two dudes they moved off it experimentally were Jake and Simmer... One guy who's contract is up at the end of the year and another who doesn't have a NTC. Could they just be experimenting with the PP of the future right now? Food for thought.
  6. But they have the talent and they know how to do it. That's what I mean. The PP seems like it's just a matter of getting back on track and doing what worked before. The PK has been terrible forever. It was bad before Hakstol wasn't it? It's just a thing that's been bad forever, so I feel like the answers aren't coming from within. The PP just isn't doing what it used to with it's puck movement and I simply don't know why. It's extremely odd.
  7. Read one theory on Twitter that basically suggested that the guys on the team like Lappy and guys like him and Mac are the only thing preventing Hakstol from losing the room entirely. Dont know if I buy it, but it would certainly be ironic if so. I don’t think the power play needs a whole lot. JVR could help with net front presence or slot shots, but what they really need is to just get that goalie moving more. Which to me means keeping Jake and G together on the PP to get the puck across the ice smoothly through traffic instead of around it.
  8. These are good points. Despite the amount of youth on the team, I am of the opinion that this team is not two years away from anything. They are at this point, just a decent coaching staff away from being highly competitive. Maybe it's Hakstol, maybe it's not. I actually feel like he's been adapting more quickly this year, isn't holding his original plan as precious and making changes that have positive effects more quickly than in years past. At 5x5, they're actually a pretty good team right now. The devastating PK and now faltering PP are absolutely killing this team that would actually be pretty decent if their special teams were even average. I don't know if it's Hakstol to blame for that or Lappy and Knoblach and I don't even care anymore. They're miserable and on paper at least, their fecklessness is what is keeping the FLyers from being a very good club right now.
  9. Yeah, I think it was 3 years since the Goalie Carousel the year they lost to Boston and barely beat the Sabres. Then came the year of Bryz when he played every game and they crushed the Penguins and then bizarrely just completely fell off the face of the earth against the Devils. They didn't quality in the shortened season just before the firing and that may have had more to do with it, but really I think Homer was just grabbing at straws because he was beginning to realize how badly he'd screwed up the team and how horribly the Weber Stunt damaged his ability to make deals. Kinda like what's happening now with Chicago and LA, when you look at your team and you see that it's older than the hills and just can't compete anymore and you're going to be paying those old farts all your cap space for the next 5-6 years, I'll never understand why a GM would fire his coach in that instance. LA is now paying TWO COACHES not to coach their over the hill team. Stevens somehow got them to the playoffs last year despite the fact that a team loaded up for cup runs just passed by it's prime. That's all there is to it. But there goes Lombardi (and now Blake) doubling down on players edging out of or way past their prime instead of beginning the rebuild. It's pathetic. Similarly with Chicago. If that organization thinks it's 3 time cup winning coach is the problem and not the fact that Duncan Keith and Brent Seabrook just can't keep up anymore, I just don't know what to tell them... the writing it on the wall. Why on earth would you Throw money out the window by firing your coach, when it's apparent to everyone who follows the game that the game is just passing that roster by? This is, by the way, a problem I would love to see the Flyers have. Have the Flyers ever been bad just because a good team got old? They were still making finals appearances in Clarke and Barber's twilight years. Maybe the early 90's teams... but while Poulin, Kerr and Howe were certainly aging out of the sweet spot, they had a bunch of young guys who were quite good. I guess just not a core really.
  10. I don't think you can buy out an injured player, can you? They missed the window over the summer and he was still recovering from surgery at that point.
  11. I'm guessing if that's the case with Neuvy that it might be masking a different medical diagnosis that isn't necessarily a hockey related injury rather than Neuvy just needing to retire. M.S., Parkinson's, ALS, something like that maybe? My personal theory is that he's just never had it diagnosed properly or given it the proper amount of time to recover and rehab. Giroux's core injury from a couple of years ago... if he never gets it fixed right, he's not this good ever again. At the same time, he got it fixed and it still took over a year before he was actually close to himself again. Or even Ryan Howard and his achilles. It healed, but it never got better enough for him to be competitive the way he was with any consistency. My guess is that there's some structural thing that has been weakened to such a degree that he's never going to be that good again. Chase Utley's knees on the other hand... the dude took a BOAT LOAD OF TIME and was very cautious and took himself out right away when it didn't feel right. Took his time. Had a second career in another town. Hockey is WAY harder on a goalie's legs and knees. Neuvy has something like that and goes back to playing early... he's gonna hurt it again every time.
  12. Dude's on a sweetheart deal for a few more years. Can't imagine the Ducks would part with him. He's like their version of Jake or Simmer 5 years ago. If they're going to compete at all while they rebuild, he's going to be a key.
  13. He's a LOT better than Weal or Lehtera. I haven't had a ton of time to check out who else will be a free agent this summer, but the SImmer situation should have us all thinking about what to do there. Right now, Simmer is not lighting my world on fire. He doesn't have to, but if he's going to get paid 6 million+ over a long term at his age, then he's going to have to show me more than he is.
  14. 2 things: -How does he part ways with a goalie under contract exactly? He can waive him, but he's still paying him either way. He may indeed waive him when he can't shuffle him with the IR and rehab stints anymore. But what does that accomplish? I don't think anyone really thinks of Neuvy as part of this team anymore, but by keeping him around, you're taking care of the player and believe me, that goes a LONG way with other players. Both the ones on your team already and the ones you might want to sign someday. When players say things like, "The Flyers are a class act" that's the kind of thing they mean. The Flyers are VERY good to their players and their former players in a great many ways. It may frustrate us because it means we get guys like Lappy as a crappy PK coach, but it can be a big help in building a reputation in the league off the ice (if not on the ice). I just don't see how keeping Neuvy around hurts anything. He's not getting minutes, he's played less than a game for both teams... so what does it matter? -I never got the impression that it was the goalie carousel that got Lavi fired. I don't remember that coming into play at all. He got fired after 3 games. That's not enough time to even have a "Carousel". Lavvy did screw up with the goalies, 2 playoffs before he got fired and played Bob when it didn't matter... but Lavi isn't the one who brought in Bryz or traded Bob (although his actions made keeping Bob harder for CBA reasons, but Homer really should have sorted that crap out).
  15. Agreed and what' more, it's not like Hextall sets the starting lineup. Much and more is made over Hextall's handling of the goalies or not bringing in new or better one, but everyone who likes to complain about that doesn't ever acknowledge the circumstances at play and that NO " GOOD " goalies that made any sense for the flyers have been available. Two years ago was the key. They had Mason and Neuvy and frankly, Stolarz was looking VERY good. Maybe not as your workload 60 game starter to take you to three cups, but certainly as a super strong backup and possible as an above average to decent starter. We forget that. It's easy to forget because it was a small sample size, but it's true. Then the vegas draft comes along. Both Neuvy and Mason's contracts are up, but Hextall is REQUIRED to expose a goalie with certainl requirements and the ONLY goalie he had under contract come June was Stolarz. So he had a choice. Expose the only goalie he had under contract (who looked very promising at the time) to the expansion draft or sign one of Mason or Neuvy OR the third and least likely possibility: trade an asset to get a goalie simply to expose him in the draft. Hextall was never trading an asset for a guy he didn't ever want to play. Mason made big demands on a new contract and he and the staff never seemed to get along, meanwhile Neuvy made some demands, but far far reasonable ones, so Hextall extended him. People were agog at the deadline because Hextall extended PEB and Neuvy, both of whom no one wanted on this team. The fact of the matter was the Hextall made these extensions very simply so he COULD expose these players in the draft. He signed them becasue he didn't want them or at least didn't care if he lost them. I think He wanted to keep PEB because everyone liked him and he knew he wasn't getting the best chances, but at the end of the day, losing him was better than losing Laughton or someone. Fast forward to the end of the year when all of the "Good" goalies (Bishop, etc) got traded before Free agency began and we've already established that Hextall wasn't trading a propspect or a pick for a stop gap goalie during a rebuild. Fact is, he didn't have the cap room to match the deals those guys got anyway. So he ends up with Brian Elliott... which was the most stable, safest option available at the time (did any of us really want Bernier? Didn't last season confirm that lack of desire?) Keep in mind that throughout this whole process Hextall knows he has a kid in Juniors setting all kinds of records and looking like a blue chip. Keeping Neuvy around may have stunted the progress of Lyon, but Stolarz's knee and Sandstrom's Mono have stunted their progress. I don't think anyone thinks Hart should be in the NHL yet. If Stolarz was healthy last year and able to play like he did two seasons ago, he might very well have stolen the starting job. Which is all to say, the goalie situation ain't good, but I don't exactly blame Hextall because the only way he could have fixed it would have been to trade a pick or a prospect for an aging goalie like Bishop to a long term deal and then we'd just be complaining about that and it would be killing our cap space and ability to sign someone like Bob or Rinne this off season (if it's deemed necessary). And no, I'm not saying I want either one because of their lack of success in the Playoffs, but I'm just saying this deadline and then summer are the next best chances he'll have to actually have to improve the goaltending situation. I'm mad at Hextall of Lappy and Hakstol. Not the goalies.

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