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  1. The second he was mentioned as a possibility, that feeling instinctually to over my mind. I know the feeling, maybe it's for different reasons than yours. Words stringed together about it could be different to explain it. Here goes one string of words for this thought/feeling: The man that killed your father is now assigned with you to go save your mother. He has possibly the tools to accomplish it and you know it, but don't know if you can come to grips with it, to carry it through. or: The Blackhawks coach that crushed many of us back in the Stanley Cup Finals is someone who can take us back to win it. Or maybe this might push you further to articulate what it is that is lingering in the back of your pallet, like the little piece of stuck'd skin you can't unhinge off.
  2. I think Laughton can be his center and Raffl on his left. Maybe something like this for now: G/ Couts/ Jake Lindblom/ Patrick / TK JVR/ Laughts / Hartman Raffle /Corban/...
  3. May your future shine like the moon.
  4. The trade is on the less than side for the Flyers. Arizona is on the heavier side of this trade, no matter what our circumstances are. Weal can score goals at the NHL level. He wasn't going to score alot for us, with this current team, but he should of been traded for a fourth rounder at the least, unless a potential NHL prospect was coming back. A fifth and a sixth might of worked. We didn't have to trade Weal until the trade deadline for a better trade. Is it a major loss = No! I hope going forward our GM does a better job in getting return value for what we have patiently been waiting for, for over 5 years already. Be smart about it, don't just give shat away, just because you have assets at your disposal, make every trade count for the purpose of moving the dial forward. Once again so far this trade was weak. Our grade C+ asset got traded for C- return. Had the pick been a 5th and 6th(or even a 6th and 7th) we would of left with a C+ or better return. Hope our grade A assets get better returns. Not too happy with this trade. Not for the traded player but how our return wasn't too helpful moving forward. If we needed roster spots, Weise and Jori could of been reassigned to the AHL and we could of brought up two players.
  5. Hart is learning on the job, actually thinking about it, being that the defense is not playing as a unit, is probably making Hart learn from a not so great circumstance to hone his skills better. When a better defensive pair suits up in front of him, he would of gone through the school of hard knocks and make him a better goalie, having to go the extra mile to make that save. At least that is what the hope is for during these tumultuous times. Sometimes playing with not so great, equipment/situations improves your game, that when you have better equipment/situations the task becomes easier. Once again that is what is hoped for.
  6. I don't think Bob is the actual answer in goal, just that at worse we would go from a low "F" to a "D+", "C+/B-" in goal. One thing Hexy did pretty well at was squeezing out higher picks for our excess pieces. I know many want to get a high lottery pick and also play the prospects. We need to BirdBox Gudas in practice and hope he'll injure a few players in practice, to bring up the minors.
  7. Giroux is not part of the problem, he is a position of strength. Do a better job in adding to a strength, not remove a strength to add questionable variables to replace a strength. That is childish nonsensical foolishness. If a player is causing a problem in the locker room to other team mates, trade him. These blanket statements "trade him" are getting old. Put a name as his replacement, or possible "player options or picks." That mentality got us to get rid of Bob. And we lost that trade. Bob was better than what we had going forward. We could of had a tandem of Bob, Stolarz/Lyon/Neuvy or/Elliot as our goalies as of now. The Kimo/Coburn/Streit trades where mostly players that we received good value for. They weren't major pieces, those type of trades work. The JVR signing is a specific piece you get to help a team, but not part of the main course. He needs a Center who can dish it to him, a solid 3C, and he would give us solid scoring depth. If Captaincy is truly part of the problem, remove the C altogether and not have a C or A on this team for now. Hang it up on the team locker room rafter and after next season whoever wants to claim the C go and grab it and defend for it. The Captain can choose his Alts. What we need to do is bring up the kids, NAK, (maybe Voroby), Myers, Morin maybe Freider...
  8. 65 people are talking about this NHL95' brought me here.
  9. I saw the tragedy in that and yet I too laughed, a delayed laugh after it all sunk in.
  10. Carter Hart seems to be a legit goalie. So far his defense can't score on him. To bad his GAA/Sv% can't go up on those. Go Flyers.
  11. Voracek is the kind of game changer type player, when he puts it upon his shoulders. He is a high trade value.
  12. It seems that the organization has had this problem of inconsistency for decades. I remember the Flyers being inconsistent for a lot of games but back in those days, they had a switch they would turn on and usually come back and win it. It use to be frustrating because playing with fire they would sometimes get burnt. But they knew they had the talent to "Turn it on" and would dance around danger. It would be maddening but somehow 8 out of 10 times they would achieve. Unfortunately these past few groups don't have that as much and it is more like 3 out of 10 times they have a chance to pull it off. This isn't necessarily a coaching issue per se as a fundamental organization issue that has lost it's way. I remember after a few games loosing and then Lavy got the axe. Though to his credit he would right the ship often about 7 out of 10 then not. Berube had a good mind but not the skillset yet to coach and so on as we now have Hakstol who for all intense purposes, can be a good developmental coach, but might have lost his way. The pressure in Philly sure doesn't help him, unfortunately. I think the coach is giving his players too much of a leash and needs to step in and strong arm a bit better. When he had them grab bags and "skate-bitches" and be more disciplinary with them there were actually positive results and players where like "what the...I better get my ass in gear." And he worked them like a machine in the beginning. If he wants to keep his job, he needs to forget about camaraderie with his players and be taxing and more demanding. He has only been like that somewhat, with only ice time and how many shifts and scratches a player gets. He needs to talk to Hexy and really redraw, back to their original vision of how they want their team to play as they had those long talks in the beginning before starting his job. I am rooting for his success but at the same time I can't turn a blind eye to accountability. And if he doesn't try to go back and trust what got him and his teams to play competitive hockey no matter what roster you had whether fast or slow, highly skilled or not so much, he will see the door. They need to have an organizational meeting with all the players, coaching staff, equipment guys, and bring in a silent partner in Gritty (to just sit and listen) and cut the bullshet; fun and games are fine, as long as your taking care of business. Unfortunately we are in the midst of a hurricane of a flaccid generation, "soy boy" "hockey entertainment" BS that has been lost in this generation. I'm not asking for the clutching and grabbing, interference puzzy style of competing. But just the hard working blue collar style of work that we were known for. It seems like all the teams have been inoculated with the Philadelphia Flu shot and don't know what it is to play in Philly. The Lost City of Brotherly Love. The love for your Brotherly teammates to go out there and win for each other. To win...to win it.
  13. I wasn't to excited about my line combos, it's just I envision the line of Linblom, Patrick and Konecny being such a fun line to watch. I guess just how I envisioned Coots being a 40 goal scorer.... No jive Turkey lines: Linblom/Patrick/Konecny Farabee/Frost/David Kase Ratcliff/Jay O'Brien/ NAK Strome/Rubstov/Wade Allison Provorov/Ghost Sanheim/Morin Hagg/Myers Hart Sandstrom
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