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  1. Ya confused Frost playing in Lehigh, with his game against the Islanders he played in the NHL pre-season, which they commented he looked a little lost or his decision making was delayed, something to that effect last year. But that was the reasoning behind my comment.
  2. Didn't he play at the end of his season(minors) for a few games last year in the AHL? I remember the coaching staff bringing him up during their discussions in Lehigh.
  3. Develop at his current level = Done. Check, he has, he is at the point where he needs to develop now in the NHL. He could stay another year in the AHL, but he should be called upon now to fill in 3RW, this is his time to shine and he's next man standing.If he has problems after at least two months in the league, then you can put him on the bench and let him practice with the team and bring him back on the ice for a few weeks. If that doesn't work, then you can chance it and send him down. That, is showing you tried and developed your player at the minimum. They need a 3RW and he checks all the boxes for now. We don't have another Pitlick. Everyone else is still green, I'd rather not put them through the NHL yet and let them DEVELOP. There is no need to rush their development in the NHL at this time, there is not a depleted roster, where we have to call up players to ice a squad now. I know some are short sighted and wanting to see the shiniest toy up front, now, right away. I could say I would have an inclination to want to see that as well, but the wise side of this, is to allow, your assets to mature and yield better dividends, than a quick buck right now. "I think there are better options." - what exactly "is" a better option? And is that option really better for that player/team? Would that "options" be "better", if that "option" spent more time developing, to truly make it a "better option" when they finally get called up? I prefer the "better option" to spend time developing to really be a better option when it's their time to play for the team, instead of another stunted player, playing for us. Playing at a higher level will not give you the time to adjust and experiment on things that you thought worked but end up not working, not because necessarily the idea doesn't work, but the time and space in the execution is flawed. Time and spacing in the minors is different in the AHL, just go ask Frost to see how he struggled with things in the AHL. Had he tried straight to the NHL, he could of been labeled a bust by some in the Social Distortion Media. He is smart enough to figure out what worked in the minors(not everything, but somethings) can work in the AHL, if he works on his timing and distancing. From their he can take it up a notch to make his game work in the NHL. Minors to NHL = Too steep of a learning curve to work on your game. Minors to AHL = Enough push back to see if your bag of tricks will work with some adjustments, or it's just not feasible. AHL to NHL = Take what you learned, and now learn how and when to apply it at full speed, in real world(NHL level) situations.
  4. I would venture to put up these lines: Giroux/Couturier/Jake JVR/Hayes(5on5good)/NAK(5on5good) Lindblom/Patrick/Konecny Raffl/Rubstov(Vorobyev)/Laughton Pick a Dilly Strong 1st line Interesting puck possession 2nd line. Strong young/fun possible exciting 3rd line. Defensively sound, scoring 4th line. This would allow to develop young players with solid vets and learn the ropes and not be overwhelmed. I do like Jake on the second line with JVR and Hayes for sure. But I've been burning to see the LPK line for some time now, and they would have fun out there on the ice. Of course the ho hum lines would be: Giroux/Coots/Konecny JVR/Hayes/Jake Lindblom/Patrick/NAK Raffl/Laughton/Pitlick I'd prefer to bring up NAK and develop him at the next level. Rubstov could use half a season more in the AHL to develop more. Vorobyev maybe called up again before Rubstov and have another shot again to learn the game pace better.
  5. Frost and Farabee need to stay in the AHL and learn the grueling schedule and higher level of speed and competition. Period. I don't want to short change their projection and stunt their progression like Patrick. I was rooting for him to make the team but new very well that it might seem fun and exciting as the new season started and yet, it hasn't helped his development. Ya we got to be excited for half a season and parts of another. That's why NAK or Voyby should be the only candidates to be given a shot and the others to stay and learn the game pace and speed. I know they can have more talent then the other two most likely but that doesn't mean you cut their lessons to be the best they can be, just because they're better than others ahead of them. They still need to learn their lessons and experience the experience of what it's like in another league's grueling schedule and competition. Fan wise and fun wise, awesome bring them up, ooh neat look how they skate, look how they move and shoot. Then when they hit a wall...no thanks. It's not in their best interest, I want them the organization set them up to win, and put them in a position to succeed. They're not contracters, that are here for only fill in spots for a little while, they're our franchise players who should be put in a position to succeed. I'm of the few who didn't like to see Rinaldo traded. He stood up to his team mates, he knew how to hit and had hands enough to score some. I'm hoping NAK can bring the same style and score some goals 5v5. If they need to put Laughts as 3RW and Pitlick 4C to bring in NAK at 4RW, then do it. But would prefer NAK at 3RW, actually TK at 3RW, but that wouldn't help out the 1RW situation at all. Vorr, Rubs, Ratt, Frost and Farr need to spend time in the AHL, Vorr and Rubs - to complete there term and Ratt, Frost and Farr to get the higher experience and learn the grueling season of what professional hockey is like.
  6. I could see AK doing some of the hitting and scoring, PM would block AK, who I believe if he isn't up here could get claimed. I would hate to loose one of your own, when you haven't given a truthful evaluation to know what you have. He should of played more games last season towards the end as well as Morin. They could of benched Varone or Bailey and Hagg and played those two for at least seven to ten games, at the LEAST!
  7. The hard optics to see in all this is that unlike us, Fletcher was most likely up against a wall, somewhat(his view); and prejudice toward action was the mantra with Comcast execs. Fletcher had to act quickly. When in the corporate business jungle, when your put in a one-way mirrored room and expected to turn things around, you have to react, especially if part of the global projected movement is to show bias for action, Fletcher had to make moves and bring in changes, that the Team Operations execs optics could show, that a bias for action was accomplished. It's like when all of a sudden you have a group of people coming over from a gathering, to your house due to the place they were at could no longer continue there. You have the people over and all of a sudden your fridge is empty, certain lawn chairs are broken and now you have to take action, a bias for action has to be accomplished or everyone coming over will be looking at you or internally thinking, should they have made the move to your place. You act quickly and go to local convenience store and spend more on food and lawn chairs than you would have if you planned this event ahead of time. In saying this, I am not making excuses as of yet, but Fletcher was in a way up against a corporate wall for bias of action. Had he waited til Free Agency and tried to secure a second line center and help on D, things would of not been like they are now => Over budget and holes plugged in. I put this more on Team Comcast and Team President in blowing things up and not taking a better approach in sorting this mess out. Whether they agreed with Hextall's ideology and prejudice for action/holding pattern, they should of waited till after they were mathematically eliminated and spent the remaining weeks lining up their ducks. Fletcher came in, in a bad situation, cleaning up the mess and updating and patching things up. He had the unenviable task of fixing the land of the Misfits and shaping this up to move forward. He has admirably accomplished these goals. Setting up a culture change, adding players to play the system they are going out and try to win with. The Subbans', Duchenes' and Panarins' et all, were not going to accomplish the change. The players he chose are players that they feel will play the type of identity they are trying to accomplish. Unfortunately the Millennial Market we are in and the ridiculous Salary Cap structure we are saddled with, cripple this league and cause silliness to ensue. I don't like the fact that we are giving MORE than we are taking in these trades, whether it's in Players', Salaries/Terms, and favors. But again we were not given advance notice in these changes, and you always pay more than you would of, if you'd not have to visit the convenience store at the last minute. I give Fletcher a slight pass for this summer due to prejudice for action and the circumstances they cause. This coming season and the ensuing summer is where you will find people, stone-sharpening their pitchforks and wrapping up their torches to have an ol' fashion linchin' if things turn to worse, with his actions at that point.....yeeee hawww, suey...suey...
  8. The only AHL'er I would think of bringing up is AK, let the other guys learn in the AHL, there is no rush, Ruby would of been great, had he had a full season in the minors but got hurt. I would be interested in Simmonds coming back for sure, but the money and years might be prohibitive. They need cap space during the season. But let's say cap space wasn't an issue and they had 3.5 mill to use. Name players who would fit the 3RW that are available right now to sign. Not just blanket statements that say, "There are other guys that they can sign." Like who of the UFA's, that are better than Simmonds? He is solid in the locker room, he scores around the net and on Power Plays. AV's system might help him improve on where to be in his defensive zone coverage. I'm all for bringing back Simmonds, but I don't see/know how that could possibly be with the cap where it's at and the smart thing to do is not waste all of it before the season starts. Fletch kinda dug himself in that whole. Kinda like having a new credit card and seeing all that available balance(Cap Space), then blowing too much too soon. I'm looking at Niskanen and Braun. Retaining that much cap was not good just because you had it available and forecasting how much a Hayes was going to want in an open market. Again would like Simmonds back, but as stated, unfortunately we can't afford him, unless we get rid of Pitlick.
  9. Chucky Two Trades strikes again. No one knows what's his next move. Don't trade Ghost. So far our trades haven't been in the win category. It's been, oh I see, huh, what? Ghost is one of the best Shortstops on the Power Play. He can win it in 3 on 3's in overtime. He catches Fly ball pucks and keeps them in play on the Power Play. What 3RW will replace that? Ghost can juke opponents from the first step. He should have a bounce back year, as he tied Karlsson in goals a few years ago. We have 3RW's coming up from our AHL group. I could see if maybe we lost in the Stanley Cup Playoffs this year, and we want to return again and needed a 3RW, but that isn't even the case, we didn't even make the Playoffs. We should of gone after Kapanen. Marner offer sheet him 10+ mil two years.
  10. It seems like we are paying "right now relief" from a chiro for $1,000.00 a session, with a next day follow up of $450.00. As oppose to wait it out for a few weeks and pay a chiro $80.00 a session for three times a week, for two weeks. Hayes is the only long term contract though, so the other two contracts can be dissolved in a year or two, with little ramifications, since no young talent was given up, only promising possible legumes.
  11. This is what I see as well. 1.All I can think of is like ordering a pretty good pizza over the phone. Then going out and picking it up, paying for it and on the drive home there is instructions on having to cook it for another 10 more minutes to finish off the cooking process before you can eat it. 2.Some other guys are able to order a pizza and pick it up and even it a slice on the way home(burning there mouth on the dripping melted cheese.) 3.Other guys answer the door and pay the guy that delivered the pizza. Though not exact, the feeling I'm getting is my buddy talking on the side of me saying, "Hey your boy is doing what the number 1 guy is doing and paying like the number 3 guy....go figure? eh? The other side is we are Paying for an in home tutor for the youngins' and having the tutor also be a homemaker as well helping out around the house with the chores. Two jobs, and if they do good jobs, then this trade/deal HAS REAL VALUE! If they turn into McDuds, then ya, we got shafted.
  12. Mispost, didn't see the lower post on Hayes. Credit to @Ruxpin. Carry on....
  13. The Flyers appear to have landed their No. 2 center, even if their general manager wouldn’t confirm it Tuesday night. Several reports say Kevin Hayes, who could have been an unrestricted free agent July 1, has agreed to a seven-year deal with the Flyers. “Nothing is signed. We are still working on things,” GM Chuck Fletcher said late Tuesday. “I’m hopeful we’ll get it done.” Hayes will get a seven-year contract for $50 million, according to the Canadian website Sportsnet. That’s an annual salary-cap hit of $7.1 million. The Flyers are expected to make an official announcement Wednesday. Two weeks ago, the Flyers acquired the rights to Hayes from the Winnipeg Jets for a fifth-round pick in this weekend’s draft. The 6-foot-5, 216-pound Hayes had a combined 19 goals and a career-high 55 points in 71 games with the New York Rangers and Winnipeg last season. When it becomes official, he will be reunited with new Flyers coach Alain Vigneault. Hayes, a Massachusetts native, had a career-best 25 goals while playing for Vigneault when he coached the New York Rangers in 2017-18. Hayes, 27, had a $5.175 cap hit last season.
  14. I don't think Fletcher has any attachments to Hagg or Morin. He has some liking to Ghost. (Allot of us want Morin to be in the lineup to play Flyers hockey) Can Hagg and Morin be sent to start the season to the AHL and be brought up as emergency call ups in case our starting six get injured.(Would that require a new two way contract for Hagg/Morin?)
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