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  1. It's interesting that the writers that watch the AHL a few years come away with believing over the body of work of two years, they come away with N.AK being the more consistent proven player during the season than spurts of preseason mojo that seems to enthrall the coaching staff of the Flyers, after making that comment saying it was the best they've seen N.AK play in that one game. When he has had better games in the AHL. I would of rather have N.AK play in Pitlicks spot, but they payed for his plane ticket so there's that.
  2. [Hidden Content] The winger will be sticking around after all. Yesterday we got the latest round of roster cuts, and a shocker among them was Nicolas Aube-Kubel. NAK had performed well so far this preseason, and many expected well enough to earn himself a roster spot. That didn’t happen, but he has cleared waivers according to Charlie O’Connor of The Athletic. 64 people are talking about this We were also informed yesterday that there would be a good bit of roster activity in the opening portion of the season — so while Aube-Kubel finds himself in the AHL right now — I wouldn’t be too surprised to see him with the Flyers before November. [Hidden Content] When the Flyers submit their roster, don't fall in love with it. Right now, "It's just about getting ready for Prague," Chuck Fletcher said. "We could even carry 20 or 21, we'll just have to see how the cap situation and how the math works out," the Flyers' general manager said on a conference call Tuesday. "I anticipate an awful lot of roster changes the first six weeks of the year. Our goal right now is to get a roster to play Chicago in Prague. When we get back, I'm sure there will be things we need to do as we move forward. "There's not going to be any final roster, final cuts. There's going to be an ebb and flow of players between Philadelphia and Lehigh Valley for the early part of the season, depending on who we're playing, the health of our team, whether we need right shots or left shots, or wingers or centeremen." Though I was initially bothered he got cut from roster. I understand the coaching staff want to know what they have in these remaining young players. Sending N.AK down now raised his chances of not getting claimed due to other teams having to cut down their own rosters and trying to extend looks at some of their own players. They can't spend extra time keeping a claimed prospect for another 30 days when they're trying to field their own final team. The coaching staff must of learned from loosing Martel, when they sent him down at the last minute for teams to pick up a player, after their squad was set.. At least he's getting some media praise for his work in the preseason.
  3. N.AK looked solid, especially as one of the few who actually took it to the islanders at 3 on 3. He did nice passes and looked like a player that can make a difference on the ice if he can have 2 other players on his line that can keep up. Kase as well. Morin looked solid in yesterdays game as well.
  4. Unfortunately Allison's recovery wasn't as smooth as the others who had that procedure done to them. One thing though if he had signed, he could of had the Flyers Training staff and doctors work on his recovery and/or secondary surgery to make sure he is well taken care of. Since he's not signed, he has to go about it without the Flyers getting officially involved.
  5. I understand the need for Fletcher to get two veteran Dmen to start out this year. Too much youth on D and the way the team D was being played and allowing so many shots/goals against, starting the year with Morin and Myers/Haag/Sanheim was just too young as a team to run with from an upper management point of view to roll the dice this year. I am fully unhappily on board, but unhappy in how we got here. but if we are going to turn this around, we have to start with Known Good Pieces, not necessarily high Good, but "Good on Paper", Good players in the sense of running a defensive team system with pieces that are experienced enough to be able to go out there and do the job. Braun and Niskanen have resume to do just that and show the young guns how it's done night in, night out. I just hope Morin gets time in on the rotation.
  6. “You look around the league and it seems to be a common theme with a lot of people breathing in oxygen and breathing out carbon dioxide"
  7. I was at a local Langley Tim Hortons, when a good friend of Frank came from hanging out with him from the 2019 World Lacrosse Men’s Indoor World Championship. (We know Frank has been adopted by British Columbia and is their local boy now, so we know it must be true since he was at the 2019 World Lacrosse Men’s Indoor World Championship). He said that there was no way Frank was signing on to TSN unless they would give a massive overpay. It was hard to gauge how much of an overpay it was, considering at the time of the signing the Beaver Gazette was gonna give him market value of $6 to $7 hundred more quids for the same amount of term. I don't really understand why Frank would give up 5 cases of Tasty Cakes just to setup an interview with The Sports Network.
  8. And that there is what I saw him do In those games. Call it paying attention to details or OCD in making sure he was where he was supposed to be at. You could almost see his thought process as he was covering up and down the lanes, ya he realized when he messed up, but he actively tried to make up for his rookie mistake with intent and hustle. I think he continues that trajectory this year.
  9. I remember reading about him and Ghost as our top defensemen in the AHL and how well they complemented each other as a defensive pairing. They were our top prospects before we even entertained such things as a Proverovs, Sanheims, Myers or Yorks in our lineup. They are serviceable, Punto.
  10. In watching Morin play last year, he was the only defensemen and I mean only defensemen those last games that had his head on a swivel. He actively scoped the crease and when going behind the crease, he actually looked back on the opposite side to see if anyone was gonna sneak to the other side of the crease. He was high IQ, smart enough to guard his area like an Alsatian Wolfhound. i very much liked his demeanor and sense of purpose. He had that slick goal, I believe in preseason, when he was a lock to start the season but was hurt. He has a cannon of a shot when he decides to unleash it. Braun and Niskanen are placeholders, they are here this year to stabilize our defense, I appreciate them for what they were brought in to do. They are short term. Sam Morin can definitely be a part of the long term defensive plan and be a 3 or 4 defensemen, but due to so much defensive talent coming possibly up, they will probably use him as 5 or 6, unless deep playoffs potential shutdown last minute hold the lead type situation.
  11. Crazy "fun fact" . Alot of first rounders without tanking. If that ever goes to print, in ten years we'd be considered Super Tankers to have received that many first round players, playing for a team.
  12. [Hidden Content] Ryan Whitney ✔ @ryanwhitney6 Interesting considering Hayzy just told me he was fired up when he got traded to Philly and watched game 7 with three buddies in Dorchester [Hidden Content] …
  13. Trade Haag, Pitlick, and a 5th We get Hoffman at half salary retained.
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