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  1. So many games this year were played like the players didn't know each other and had no chemistry. A few times they looked in sync for an isolated period. Many player, mostly all players stopped moving their feet, stood and watched play, especially in their own zone. What's in their diet? Are they all getting brain fog? Something was definitely not right in how they played as a team, even the coaching staff seemed out of it. Did the Sherona virus really do a number on them? One thing Chuck is doing is stocking up on assets like he said for the Summer, he knows he needs ammunition
  2. I hate to give up on G, but they got rid of Simmonds for Hockey business reasons. (Sit each player down to a man Chuck and spill it out straight, "You want to stay in this organization?" "Well it's been several years the organization hasn't accomplished what it set out for, I'm here to change that, if you want to stay in this, all the city asks is for consistency and effort, it's my job to bring in the results, it's your job to put in the work on the ice." "It's that simple." This Breakfast Club group either needs to put it together consistently or be back in the library for t
  3. Getting rid of JVR would of equaled loosing more games this year and probably having a loosing record. I didn't like his game in the past for lack of physical play but he has come around and played with more intensity, effort and physicality. I see him as a piece to help a winning Cup Championship. Laughton has developed year by year, and pushed forward to be a versatile player up and down the lineup. He has skills but needs to work on finishing more(mentally more than talent wise to believe in his former pre NHL days.)Management cornered him to be more a grinder 4th liner, but was
  4. If they do get Bernier, the whisper of Hart resetting in the AHL would be worrisome. It's risky to loose Ghost for nothing, but Fletch doesn't know if he's a buyer or quasi-seller, until about several days/mini series pass by(BOS), and then having roster and cap flexibility to make some moves/trades happen and still be able to have Ghost under 10 game management/[re-]waivers is risky to loose for nothing. Very few GM's can perplex and Chuck Fletcher's watermark is on display.
  5. I've had my doubts with the GM Fletcher in the beginning and have been steered back in alignment with his forward thinking. This looks like one of those bad decisions at first and does not make sense at all, but he has been able to storm through people second guessing him and come out on the other side; unless Deucalion and Pyrrha replace players, stone by stone are they fearing rebuilding the Franchise? This could be the year at end.
  6. Unless they are acquiring a better player than Ghost, it is a very bad move, roster wise and managing your assets. Like him or not like him(individually, because the whole team played like suck). he is the only defensemen that has the ability to exponentially keep the puck in the offensive zone, the only other player would be G, but his age limits him to be able to do it consistently. In the Power Play this is crucial to keeping momentum in scoring and when pulling a goalie out in a series, this is crucial. Ghost knows how to juke and no one on our team can compare. He use
  7. Hope Provy and Ghost prove me right tonight. Ya I said it.[Chris Rock voice]
  8. Your appreciated around here Samifan. Yours was the best post of the day. TCB.
  9. They should of gotten the first overall pick...it sucks they didn't. Having two Stanley Cups, though....two Stanley Cups....(leans back on rocking chair and takes a puff)
  10. I heard Buffalo will be letting some in later in the year. Waiting on their Herd Immunity to graze by in Spring.
  11. Damn dude Flyers beat Penguins Ha Ha Ha. Seriously. Let's Go Flyers.
  12. Like last year I felt Power Play Unit 2 is/was better than Power Play Unit 1. Would like to see N.AK on PP2 but right now they're clicking nicely. Again could be because of opposition scouting but we will see after a while how PP2 does.
  13. In a pinch when traveling or out of market this site has worked with popup on preferably blockers: https://sportsurge.net/#/groups/0
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