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  1. Ya at first when I heard it, I was....what the huuck!(in beaver face) but that's the thing....this song is soo Rick Rolled-isc' that if we hate it, how much more funny/funner is it going to be to sling this pooh song to our competition every time we score a goal on them. It's like someone took a dump(the goal song) and flung it in the air and we Lacrossed it toward our enemies....face.... It's meme awful, but in a good way as long as it don't hit us.... Just picture yourself shimming your shoulders in a Vogue way, with an indifference face(look) at your competition as you just
  2. I wonder where the goals will come from with Haysey out? I know not many are high on Brassard but, if a line of Laughton, Brassard, N.AK would be sweet.
  3. If I could chime in and say, you are in the right place to teach your kids to be tough, but more importantly is to be a loving person as well, having to balance the two is the tallest task. They don't teach life skills in school. Though it's you against social media, Tik Tok Turrets and Instagram insatiability, you are on top of a world war z wall while trying to pull up your kids to safety as they don't see the trouble coming up on them. I wish you well. All you can do is show Love and Strength. Think of all the things your father put in during your times that you grew u
  4. Man...this year is gonna be somethin' ! .......somethin'
  5. Risto played a better game when he was paired with a defensive Defenseman, who in our stable would be his defensive defenseman pairing then? Now there is a chance that he accepts and learns how to play the AV way, but that might be a swim upstream type of effort for him, not that he can't but it might make the job the Flyers are trying to accomplish much more difficult.
  6. The one thing I can say for certain is that the locker room has had a positive impact makeover. The players that left in one way or the other had issues either with being part of the collective think, late to practices with different coaches, self thought, complacency as the new norm, and slight entitlement and over-worth. These elements are gone, there might be a sliver of particles left in there but enough group dynamic has changed that with the new acquisitions and team helping out the new players get acclimated to this coaching system and chemistry, has caused all the team
  7. Ya that's more damming........than I wanted to show as high risk and low reward. It is factual though.
  8. The move I will back up as very risky is the backup goalie position, he's the last line of defense and if Hart goes down and has problems and the backup goalie Jones repeats his last year performance, that will cause a big ripple affect to the team, and they will most likely, forcibly have to alter their play style and that can cause a possible derail to the season. Defensemen can be swapped in, the goalie position will have to be Hailed Mary for the remainder of the season unless an AHLer can step up, or they emergency sign and overpay a goalie mid-season and beyond. If all t
  9. And as was said....ya let someone else come by and Reap our Rewards....
  10. Why so many debbie downers. Talk about short term memory.....Coots at 35+ will score hat tricks, silly girl. He scored a hat trick in the Playoff on one leg! He should have both legs available in his wrong side of 30's and if he doesn't then we can Chris Pronger this conversation to LTIR him then. Chill Wiggens...chill.
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