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  1. They should of gotten the first overall pick...it sucks they didn't. Having two Stanley Cups, though....two Stanley Cups....(leans back on rocking chair and takes a puff)
  2. I heard Buffalo will be letting some in later in the year. Waiting on their Herd Immunity to graze by in Spring.
  3. Damn dude Flyers beat Penguins Ha Ha Ha. Seriously. Let's Go Flyers.
  4. Like last year I felt Power Play Unit 2 is/was better than Power Play Unit 1. Would like to see N.AK on PP2 but right now they're clicking nicely. Again could be because of opposition scouting but we will see after a while how PP2 does.
  5. In a pinch when traveling or out of market this site has worked with popup on preferably blockers: https://sportsurge.net/#/groups/0
  6. This is how N.AK and PLD "Fit" in this thread. If we protect Jake in expansion = we will most likely "loose" N.AK If we trade for PLD this year, he will be protected in expansion = we will most likely "loose" N.AK. N.AK will not be our sacrificial lamb fam(b).....KEEP your PLD ....PLa-eeesD
  7. This is what I'd like to see: Forward line is probably already set. Giroux - Couturier - Voracek JVR - Hayes - Farabee Lindblom- Patrick - Konecny Raffl - Laughton - NAK Defensive pairing I want to see in the start of the year. Provorov - Ghost# Sanheim - Myers Hagg -Gustafsson/ Braun Hart Elliott Per Meltzer lines: Jan 12, 2021 Lindblom-Couturier-TK Giroux-Hayes-Farabee JVR-Patrick-Voracek Raffl-Laughton-NAK 13th: Frost Not at practice: Gostisbehere
  8. TCS I believe have been involved in a lawsuit, due to corrupt practices. I had a classmate that told me he and his father had to train contractors their job responsibility and certain SOP's for the remaining month they had their jobs. Failure to comply would result in their losing their final retainment privilege's and severance. They were in essence sharpening the knives of their executioner's. The father I believe had worked for the company for over 40 years and the son was heading at over 17. They lost their jobs at the end to inexperienced lower waged workers, so that
  9. PSSST........Pierre-Luc Dubois has asked for a trade.......pssst
  10. https://phillysportsnetwork.com/2021/01/02/flyers-morin-finding-new-life-at-left-wing/ January 2, 2021 by Eric Reese FIGHTING FOR A FUTURE WITH THE PHILADELPHIA FLYERS, SAMUEL MORIN IS FINDING NEW LIFE BY CHANGING FROM DEFENSEMAN TO LEFT-WING. If you had Samuel Morin changing positions on your wacky 2020 hockey bingo board, you win. The former defenseman capped off an already strange hockey year by making the switch to the left-wing. Upon the announcement, you miss blame if you assumed it was a misprint. Has Flyers’ general manager Chuck Fletcher gone full mad sci
  11. Answer for Fun Fact Trivia: Answer: A thief. Enjoy your intermission til' the next broadcast.
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