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  1. Don't get me wrong a team does need a Hagg in their squad to whip at. Draw that whip! Break yo mamas back.
  2. The thing is I don't think Ghost really "stunk"" that bad. His ""stinky" season still puts him as a 3rd 4th pair stat player. I'll take a "stinky" Ghost over a "stunky" Hag. Even if it seems bewitching to some.
  3. I guess No Gnews Is Good Gnews.
  4. I really don't agree with the mass on Ghost. I understand that Ghost as someone to coach in the past has not been the smoothest. He has been somewhat stubborn on how he sees things. But he has improved his attention to detail on defense, since his rookie year. He can be physical and check players and doesn't shy away from it. 3 on 3 over time talent, he has been an asset. Keeping the puck in zone miraculously in (5 v 5), (5 v 4), (6 v 5) during the last minute of PP or last minute of period is having a winning chance weapon to win. This was an interesting post on BSH site from a poster croppedbee: And to put it more plainly... Let’s look at the last three years, including Ghost’s "bad" season with Hagg. Ghost’s CFrel% is 4th best on the team, ahead of Niskanen and Provorov and of course all the bums. Ghost’s xGFrel% is 4th best on the team, behind Niskanen, Sanheim, and Gudas. His xGA/60 is tied for 4th best on the team, behind Braun, Niskanen, and Gudas. His ES goals/60 is tied for 4th best on the team, behind Manning, Provorov, and Sanheim (and tied with Myers). His ES expected goals/60 is 4th best on the team, behind the same three players. His ES P/60 is 2nd best on the team while his P1/60 is 6th best on the team. Maybe Ghost is actually the 4th best Dman on the team. Posted by croppedbee on Oct 14, 2020 | 4:54 PM Ghost is healthy now and can use his lateral movement to his advantage. As an offensive defensemen, those types of players play with risk/reward. TK played that way, and got better. Ghost understood and made progress. Hextall not only thought of building, but building with quality pieces, it seems that Fletcher believes in this as well. If they continue to get high character talent then the trades they eventually make will be easier to stomach. Fletcher so far has been at first strike questionable, but on further evaluation shown wisdom with his choices. Maybe pays a little to sweet for our liking, but provides the pieces to not be left in the lurch. This is an odd year to be a Flyers fan, sports fan in general. I wonder what AV's take is on the Gus acquisition besides, let the boys play it out come training camp.
  5. What if the D ended up being:....... (most unlikely) Provorov - Hagg Sanheim - Myers Ghost - Gustafsson Braun or maybe... Provorov - Ghost Sanheim - Myers Hagg- Gustafsson Braun This was an odd signing. An equal or less than/greater than Ghost. But what if PP1 was: (could be badass) G/Coots/Jake Ghost - Gustafsson PP2: JVR/Hayes/TK Sanheim - Lindblom?/NAK? Last year the questions where on offense(Hayes), since Fletch got us Nisky and Braun to settle our D pretty straight forward. This year our D is the question with offense being second kindle. It's like you had a set number of Lincoln Logs and your parents take away some and drop you a different set that you have to figure out how to use and incorporate the build to your existing imagination of how you wanted to build it. I know the Power Play and secondary scoring was on his to do list. He just went about and got odd pieces that say: Can also be used in Power Play situations as well piece. It is odd, but Gus does fit a need in Power Play use but, not in better 1st pairing partner.... He might think Provy has matured enough to not need Nisky (training wheels) and might see Ghost or Hagg as a fill in and see how it goes. But the thing is he isn't that type of GM, when they put Farabee on hold to sign Grant and Thompson, it was because they had the experience and depth to hold those deep positions in the Heavy Playoff situations that he didn't feel comfortable for Farabee to have to carry or any other youngin. What was his thought process for picking up Gustafsson? Improving the Power Play? Has somewhat veteran experience? I don't think they want to put Myers in that position or break up the 2nd pairing to allow them to grow together for now. If this is our opening night defensive roster, I would try Provy with Ghost on the first pair and maybe shuffle it up during the 3rd period on a case by case situation. I think Myers will get more PK time this coming season with a splash of Sanheim here and there. Provy, Braun and Hagg will most likely do the heavy lifting.
  6. Gonna Feed on your players soon.......
  7. Remember this guy? Maybe we're seeing the 5th dimension unfold? About Description Erik Gustafsson is a Swedish professional ice hockey defenceman who currently plays as captain for Luleå HF of the Swedish Hockey League.
  8. I would prefer that AV mold the young pieces to playing the right way so that when we get the final pieces, our foundation is as solid to support the toppings we add. I hear G is very serious and hard working in practice. I would like to see more clips on how our team plays in practice so that we can see for ourselves if we have dr. jekyll and hyde syndromes. Because in the games I just don't see it almost at all. Maybe the coach can replay their practice tapes to "show" the players what they look like from the outside view. I know I was guilty of playing lights out in practice games and the coach scratching their head and saying why aren't you doing this in the game! Burning through players and scoring, outhustling...but then again I wasn't getting paid millions to perform at a job.
  9. One of the MAIN problems is the expansion draft and coinciding with resigning our players. If it was one problem it would be easier to move forward. Taylor Hall is no guarantee, what if his output is like G? And in the playoffs = 2 assists? Then the trifecta stacking against all teams is the possible and most likely FROZEN cap increase. That's a lot of $H1t to throw at a GM. WTFrijoles you talkin' bout. Now CTT said if he see's a move that makes the team better at COST he will do it. I want AP but remember when we had a GM who thought like that and went for it (in his mind VLC was the guy to grab) Is AP worth losing one of Sanheim or Myers? Does he push us over the edge when we don't know if G, Jake, TK will score us goals in the playoffs for the next 2-3 years before AP declines and on the books. I think it's short-sighted BUT it definitely raises us to win a cup, but at the cost that if we don't, we'll be screwed by loosing our 2 year process*(*5 year process) that we were told and are now seeing unfold.
  10. Beginning to like this kid more and more.
  11. Best pick of the night goes to San Jose Sharks and their ability to imprint their pick by showing the classiest way to communicate their pick. Thanks for your humanity.
  12. Thank you Nisky for your time in Philly. Enjoy your retirement. Thanks for also buying yourself out of the contract to give us more options for the season. Maybe Braun retires next at start of training camp. Ya Fletch pulled the trigger too soon. "You gotta move like Brind'Amour, Fletch"... "dangle a little before pulling the trigger."

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