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  1. When Oscar and Patrick come back next year, what is the roster gonna be like with Sandin in the fold. Pitlick, Frost, Raffle and Grant?
  2. As long as you put your shopping carts in the designated "Spot" your A - OK!
  3. Bro no worries no egos here, it's like the left hand saying sorry to the right hand for getting to the nose first to scratch it before the right hand was able to. Eight In A Row! ...Tied in points for first place...
  4. I remember that Boston series and felt a little better not having Lindros because this young second overall pick would be someone who could although not be the complete package would at least show stages of dominance....unfortunately that hasn't fully materialize and was saddened at the outcome and hoping his trade would bring the Erasor to that aspect to our team. Neither players did and JVR is back and playing a lot better, but doesn't seem to want to get his paws wet at times. If he played like a tiger the fans would probably fall in love with him. But he chose to play like a quail in the beginning. But full disclosure he has been playing a lot better and his passing is pretty on point. The player has talent. Maybe it was his upbringing, But it's OK to show some anger is what I would tell him. As long as it's directed in a positive manner. Claim your space and concede when it's just not there.
  5. Feel free to add to it and put a twist to the base wagon....(maybe being pulled by a Lumina? Add a case of Halibut?
  6. What I would of liked, would of been, to have Farabee, Frost and N. AK playing as a line in the AHL for at least half a year in the beginning of the first half of the season so they could build chemistry. Bringing them up at the same time about now would of done wonders I believe if they had spent time together before. But of course putting three rookies on the same line would of been risky as a coach, but piecing it together next season is doable.
  7. Maybe a line of Farabee Frost and N.AK as a third line could be interesting. But 100 percent agree N.AK goes to the right places. It is very frustrating when he skates out to the hunt ready to make something happen and I see that they don't seem to have the vision to pass it out to him when clearly he has an edge out to break out down the ice, I've seen it countless of times and it is frustrating, I think his linemates don't have the vision to go along with what he's trying to start off on. I think Frost has the high IQ to see it as well and Farabee is right there as well. The good news is that I think his linemates are now starting to catch sight of him and processing that he is a valid option to pass it to. Every goal he's scored it seems like it was a heads up play by his team mate to see him skating to the danger zone. He also seems to create his own scoring chances as well.
  8. Though I think it's too early to even whisper it, but I might see shadows of Grant shifting and wouldn't be startled to see him make a play as one of my beloved...
  9. Gotta give Hagg props for going after Weelson. He took off his helmet, to go for some hits to the head, but didn't really get the chance. I'm sure G appreciates that and the coach as well. Even though G really avoided most of that hit, it was nice to see someone step in and not gonna take it anymore. All in all the team played right. Elliot was a little too deep in net on some of those goals, had he challenged a little more they would of hit his torso more often than not.
  10. Ya that kick out shows his coordination and smarts, and he's got that Philly-Kid smile. Seems like a keeper.
  11. I think N.AK is taking numbers and is waiting for his chance to really throw the hurt. I think he's been playing conservatively and not hitting harder than he knows how to. I think he can put the hurt for sure once they say...."Release the Hounds..."
  12. The way the Flyers are playing now and seem to be incrementally improving, I think they can beat the Isles. In regards to the playoffs. We have addition by addition, this season we have Playoff players that are contributing now and know how to play in the playoffs. That's why Fletcher reloaded more depth players with playoff experience, not just fluff players with pretty, fancy stats. Potential game changers: G. (trending) Coots.(1/2 broken body able to compete in the playoffs in the past) Jake (trending) TK. JVR(If light comes on ala' Angry Coburn) ***Hayes***(WorldStar "Hey Hollywood" ShotCaller) N.AK ----gunner Game changer Help is on the way: Lauts, Pitter, Grant, Raffl and last but in first place Farabee. And we haven't hit up or League Leading Defensive goal scoring squad. em' Nisky, Provy, Sanny, Myry, Ghosty and below bunker secret weapon Braun and Hagg.(TBD)
  13. I think that comment of high level drafting staff that the Insiders in the NHL have given us, has to also include the past drafts such as Gagne, Richards, Carter, G, Lindblom, TK due to where we had mid level first round picks and nabbed those players who pundits seem to like. I would say we can hold our own. But ya having top overall picks in a weak draft hasn't helped us in the past as much as other teams top first/second picks.
  14. Ya I don't know when was the last time they moved the puck like that and were able to one touch pass and return pass like that, I think it might of been when Ghost entered midway through the season his rookie year and was on the Power Play. Laughts taking those hits made me want to hop over and toss that guy as well, it was fun seeing Tk and Myers chirp him away. I think Laughton is storing that incident in his memory banks for their next meetup. I have a feeling he's gonna go ORCA the Killer Whale on him, he was giving him the whale eye as he was floating back.

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