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  1. Oh dang I forgot about his brother! I’m not sure about his contract but all I know is he is rumored to be traded. He doesn’t have a no trade clause
  2. I think the Flyers are going to pick up at least one of our Ducks. Ondrei Kase would fit in great.
  3. Does anyone find it funny Parros is the head of player safety? I used to watch this guy beat the crap out of players on the ice! Anytime the ducks needed energy the crowd would start to grunt “alright put Parros out there already!” LOL.
  4. I thought that was slightly worse than Corey Perry’s elbow at the winter classic.
  5. I think that criticism is unfair. We still have teams that have never won the cup and most coaches can’t even get their teams to the playoffs. Bruce always get his team there. When he coached the Ducks we won the pacific division 5 years in a row. Any losses we had in the playoffs was 100% not his fault. But he’s made enough money and been in the league for quite some time, he should retire or go after a GM spot imo.
  6. I thought he would go to a better team to be honest. I think Vancouver is still trying to find their identity. I didn’t expect this signing. Do the Canucks have Tanner Pearson? That would be good chemistry, both former Kings.
  7. It looks like we have forwards Troy terry, Sam Steel, Max Jones, Carter Rowney, Derek grant, Nick Ritchie, defenseman, Josh Manson, Hampus Lindholm, Jacob Larrson, the only Ducks with a no trade clause I believe are Getzlaf, Kesler, Henrique, and Cam Fowler. I think a team should take advantage of our young talent, possibly send Manson to the Leafs??
  8. This is total BS. Bruce is a great coach and I think their GM wanted his own hire. Just take a look at Bruce’s win/loss ratio in the nhl. He knows how to win. It’s sad these coaching jobs have a 5 year ceiling.
  9. Stay positive. All Toronto needs to do is make the playoffs. Look what happened last post season. All the favorites were eliminated early. This season has been so difficult to predict!!!
  10. How long is Freddy out for??? Is it day to day?? Clifford will provide physicality. Campbell is awesome! I watched him play several times. With Quick aging I’m surprised LA let Campbell go!! Lets go LEAFS!
  11. What a great game. I’d like to see Minnesota do well this year. Bruce B used to coach the Ducks and I wish we sill had him. I used to watch him play in the old IHL, Bruce was pretty dang good! I like the Chicago Blackhawks but they have plenty of Stanley Cups to rest on the past decade. Toews, Kane, Keith, Crawford, they are so good they can beat teams single handed.
  12. The Redwings fans should not be ashamed, this was bound to happen at some point, this is just a result of making the playoffs for 25 years straight and all those Stanley cups. Larkin is awesome to watch.
  13. I will admit I don’t know the Leafs team inside and out, I just watch about 15 of their games per season. Unfortunately, I am a Ducks fan and we suck this year. But when we picked Gibson over Freddy I was so mad. I always liked Toronto but that trade made me a bigger fan of the Leafs! He is my favorite goalie, in Anaheim we would joke he was the Danish Canelo, always so calm and stoic in net. He can stick handle the puck and shoot as good as I’ve seen. As for the Leafs, I agree with others they need to be more physical imposing. I watched Jake Muzzin play in LA his entire career (cause I get their games locally) and when jake was traded I totally disagreed with the headlines saying “Toronto beefs up” etc etc. Jake is a great D man but I used to watch him shy away from the fights and physical play. Maybe the criticism is unfair but he’s a big dude and can play a lot heavier if he chooses. If they can get another veteran D-Man I think Toronto can go far. The only thing that makes me less optimistic is they’ll end up playing Boston in the playoffs. I’m not a fan of the new playoff format. I understand they want more divisional rivals but I think the 2 best teams should meet in the conference finals.
  14. Let’s go Ducks! 7:30pm start.

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