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    • 48
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      7 games played so far 4 of them they have given up 5+ goals in.   So how does Hak fix this sh it fest???   When and how does the bleeding stop??   7 games Ivan has one assist. -5. Not good.   When Hagg is your leading points producer through 7 games (2 g 3 a 5 p).   That is a huge part of it. Would love for them to finally hold Gord Murphy accountable.   But i guess can't expect that when they won't hold Lappy accountable. Knowing them they say "Hey Lappy has made improvements we are no longer one of the worst PK groups now just the 21st worse....progress is progress!"     And the PP is 15th at home and 12th on the road....the definition of mediocre.   So with this nice collection of talent how long of a rope does Ron give Hak???   I would say this is a talented squad except in goal....which is a collection of spare parts backup castoffs.   I can see why Toronto went with Sparks in goal instead of Pickard....i waive this guy as soon as Neuvy is healthy and can sit on the bench.   I mean i know he has Folin and can't get up but after this weak ass goal it's all i need to see HTF you going to let that shot go 5 hole bro?? Are you f**king kidding me??? Buh bye!     Get the f**k outta here!!!!!!   And what is he exactly doing here??? Really???     Send this clown packing.
    • 0
      Shultz down
      Pittsburgh Penguins
      nossagog - Posted
      Tough break, literally, for Justin Shultz.  He's really reestablished himself in Pittsburgh. Get healthy and come back refreshed.   If there is any bright side, I think this means we'll see a lot of Riikola I really like his game, and he's already taking up second paring minutes and is on the second PP unit.
    • 253
      Flyers Goaltending Situation
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      They are at 47 contacts so they have room contract and money wise.   I would waive Pickard when Neuvy is healthy. Give Neuvy one more chance.   Then say he falters then i would look elsewhere after waiving Neuvy.   Flyers should have traded for Anderson before the season started when they were moving guys out.   I would have traded them Elliott and Gudas or another prospect like Friedman and a pick or something. Found away.   He is just what they needed a guy signed for two more years at 4.75 mill. And now he is 3-1-1 with a 925% in Ottawa.   The price to get him now has to have doubled.
    • 48
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      Not the sole reason but a huge part of it. Having 3 backup goaltenders gets you just where they are at.   These guys can't make routine saves and that is what has to be troubling the team when they go back and watch the film and break it down.   Sure there are going to be mistakes it is a game that is constantly on the move show me a team that doesn't make mistakes.   They need a guy who is going to hold them in the game give them a chance and maybe even a confidence boost that he has their backs.   And right now they don't have that. The players will never come out and throw the goalie under the bus they wouldn't want that done to them.   But at the end of the day the goalie has to make the saves he is suppose to and then a few he shouldn't.  They don't have that even going back to when Mason was here he would make some awesome saves and then let back breaking routine saves by him and that is what takes the wind out the team's sail during the game and just kills momentum.   They should have did like i suggested and made an aggressive move for Craig Anderson when the Sens were moving guys out.   He was what they needed a vet goalie signed for the next two years (2 at 4.75mill). Well worth it.   Now he is sitting 3-1-1 with a 3.02 gaa and 925%.......numbers we would kill for in Philly. And the price to acquire him has doubled!   Elliott 4.04 gaa 874%   Pickard 4.75 gaa 833%   Yikes just straight up brutal....no cub can win with goaltending like they have been getting. And you would think having a former goalie as a GM he would know that. SMFH.
    • 78
      Minnesota Wild @ Nashville Predators, Monday 10-15-18, 7:00pm, Bridgestone Arena
      Minnesota Wild
      EJ0226 - Posted
      I just didn't see the ability in CF to make a winning team. For sure after a few years with Parise and Suter the panic set in and made poor decisions. The draft pick throwaways for rentals that literally disappeared out of the NHL after their time with the Wild was over is by far some of the worst decision making I have seen. That really tells me CF was panicking and throwing away the future for some kind of patchwork that was already shredded up.
    • 48
      Game 7: Flyers at Blue Jackets 10/18/18 7:00 pm
      Philadelphia Flyers
      brelic - Posted
      If JVR and Patrick can come back and the team stabilizes a bit, then maybe the team finds its way out of this.   Pickard and Elliott have not bailed the team out, but I'm not sure many goalies could. And those that could simply aren't available. They are team-wide problems.  
    • 4
      Sebastian Aho
      Carolina Hurricanes
      OccamsRazor - Posted
      He is a thorn in my Flyer's side every time they play now it seems.   Kid isn't big but he has the heart of a lion.

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