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  1. I saw "Giroux" trending on Twitter, and I thought...Oh, yeah. Forgot about him. That move didn't work out as planned. Thinking about the NHL commercial with his face: He just wants one. Laughed at the Giroux thing. Us Leafs fans just want one series win. Claude should've picked Colorado.
  2. With the Leafs you just never know. Thornton was up with Matthews and Marner when he was here. Simmonds has been on PP1. Heck, they moved Rielly off PP1 for Gio in the playoffs. The Leafs are in a perpetual training camp situation. It does not matter if it's Game 7 or the middle of a season. Always experimenting. Always tinkering. I like that early in a season, but it's endless. Gio will likely play on all pairs next season. Just a quick comment on Rielly. He's just horrendous defensively. Very very low on his game and potential
  3. Gio was a 3rd pairing guy almost exclusively in Toronto and in the playoffs. He saw only 20 minutes, or more, ATOI in 5-of-20 regular season games. Logged 20, or more, in only the OT game. The thing with him is that most of Toronto's D corps look so bad, defensively, that Gio looks like a potential Norris candidate in comparison. Speaking to defensive capabilities: Rielly is atrocious. Muzzin was a shell of himself. Lyubushkin was physical which nobody else was not even a hurt Muzzin Brodie was solid Holl just
  4. The money is great. I love it. It's that they NEED to do this that is the issue. For me, the issue is signing guys at the ends of careers who are from there who think they can be passengers for a special Cup run back home. Everyone loves that story line. A guy from somewhere that goes home to play with his childhood team and looks to win a Cup as he dreamed of as a kid. It's just tired for me as a Leafs fan. He's at the end of the line career-wise and wants what Toronto offers. A cushy culture hoping to catch lightning in a bottle and win a Cup.
  5. No, I want Chara out of retirement. Let's get even older on the backend. Friedman reported that Gio was offered closer to 1M and he suggested only taking 800K to help the team's cap. Gio in a vacuum is fine. This is a recurring pattern from the Leafs given their circumstances. I'd rather see more Liljegren and Sandin, personally. BTW, @flyercanuckYou LOVE Ristolainen. I'd take him. Heck, I'd settle for Reijo Ruotsalainen. He wants a cup pretty badly but not a native so maybe not as cool for him. He's 5'8 and only 62. Dubas will love him.
  6. The guy will be 39 when puck drops next season. This is not an effective strategy but the Leafs like collecting guys well past their primes who'll take minimum deals in the hopes of catching a Cup. What happens is you create a culture of passengers. Young guys thinking the vets are going to help carry them and vice-versa. Everyone needs to be a driver not someone looking at the pretty scenery out the window. Not a fan of this signing but I like it better than a much younger Simmonds and also Jason Spezza. Joe Thornton was the worst one of them all. Had
  7. Oh, good. Another hanger on at the end of a career wishing for a magical Cup run with the Leafs. Beggars can't be choosers when you're tight up against the cap.
  8. Unless Florida comes back in series as they have in games, this is an embarrassing exit for the league's "top" team. Presidents' Trophy is a burden especially for a team that's never carried it before or had any kind of playoff success. I honestly thought they would've lost to the Caps if not for Tom Wilson's injury. Tampa vs. Carolina with Raanta in net sounds like another sweep or 5-gamer for the Bolts.
  9. It is a large jump for sure hence... "if". One little thing can turn a series around. 5-on-3 comes to mind. Hagel's penalty was the one that broke the Oh-for streak. As Keith Jones quipped..."they (Florida) were mad". And, they were. Every series can turn on ANYTHING. A last second goal, a bad penalty that riles up the other team. A fight. A post. Anything. Hagel was stupid to offer up one of those potential moments whether it came back to bite them, or not. About to be 3-0 series lead for Bolts. OVER. Florida better have another comeback in them or this series is
  10. If the Bolts lose this series, Brandon Hagel is going to feel even worse than he should for that egregious cross check into the boards. Vasilevskiy with grand theft larceny on Reinhart. Should be 2-1 Panthers. Hornqvist gets called on a bizarre play at the end of the period. Don't like that call one bit during the regular season much less a key game like this in Round 2. Champs can wrest back momentum in an instant. Love that the game has picked up intensity. Put on the foil for the 2nd.
  11. If this one isn't a sweep or 5-gamer I'd be surprised. Florida had a very difficult time with a Wilson-less Capitals team. The PP isn't going to just become dominant after going 0-24. Far likelier the Panthers exit playoffs Oh-for-whatever on the PP. The D corps on the Panthers is very suspect. Tampa looks like a near shoo-in to defend their title to me.
  12. Former Wild prospect Foucault saves 6-year-old girl from drowning (nhl.com)
  13. I wish I could see it like her. Smart little girl, BTW. You're blessed to experience hockey fandom with her. My kids all hate sports but I bought my daughter a pink Leafs jersey and she wore it one night during the playoffs and was on the couch with me watching one of the games. They don't come often so that was pretty special to have her watch with me. Sadly, I see it like Paul Coffey...
  14. Couldn't agree more. Can't see the forest for the trees. These guys don't get it. It has become them...all of them. Need a new perspective. A new tone set, a new culture, and that only comes through change. Why they would even consider staying the same is baffling. Is Tampa going to be worse next season? Are they counting on attrition of other teams to get where they want to go? Hey, we'll stay the same while we predict everyone else will get a little worse and then it's our time to shine. I mean, I guess that worked for Boston, as in, they're now better than them. Maybe, it'll wo
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