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  1. TOR in 6 ; EDM in 6 COL in 5 ; MIN in 6 PIT in 7 ; BOS in 6 CAR in 6 ; TB in 7 (If the Stars would've make it, they would have probably played home games at full capacity. I know Canadians -and especially Quebecers- like to bitch about Americans, but let's admit the US are making a much better job in overall vaccination and assessing risk management)
  2. And here we go: Matthews won't do **** because Chiarot is so extraordinary to overplay him, Vézina-level Price will easily be better than any Leafs goalie, Habs have so much depth thanks to the terrific acquisitions of Merrill, Staal and Gustafsson. Oh and of couse, 23-y.o. speedy Perry will be the key because of his experience. I'm so desperate to see Toronto rape Montréal... Note to myself: last time that I follow the RDS feed
  3. I disagree. Then who's gonna be tasked to knee Duncan Keith in the face ?
  4. 100 pts... I kinda lost track, is it metric or imperial ?
  5. Aubé-Kübel for the Lady-Bing is a no brainer.
  6. You've been dreaming of it, The League did it ! Buchnevich got a 1-game suspension.
  7. Well, it was not exactly the expected signal: he just gave the Rangers a $250k-fine for telling the truth... And Wilson will get away with his fine while Buchnevich is now facing a suspension.
  8. Who was the guy trying to chop off Friedman's head just before the goal ?
  9. He has an "upper-body injury" since 2017 which has only gotten worse.
  10. Parros gave the same exact sanction to Lundqvist for pouring some gatorade on an opponent. So there's that...
  11. Still early to bash the Wild and Minny will get the Calder (with mention). While being heck of a player, Modano still managed to let bitter feelings in both incarnations of the North Stars/Stars franchise.
  12. It's still an unprecedented case here. Not to defend Buttmann, but he's not the one who calls suspensions and fines, that's this ****** CBA agreement thing on behalf of the NHLPA who has his butt between the two chairs: the offender and the victim's side. However, he has free hands to fire Parros, which should be done immediately. The already struggling League is in hot water right now, what happened is really bad for it. Buttman has now the opportunity to step up, clean the mess and send a strong signal and quite honestly, he's obliged to.
  13. https://theathletic.com/2566394/2021/05/04/like-him-or-hate-him-tom-wilson-knows-what-the-nhl-wants-and-how-to-get-away-with-it/
  14. I don't think the League has the ability to give him another suspension: Wilson will be declared as "non responsible" of his actions because of mental insanity. However, he could be sent to a mental institution for an indefinite time where he will be able to receive appropriate treatments while not representing a danger anymore to our society as we know it.
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