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  1. It won't be Detroit, in fact Duclair just re-signed a 3-year deal https://www.nhl.com/news/anthony-duclair-signs-3-year-deal-to-stay-with-florida/c-325662454 I had the same feeling during his junior years in Québec where I saw him play a couple of times: very talented but very versatile and eligible for a brain transplant.
  2. I suggest the Washington Bullets, that moniker is free again. But I don't know why, there's a possibility that this name would eventually not be considered... Anyway in the next days/weeks/months, please cheer for the Cleveland Baseball Club.
  3. 24 hours later, it's still hard to believe. The cap recapture is a pain in the àss but I think it's a harsh but necessary cure for the Wild as a major step to move forward and change the team's culture. It's like going to your oncologist who basically says to you: "Ok Mister Wild, you've been suffering for years but now I can officially tell that you are out of this ****. However, the recovery will be a long process and please don't burn any steps of it." Good point. Not the same style but now as you mention it, the difference is so dramatic.
  4. This could make sense. The Jets' D is hideous and Winnipeg is not that far from his little Wisconsin comfort. I join the club. On a second PP unit but only if he's paired with another mobile D-man.
  5. Anaheim, Los Angeles, Vancouver and Seattle could have been other suitable landing spots for Keith, but apparently Edmonton was the only option to keep Keith's wife as far as possible from Patrick Sharp.
  6. But seriously speaking, what's the penalty/sanction if you remain above the cap and win in this context? Because if you only get a slap on the hand and have to write "we are a naughty team" 100x on the blackboard, then screw the cap let's all roll over it.
  7. Tampa finally put an end to this trickery (what should've been done by another team wearing blue earlier). Best moment of this final: Kucherov's no-filter postgame presser:
  8. And when it was a totally different sport with draft rules that allow you to pick players only in your market basin, i.e. only where people played hockey. « A vaincre sans péril, on triomphe sans gloire »
  9. As a Canadian, I really wished the Cup would be delivered in Montréal for the first time in 28 years but Tampa broke my dream. There's still a tiny chance for an eventual game 6 though.
  10. Over. If he manage to fight for a playoff spot as long as possible i.e. he's over-achieving with this hideous roster, he'll be safe.
  11. I wish a Tampa sweep. Or, worst case, in 6. So the Habs can still claim the Stanley Cup has been delivered in Montréal.
  12. Ok now I understand why Perry and Sekera accepted deals at the minimum salary.
  13. First game of a season against a team that's not playing in the same league, logical result. It should be a Vegas sweep. But again, the puck is round, the ice is slippery, the rebounds are sometimes bad, sometimes good... So Vegas in 6.
  14. The regular season is interesting and entertaining on many aspects. For instance, I was ecstatic on the terrific distance-competition the Habs had with the Stars about who would get the most OT losses at the end.
  15. The Jets' gameplan is perfectly followed and applied by the book: losing the first three games on purpose just to make the Habs overconfident, catch them out cold and beat them in 7.
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