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  1. So last night was Kotkaniemi's in Montréal. Without any surprise, this is how Habs hockey consumers reacted. Dumb, but what else could we expect...? The perfect reaction came here: And at the end of game, this: The site was only available last night but basically they used a free app. creator from... Québec with the title "Did the Habs lose?" And Aho, scrolling down his cell phone saying "Yes !". This is to pinpoint how brilliant the Canes' marketing/social media dept. is. They are keeping on teasing the Habs because they kn
  2. Be reassured, the Stars ain't trouncing anybody. You need offense to do that and not broken washed-up old farts. Be prepared for some boring hockey though.
  3. I think we have all underestimated the extraordinary offensive machine of the Sabres' winning franchise and its long and storied pedigree of success.
  4. Great read, and this is only the emerged part of the iceberg. I think that no one has been measuring the extent of this problem yet, and we can't call it a 'problem' anymore: it's an H-bomb that the NHL still seem to ignore. It's crazy to have remained at the same point ten years after...
  5. Last Sunday, Benn vs. Brown. Lame, useless and nonsense fight at 1:58 in the first period. No winners.
  6. Screw that. Now how I'm supposed to get points from the goalies in my pool? Certainly not with Brayden Holtby (despite being good) considering how much of a train wreck the Stars franchise is.
  7. I wouldn't change a single comma to that. Terrific post.
  8. I'll chime in too. He was coach of the swiss team for almost 15 years with tremendous success, taking a dead team navigating between the Group A and B of the World Champs and playing against China, Netherlands and such squads with a high tradition of hockey, to the legitimate first team coming right after the world top-6. With him behind the bence, we beat Russia a couple of times, Canada too with the highlight in the 2006 Olympics where the Swiss blanked Canada 2-0, the Canada of Brodeur, St-Louis, Thornton, Nash, Iginla, etc... However, he wasn't popular at all becaus
  9. Like many other teams are tending to go: Back to the basics and stick to it. That's part of building tradition and identity. I like those, except they tried too much to mimmick the Knights' layout design, especially on the sleeves. Strangely, I don't mind the silver helmets. Their original crowned purple/yellow jersey was cool too. At least they were unique and the only team using that color scheme. They definitely need to get rid of their current logo which is the last piece of terrible experimentations the Kings made starting from the late 1990s to the 2010s. Next tea
  10. Well, if there was no kicking motion on the Knights' GWG, then suppress completely the grey area and allow absolutely all goals scored with the skate. Seattle got robbed on that one.
  11. Let's get a bit outside the borders for this one: 1. Florida 2. Toronto 3. Tampa Bay 4. Boston 5. Ottawa 6. Montréal 7. Detroit 8. Buffalo
  12. I confirm, I made a whole investigation and then I found myself lost between the Mordor and the Kuiper belt. So no choice to go for the full stick-in-the-butt $180 CAD package for us, we the North...
  13. Every time I'm trying to list the team, I arrive at the #6 spot and realize "oh damn, I forgot them". The toughest division to predict for the most competitive. Devils and Columbus may not be ready yet to go back in the postseason but all other teams have a legitimate shot to clinch. Isles are still the Isles, WSH and PIT are getting old and closer to the cycle end but remain top teams, NYR is the most improved team IMO. CAR are still in contention but their moves were horrible. It's hard to rank Philly, but I do think that Atkinson >> Voracek. No choice but a very strong an
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