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  1. I just don't understand why Calgary changed its entire roster and make these unknown dudes play with the same uniforms and numbers. Even though they had to go to game #7 against the Stars, the original Flames weren't that bad...
  2. That's a great chart. I guess a significant amount of people go the shower after each period, like I used to do in fact...
  3. Heart: "Oh my god, that's terrible. This has hurt them a lot and the Avs won't recover from that" Head: "That's only a glitch. Colorado will correct this and get back right on the track to win this series"
  4. Heard on the TSN broadcast that Bowness was supposed to be sacked anyway but both sides didn't agree on the contract duration. So Bowness remained in place by default... Other names that popped: Steve Ott (Doing a good job in St-Louis and he knows the house), Paul Maurice (supposed to be too much of a players' pal which must be avoided), Peter DeBoer (great relation with Pavelski in SJ but I remain skeptical), Trotz (of course, but Philly is ahead and I don't want to have another dinosaur to turn Robertson into a two-way grinder), Tortorella (ok for vet butt-kicking, I'd rather hav
  5. And Fiala was kindly thrown under the bus by GM Guerin when speaking about the bashing of Dumba. With some reason because Fiala vanished in the playoffs, but Guerin really seem to dislike Fiala.
  6. Update: Stankoven is leading the WHL with 25 pts in 12 playoff games (three hatties) Johnson is leading the OHL with 27 pts in 12 playoff games Bourque is 4th in the LHJMQ with 12 pts in 6 playoff games
  7. That Kassian check on teammate Archibald reminded me of the gool ol' NES Pro Wrestling when the two guys fall at the same time when they collide.
  8. Great way to get his confidence back. (Apparently it was too much to ask for that in the first round.)
  9. - "Well, it's not working with him. Is Tortorella really the solution?" - "No." - "But do you regret having hired him regarding all the butts he has kicked with no significant results?" - "No."
  10. I hate the playoffs. Because even your favorite team is out, you have this morbid curiosity that forces you to stay awake past midnight and have the lack of sleep to really taking a toll on your body.
  11. I don't recall exactly when (probably one of two weeks ago) but Stars' prospects Johnson, Stankoven and Bourque were at some point scoring leaders in their respective canadian junior league, WHL, OHL and LHJMQ. And let's not forget Stranges who's having a very good season with the Knights. Let's hope the Stars don't get another coach to turn them into 4th-line grinders...
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