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  1. I'm a bit surprised the Habs weren't on the starting blocks to claim him: they are in some need of a good back-up goalie to support Allen.
  2. Having two teams battling for your services while being on waivers, that some kind of tremendous consecration.
  3. Well, goaltending is a major issue with the McConnor/Draisaitl Oilers: Koskinen sucks and Smith is not a long-term option.
  4. Reporter: "So, do you guys look at the standings?"Bowness: "No, no, we don't look at that." Oleskiak before Tampa's game: "I think it's chance for us to prove that what we did last year isn't a fluke" After the game: 5-0 loss, 0-6 on the PP (one SH goal allowed) where Benn, Gurianov, Hintz and Pavelski combined for 0 (zero) shots on goal. I'd like to be Bowness. I like him a lot but the team is going nowhere and is running out of options. I'm starting to think the SC run was a kind of a fluke, the Stars were barely average from the time Montgomery was fired and now
  5. Honestly, all people I talked with about that jersey here in Québec City come to the same conclusion: "My heart is bleeding (sic) but those jerseys are sharp". By seeing those for real in a shop, they are beautiful and are one of the best of the RR series (unlike the... Stars one). Some people actually liked the fact to see the Igloo logo back for the Lake Tahoe game. Don't forget that a large fraction of former Nordiques fans turned into Habs ones, the remaining part and Montréal haters turning into Bruins fans. The "Fleurdélisé" remains one of the most popular one in the league,
  6. Some other Chiefs players were actually played by totally unknown french Quebecers figurants coming from isolated remote areas. The most "famous" is Yvan Ponton who is still broadcasting some sports events on RDS. While I'm strongly against any dubbed version, I watched it in french quebecer and it was hilarious. Imagine unknown guys playing in a movie with Paul Newman. I think you can die in peace after that. (Btw, screw Binnington)
  7. I'd say they have forgotten how to play. Firing the coach is the last thing you wanna do, I honestly think Bowness is a good and competent guy and I always defended him last season even when they lost 9 out of 10 just before the Covid break. But after the disgraceful collapse of yesterday, that's where we're at. Injuries are not an excuse, the Stars were capable to win in the past in that context. The coach has done everything he could, changing his lines, shuffling things but with few to almost no results. Heiskanen is the shadow of himself, all leaders are transparent while the young guns re
  8. Quite honestly, I'm totally in favor of that, the terror equilibrium. It's not Wilson's first shot and it won't be the last. Now Wilson doesn't have to respond to guys like Kocur, Probert, McSorley when he acts like that, maybe he would think twice. I highly recommend to watch the documentary "Ice Guardians". That tells you a lot about this aspect and how former stars like Gretzky, Lemieux, Yzerman and many others were protected back at the time. Take your chance buddy, but then you'll have to face the consequences and it's way scarier to be engaged in a fight with one of those enforcers than
  9. That's curious, I lost a bit of track. A couple of days ago I was sure having heard Petry for the Norris, Romanov for the Calder, Toffoli for the Art-Ross and the whole team as first-place contender for cup... Those versatile fans clients. Where the Habs missed a unique opportunity: trading Price when it was still possible to do so, especially for Tavares when he was at his last year of contract with the Isles. Now they are stuck with the most overrated, expensive, cocky and arrogant goalie in the league, untradeable, unmovable, a real liability who has the key of the whole organiz
  10. Speaking about problem... https://www.nhl.com/news/claude-julien-fired-by-montreal/c-321755846 Three weeks ago, Julien was mentioned about a potential Jack-Adams finalist. The Montréal shïtshow is starting again.
  11. Always whining against refs, it's never their fault, typical Montréal. If you are not able to win against the dead-last Sens twice in a row while allowing horrible softies from your supposed best goalie in the galaxy, the problem is elsewhere. And the goalie interference makes no doubt, Gallagher is 100% in the blue paint and trips Murray. Okay, Murray cheated a bit and took a looooooooong time to get back on his skates after a 360°-turn. However, this kind of actions puts again the ruling in the debate. Allowing more space to forwards to favor offense is a good thing b
  12. Or be traded back to Pittsburgh ? With the new management in place and their urgent need to find a decent starter, that might be an option.
  13. Canadian division: yeah I think we all agree on this...
  14. In other words: An ice hockey game has been postponed in Texas because of winter conditions. Still sounds weird...
  15. Meanwhile: Now the Wild can officially start to prepare the #9 retiring festivities
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