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  1. @yave1964 Zadina is being taught how to ride the bus. Recalled from GR. They can’t decide what to do with him!
  2. @yave1964 Still, why rush him? The hockey stinks with or without him. He can’t right that ship himself. All this losing is gonna kill his confidence and mess with his mojo. Why do that to him? i kinda agree with the move, though I WISH my reasons weren’t valid.
  3. @mojo1917 Friday's game was better than Wednesday's, although 6-1 is still a beating! The Toronto game was just one of the worst games they've played. They. Had. Nothing. But that's only one game. If that game stood alone as an exception, it would be dismissable. But last season we had multiple games that were similar e.g. Montreal games. This ISN'T just about THIS season. The problem is that unlike previous seasons, most of the time, where we were losing, but losing 1-goal games (or 2-goal games with an ENer to seal it for the opponent), we are losing 3- and 4- and 5-goal games now. Consistently. And many of them follow the same pattern of collapse. We might stay in the game for 20-30 minutes. Maybe even 40. And then... Fragile is right. There is little belief in ourselves. It does contribute to these collapses. We don't have the solid veteran presence that doesn't panic or get down on themselves when they go down by 2 goals. The only ones who seem to be able to do that are injured more than we'd like and aren't on the bench. The Caps game was the best game we had played in a long time. Held our own until we pulled our goalie in the third and Ovie scored 2 ENers. But Larkin really showed his frustration, as he was the one who coughed up the puck on Ovie's second ENer to give him a hattie. And that's why this season was not the season to give him the captaincy. That will come in time. But this kind of season can bruise an ego if you let it, and that's my biggest concern--the culture. We've certainly lost the winning culture. We have also lost the compete culture now. That's a bigger concern to me.
  4. I hope I am wrong! And you ARE more aware of what our talent look like in GR, so I defer to your knowledge there. But I would rather THINK like me and have LOW expectations for next season than set myself up for more disappointment if they continue to play anything close to this level. What's the old saying: Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. I'm prepared for a LONG rebuild. If it's not long, I'll be pleasantly surprised and happy! If it is, well...it's just like I thought. I just didn't think it would be THIS bad THIS year. But it is!
  5. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Thanks TFG. I had written a somewhat-lengthy response in kind, and I thought I sent it, but apparently the Lord saw fit to spare you from my diatribe. I knew it was gonna be a long basement run. I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn't think it could be THIS bad in the cap world. The teams are so much closer in talent level on average that it becomes really noticeable when one part of your game has so little talent (our D). Makes it stick out that much more, it seems, even though I wouldn't have thought that. And let's face it, it's only been 3 seasons, but to be out 3 seasons and still be here is somewhat concerning and does make one wonder about how long we will be here. I think 3-5 seasons before we are in the playoff mix other than a possible fluke bubble season where we might squeak in because somebody else chokes.
  6. @yave1964 Yes, how the mighty have fallen...fallen...fallen...fallen A few notes: Bernier would be better than OK if he had ANY sort of defense in front of him. Sometimes, he has been the sole reason we didn't lose by seven or eight! He's made some awfully nice stops that you may have seen on the condensed game highlights. And I appreciated his effort in going in for an injured Howard even though he was as sick as a dog. If we keep playing like this, and if Green keeps getting hurt, the only one of the three you mentioned that might get any kind of decent pick would be Helm, whose start to this season has been surprising. We didn't discuss the trade for Comrie, but I agree it was smart and Saarijarvi (sp?) was a good price to pay. Gotta plug the dam somehow. I like the deal. But it IS a short-term, stop-the-bleeding-to-save-the-patient kind of pickup. What is tough to swallow is how much of a fall we've taken, though, especially given the parity in the league with the cap. You wouldn't THINK this kind of drop would be possible, but we are proving that it is. Even though I still think this doesn't have much to do with Blash, I don't think he can survive this. Inside, when Mantha went down, and went seriously down, his heart must have dropped, and eyes must have gone skyward. Fabbri has been a very good pickup. Continues to give us some kind of offensive pulse. ("WAIT! WAIT! Was that a heartbeat? Check again!") We KNEW we were going to be bad defensively. I think we agree that we are worse than either of us thought we would be offensively. The mental game has even affected Larkin. You can see the frustration. This is EXACTLY why Yzerman didn't make him captain yet. And these post-game pressers are going to become dreaded--if they haven't already--for both players and coach. Having to try to explain what we are seeing without trashing the team or teammates or yourself is quite challenging, if not impossible, unless you say pretty much nothing...which is what we are saying now. "We need to be better." Thanks for the news flash! Maybe it's just Frans' normal look, but every single time Nielsen is interviewed, he looks like he is about to cry! He's not alone!
  7. Fixd it. I was thinking the exact same thing about that Montreal game. Yep, uglier than that, especially with the context—a string of consistent 4-goal losses. That makes it much worse.
  8. Is this rock-bottom? I have a sneaking suspicion that it is not! I hope that I am wrong. But with Mantha out, our two goalies down or out, and playing in the offensive zone a distant memory, I wonder how much lower we can possibly go than the second period on Wednesday. Jiminy Crickets this hockey is unwatchable! Is this “rebuilding?” Or is this “wallowing?” Hard to tell the difference now. This is not puck luck. This is the left hand not knowing what the left hand is doing. This is hockey when the game is over after the first period, and you’ve got nothing left in the tank...and there are 40 minutes left to play! Is this “Dead Things?” If this continues for an extended period of time, it could be similar. Is it wrong that the draft is our best hope in November?
  9. I’m not sure the Wings would be willing to pay his salary to be an assistant coach for Blashill.
  10. @Hockey-78 No question, the short-run answer is that this was a great trade by Stevie Y. It didn't have much potential downside, to be honest, because he was able to keep the cost low. But Fabbri meets needs we had, namely resuscitating our second line. He has activated AA, and even Filppula is more productive. The problem in STL was that with the depth there, when Fabbri would make mistakes, his 10 minutes of ice time would be dropped even further, because they have other players they could trust more to be responsible. The Red Wings have one line, and even they are known to make defensive errors on a semi-regular basis. So instead of being relegated to bench purgatory, he gets to play despite some mistakes. And he does have some skills/talent to offer while he learns, which the Wings need(ed) desperately. I was not alone in thinking Holland needed to move on--whether to a higher office in the RW front office or elsewhere. Once Yzerman was selected, it was just a matter of time before he would improve on what KH had been doing. The bar had been pretty low for quite some time, with very little trade activity. I think it helps that Stevie is just starting, so there is no need to try to justify past moves that might not be paying dividends. The line, "He doesn't have much to lose," comes to mind. But Yzerman is smart. Always has been. He's got an eye for talent and opportunity. So far, this makes him look pretty smart, and my prediction is that the selection of Moritz Seider will do the same in another year or two or three.
  11. @J0e Th0rnton Oh, proper credit where it’s due, yes. No question, Z and particularly Pav, had something to do with the overall D. But that just adds to the point I was trying to make: Babs did t need to coach the D system as much, because these guys just played it from their own training and skills. Babs relied on them. So did Blashill, while they were still here. It wasn’t so much Babcock creating the D structure it was structure that surrounded and centered around these players.
  12. I was trying to find a clip of Athanasiou drawing the penalty in OT of Saturday's game, but it is not in the highlight recaps. They left that out. But if anyone saw it with 3-something remaining in OT, I thought that should be a penalty shot FOR SURE! Burns was behind him and only caught him by tripping him with an outstretched stick. Textbook, except the breakaway wasn't a long one. It was blue line in, but AA had Burns beaten BADLY! What kind of call was that? Can anyone post the clip for discussion?
  13. In short, yes, it was play Niklas Lidstrom. Babcock openly said that Lidstrom was easily the easiest player he ever coached, because he didn't need any coaching! That, plus Nick's ability to help direct the D made Babs look pretty good on D, eh? But once Nick retired, Babs had more issues, although quite honestly, it seemed to me he had more issues with getting our PP to work right than the D.
  14. @yave1964 But he does seem to have sprung AA, as he is suddenly filling nets and getting us points. MAybe more than just a w/e? We can hope, can't we?

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