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  1. @yave1964 Oh you KNOW I like this deal!! I have no ill will toward Mantha and wish him well, and with the extra talent on the Caps, I expect that he will improve on his accomplishments here. And if he does, I think it will be the talent and style of play that will make the difference, not so much the coaching, even though many will try to blame Blashill. But this is a great idea to give us more building potential while not sacrificing much for the immediate future. Now we’ve just gotta make some of these picks be winners!
  2. I agree. At some point that's true for sure. Great teams are still only as good as their weakest links, so yes, these 4th rounders working out better are important, assuming you have the core to work them around. If you don't, sometimes you can try to give these guys more responsibility than they are really capable of handling and their play diminishes or never flourishes. Perfect example is Danny Dekeyser. Dekeyser wasn't as good when we was "the man" on D. Filip Hronek came and became "the man" on the blue line, and Dekeyser's game actually got better. But yeah, in today's hockey
  3. I expected this kind of response from you, and I agree with you. What is different here, though, is that in TB, he already was given Stamkos and Hedman. That’s a great start to forming a core than you can build around. What he did there was build AROUND that core. Now, he actually has to build that core too. Larkin, as good as he is, is no Steven Stamkos. He is a great player, and will be a part of our core, but he is not superstar status in the same league as Stamkos was. I DO think that Seider could become a Hedman-like D-man if he stays healthy, and if he
  4. Yzerman is SO shrewd! He somehow gets a fourth-rounder by paying part of a salary of a player we aren’t even trading as well as moving Brian Laschoff to the TBL. Stevie is being SO creative in trying to get picks. I LOVE this move! Talk about making the most of not much opportunity! Brian Laschoff for a FOURTH! What a bargain!! Kenny Holland was NEVER this creative with his dealings. The only deal that he did in the last half of his tenure that even approaches this kind of creativity was the Pavel Datsyuk contract dump. I am really impressed so far in how sm
  5. @yave1964 All of these sound about right. Some of them might hit the optimistic side if the Wings retain some salary like they did with Nemeth. I had actually forgotten about Weiss still being on the books. Gooooooood riddance! Glendening is the best we have to offer. His faceoff abilities make him a valuable add for a team in serious contention. Since the teams bidding for him will more likely be drafting toward the end of the rounds, a second may be possible. I think he's worth more than a late-third. And I wouldn't be surprised if he makes his way back to
  6. @Barkus I actually give our defense a little more credit, especially in these last 8 games or so. I have been pleasantly surprised defensively. You are not wrong about the first pass out of the zone, in general. It IS better now than 20 games ago though! Back then, they were passing 4-5 times just to get it out of the zone...IF they actually got it out! The play of the forwards has seen marked improvement for the last 8-10 games or so. Some of Yzerman’s adds—Fabbri and Erne come to mind—are starting to pay off or pay off more than before. Even Stecher is coming around t
  7. SpikeDDS


    We are just repeating ourselves now. Blash can be let go at any time if for no other reason than the PP has been putrid, even after changing assistant coaches. Consistently putrid. "The process" on the PP is stationary incompetence. As to his inability to develop players, again, jury is still out on whether or not it is really his fault on that one, because you can't make a royal flush--and usually not even trips--when you're dealt 7-2. That's what he had last year. This year, might be more like 9-7, and we are playing like it. More consistency, but still not a hand that's usually
  8. Well, and they did what I was hoping they would do yesterday, and that is make the previous game look like the aberration. That's what they needed to do, and they did it. They won a 2-1 game still losing the battle of special teams. Sure, I'd prefer a 4-2 win, but a win is a win right now. Their defense and goaltending have been MUCH better since the COVID Collapse (I'm trademarking that, BTW). The first Florida game, it was hard to tell, but it just seemed like the effort wasn't there. Like, NOBODY was going except for maybe Glendening. And speaking of Glendening, thank the Lord a
  9. Last night's Florida game was the first since the COVID Collapse where the Red Wings looked like they did last year. It didn't take long for a team like Florida to undress us. We were just not ready for this game, and Florida was. It could be just one of those games. They happen occasionally. They happen to us TOO occasionally. It could be that mentally they weren't the same at the news of the loss of one of their massuers who just passed away. Blashill was visibly upset by it even after the game. Maybe. Or it could be that the Wings' frustration is starting
  10. @yave1964 I posted a rather long diatribe about Blashill In another thread. I'll quote it here: THE most telling shortcoming of Blashill's coaching is the continuing failure of the PP. It is wretched! You can replace him for that issue alone at any time at this point. Even when Z (Zetterberg, not Zadina) was still around it was diminishing. But as I noted, there haven't been very many Wings leaving that have played better unless they moved to teams where there was a significantly greater level of talent than when they were here. And let's be honest
  11. @yave1964 @TropicalFruitGirl26 I was recently having a discussion about Blashill with my brother, who is incensed that he still has a job. When it comes to the consistency, year after year, of PP ineptness, we agree. But his argument was that the problem with the Wings is his coaching, but I don't really think that's the biggest problem. As a coach, you get to play with the players you have been given. When you are dealt 7-2 in poker (the worst possible hand to be dealt in Hold 'em, for those of you who might not know poker), you don't win very often. Your list above is
  12. The two redeeming parts of that game were the PP and the continued resurgence of Tyler Bertuzzi. He started slow his first couple of games but has upped his game. He's creating trouble in front of the net again. Larkin is creating enough to set up opportunities and Bert's in the right spots to deflect and disrupt. Truthfully, from a competition standpoint, it would be better for the Wings to shut it down even at this point. You can see a huge difference in their ability to compete. This weekend looked NOTHING like the previous four games. They should shut it down for their own long
  13. Yeah usually fans complain that the opposing team plus the zebras beat their team. This time, it was the Blackhawks and the SARS-CoV-2 virus that beat us! The virus rendered our play over the weekend to near-2020 levels. It’s amazing how eerily similar the shortcomings were to last season: defense, only the Larkin line scores, get down early and try to play catch-up hockey, become unwatchable by the third period, if not the second. We just don’t look the same, and it’s gonna be close to 3 weeks before these guys are back from COVID protocol. COVID SUCKS BALL
  14. @yave1964 Which is why Washington got fined $100,000 because four of their players all went to one of their rooms to watch sports. Isolation is critical if this is going to work. You're right that it sucks. You know what doesn't suck? Getting their paycheck. Playing hockey--a game you love--for a living! I appreciate the fact that Mantha and Blashill both recognized the privilege they have in being able to do it, despite the suckage involved on the road.
  15. For sure, the question isn't can he keep the monster at bay now. It's easy when you are scoring goals. The question is: Eventually when the goals stop coming, how will he keep the monster at bay then? If you think hockey is tough, addiction can be FAR more difficult to succeed against. You're right. I'm pulling for him either way. But I'l take the success now and hope it continues for as long as it can.
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