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  1. With the draft's addition of Simon Edvinsson and Sebastian Cossa, it will be a few seasons, but I see this trio giving us many, many shutouts in the future! I haven't been this excited about the future of the Red Wings in a LONG, LONG time, and I am now setting myself up for future possible disappointment, but man I can't tell you how happy I am with how Steve Yzerman, Kris Draper and company managed this draft, and even the acquisition fo the draft picks which allowed us to pull off this kind of class. For years, I have been hesitant to have high expectations, and I was correct to
  2. HOW THE HECK DID STEVIE PULL THIS ONE OFF?!! WHAT A FREAKING STEAL!!! I have no idea how Yzerman did it, but if ANYONE was questioning his ability to run a franchise, question answered! Emphatically!! Spike rates this trade a 10/10!
  3. @yave1964 Well that’s why I said I didn’t think it was “wrong” as in black wrong. Perhaps a light shade of gray wrong. I don’t think either one makes or breaks our rebuild to competitiveness. To me, the loss of Stecher—if they do indeed take him—may only hurt more for the potential trade deadline value this season. That and he does provide better D for us this season. But then he is possibly gone too, and I think that may have weighed into their decision making process. I have noticed your fondness for Cholo, and I was excited about him that first year. But
  4. @yave1964 Thoughts on Stecher being exposed? I understand the move. I don’t love it, but I understand it. I don’t think it is “wrong” at all, but it DOES show Stevie’s priority on building a team long-term, which often costs some in the short run. Stecher is likely gone as Hakstol recruited and coached him in college, and Stecher’s hometown is in Western Canada, so he’s way closer to home. I’m not super excited about the upside of Lindstrom, but his development timeline fits the rebuild better. The one criticism of the move would be what Stecher
  5. I hope not on the suspension. The result of the hit was unfortunate, but he ran through Evans' Habs' logo on his chest. Yes, the head was hit first, but only because it happened to be in the way. That's a legal check. I agree that I hope Evans is OK, but that was not targeting the head. I don't want to see the game neutered. Some hockey hits have bad results. This is one of them.
  6. @yave1964 As a follow up, the more Anthony Mantha continues to play similarly to how he did while a Red Wing (or worse), and with the way Vrana played this year after the trade the more these two things are true: 1. I love this deal more and MORE! I liked it from the start, and I love it now even more than I did! Stevie is a mensch! He’s just gotta make sure we ink Vrana for a deal now. 2. This is yet another example which should check Blashill critics. The best indicator that your coach isn’t effective is when players leave and then flourish. This is especi
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