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  1. What about after Montreal? UN- WATCHABLE I refer you to the video that started the thread. Unfortunately, some of THAT was frustration that we were playing well and our shots were just not going in. This is worse. We are playing like crap. Not that this isn't what we expected. That was pretty close to AHL effort after the first or second MTL goal. You can change the coach all you want, but it's not going to change the fact that this season will be painful for Red Wing fans. When they said the theme for the season was "60 Minutes of Hell," I didn't realize they were talking about for the fans!
  2. @JR Ewing @yave1964 I like Hicketts’ feistiness! I see him getting into lots of people’s heads. His small size only increases their frustration, as if he SHOULDN’T be as troublesome as he is. Pesky! The Wings have lost their snarl over the last decade, and have become more gentile. Kronner was the last real vestige of physicality that was threatening on a nightly basis. We could afford to be that way more back in the day because of our surplus of skill. That surplus has been long gone. We need this kind of grit to re-establish our game. Hicketts, Sulak, Rasmussen with his size, and even Ehn are capable of establishing this kind of game, as are other up-and-comers like Smith. But this will take time to build success from it. Years, not months. And that’s why the standard for success cannot be making the playoffs right now. These young players must define and own their roles in order to set the stage for Zadina and Veleno and others, when the time comes. Zadina, when he arrives, doesn’t have a Brett Hull to be his linemate like Pav did. Or Lidstrom and Kronner at their prime behind him. For him to flourish, we have to establish a game around him so that he’s not THE threat. If he’s the only threat, he may struggle more. No, we need other players to make opposing teams have to think about beating us as a team, not one guy, as good as he might be. There IS reason for optimism, just not for the present.
  3. You are exactly right @TropicalFruitGirl26. It IS better than sucking, but it doesn't always FEEL better than sucking. This ALL depends on how you context looking at this season. If you are looking at this season for wins/making the playoffs--if that is your yardstick on which you measure a successful season--you are going to be a frustrated Wings fan. If on the other hand you look at where we are and you realize that whereas we have SOME middling talent that is ready now on offense, and Jimmy Howard, though he has zero evidence that he can be a goalie that can contend with the best in a playoff situation, has looked like a very good goaltender last year and this year so far, our really promising talent is sill developing in either juniors or GR. And other than these young D-men who now are the majority of our D players while the vets are all injured except DDK and Nick Jensen (if you wanna count him as "veteran" (I certainly don't--he's a body, even though I admit his last two games have not been bad...hope?) bottom line is we are going to make mistakes, and we don't have the offense right now to make up for stupid mistakes on D. Anaheim was a perfect example. My yardstick is this: I want us to be better off at the end of this season than we are now. I need to see fewer mistakes on D, both by the D-men--kids and all--and forwards like Mantha who CANNOT abandon their defensive responsibilities still score while making fewer of those. I do not expect a winning season. I am hoping we stay out of the basement. Bottom 5 would not surprise me. I can excuse the kids' mistakes. Mantha and AA are another matter.
  4. @SpikeDDS But the SO loss at Anaheim should sting more. Jimmy Howard played his guts out making good saves throughout the game, while guys like Mantha are making costly mistakes like the ol’ “poke and hope.” Apparently, he is a player that needs loud statements to help him learn. That mistake cost us the game. Not a good game for him. I thought Silvferberg was the best player on the ice. Howard stopped several of his shots before finally giving up a follow-up rebound goal after saving the puck twice for the tying goal. He can’t do everything! Now also without Daley, Hicketts was back in. I thought he played well in the first game. The kids are making mistakes. Sulak made a few, as well as some good plays. Again, Howard prevented them from paying a price for those mistakes. But this young D core has to learn, and there will be a lot of learning this season. To our credit, at leas we are keeping things close. The opportunistic goal by. Nielsen-Rasmussen-Bertuzzi to open the scoring was pretty! Even Helm’s goal was good to see. Nice that Howard was credited with an assist. Glendening setting the screen and Helm netting a second chance shot. I thought Glendening had another good showing. He has upped his game so far this season. And, once again, even Jensen played relatively solid, better than I expected him to for a second game in a row. But this is a familiar pattern. 2 goals or less. Howard plays well to keep us in it. Defensive lapses cost us a crucial goal. Lose by 1 or, if not, by 2 with an EN to seal it for the opposition. Glad we got a point. But if we aren’t going to be making early plans to shop some of our talent by December for the deadline, we are going to have to change the pattern. The message needs to be that we are not talented enough to win on talent alone. That work on the defensive end of the ice is what will set the stage so that when Zadina does join the club, his goals will be go-ahead goals and not tying goals or goals that bring us within one. I know that Blashill has been preaching this. It needs to do so such that ice time is affected—yes, even if it is the ice time of what has been a more mentioned player in the news who some have said could become the “next power forward in this league.” If his defensive lapses remain regular, then many of Mantha’s “power goals” will only be making up for those easy goals his defensive lapses give up. I hate to say it, but this was ALL too familiar.
  5. @yave1964 My $.02: Bernier has got to be better. Those two goals—and especially the sharp-angle gimme through the pads and in—well, you give up two goals like that, you aren’t going to win too many games. Giving up untimely gimme goals, especially after Howard’s performance the other night, is gonna make the choice for #1 goalie really easy. If he wants to play, he had better compete better than that. Nyke had several good chances last night also. ButMantha and Larkin were our best two players. Funny that neither you nor I like Jensen much, but I agree that this game was better than his usual. Said so during the game, and then you echoed it, so it wasn’t just me. Cholo is gonna be bigger than I had hoped. Dude was all over doing good. It is clear why he made the team. He will be, without a doubt the biggest change on the blue line from last year. The difference in this game was execution. Kopitar knows how to make the lost of opportunities, as does Kovalchuk. I was impressed with Campbell’s game. He was busy, but did his job better than I thought he would. I was hoping we could take advantage of not having Quick in the net. And darn it, we tried. We pegged him with numerous shots. He was up to the challenge. I also think the Athabaskan miss, had he made that goal, would have changed the game. Unfortunately, unlike Kopitar, AA isn’t as seasoned at finishing those. He will get them, but that was kinda the game right there—our not able to capitalize on those sudden chances, whereas the Kong’s did. Still, not a bad game. We just need a W here.
  6. @yave1964 Well if your assessment is right, he seems to be a bit of both Draper and Maltby, as Draper was an excellent faceoff man. but I always thought one of Maltby’s best skills was getting into opposing players’ heads. Not as offensively skilled as Dino Ciccarelli, but as pesky net front and in the corners. Interesting connection between him and Geldening. I haven’t seen Glendening play as solid a two-way game as he has lately, but hadn’t made that connection. Maybe Ehn has something to do with that. He clearly made an impression with the coaching staff, and the coaches were kind of mum about him. Not much press about him at all.
  7. @yave1964 Drat! I was hoping you had been following Ehn so I could have some context on his game, since his inclusion surprised me so much. Chow/Cholo DID look really good, and I think he only improved even as the preseason continued. Not perfect. A couple of defensive errors here and there, but great puck movement and mostly consistent defensive play. I actually also thought Luke Glendening had a really good preseason as compared to his previous play. I've always kinda scratched my head about when Babcock put him in elite company as far as his competitiveness is concerned. He stepped up his game this preseason IMHO. I think these kids competing for his job motivated him. A good thing. No question AA and Vanek were good. I expect good things from those two, although I suspect that top D pairs will be hanging with that line if those two are kept together. Which should open the door up for a guy like Ras. Maybe he gets matched with those two. If he does, he provides much needed net-front for them. If not, he's a second threat that may see a second-pair D assignment. Maybe put Abby on their line and put Ras on the other one? Either way, Ras' presence adds something that the Wings haven't really had too much in earnest--multiple net-front players. Mantha MIGHT potentially be one, and Abby is one, though not a prolific scorer. I'm hoping Ras does both and creates havoc that opposing D's will have to make hard decisions about how they will match up. Still, the defensive lapses against less-than-NHL-caliber lineups suggests that this could be a tough season to watch. I hope I'm wrong.
  8. The decisions have been made, and Rasmussen and Cholowski made the cut as well as Christopher Ehn. (Ehn wasn’t even on my radar!) Zadina was assigned to GR along with the rest of the young Wings. I am a little disappointed, but I am not at all surprised. There is SUCH a difference in speed going from juniors to the NHL. His first game was his first game—nerves should be expected—but he was really chasing the puck that game. He got a little better as the preseason kept going, but never red hot. Not hot enough to earn a spot. That’s a good thing, keeping him down, methinks. Let him learn the game at the AHL level and gain confidence so when he comes up, he produces nearly-daily. He seemed to ride the coattails of Vanek and AA, which is almost like playing with Z or Datsyuk—you SHOULD play better when you play with them. Great potential, but not quite ready. I like their choices of Ras and Chow. These are not flashy players, but both should be able to help our PP. and Ras can be a big bet-front man at even strength too. Little z will get his turn to shine soon enough. I have a feeling it won’t be too long before he is called up.
  9. @hf101 Sae that. Not good news, as Green was pretty much our only D-man with any kind of offensive production. One of the kids will have to step up, because our other D-men have shown that they can’t do it. I’d just assume the Wings wait and try to find a better D-man when one becomes available and develop our prospects earlier than we might otherwise want than pick up scraps.
  10. @yave1964 @radoran @TooMuchBeard @Haliax Late to the discussion, but... Yes, when this contract was inked, it was an unspoken acknowledgement that toward the end, he could/would retire. Let’s also be objective and say that players who would be paid a ton of money are more motivated to play out their contracts if they would not receive the $ otherwaise. That’s just true, and anyone who says otherwise isn’t being honest. All that said, the evidence shows that Zetterberg did not practice AT ALL for the entire second half of last season. Knowing who he is—his track record of work ethic over 15 years—we know that that was not because he was being lazy. He couldn’t do it. And as much as you may want to equivocate playing golf in the summer with practicing or working out or playing hockey, my only response is, “Really?” TOTALLY not the same thing. Despite the decrease in financial remuneration, remember that Z is following behind Iohan Franzen, who is demonstrating what debilitating jnjury does to someone once their career is over. Z cannot ignore that. And when ALL of the doctors say, “There is nothing more that we can do,” that is VERY significant. No, this is legitimate injury ending a career. That doesn’t mean the other things don’t weigh at all, but that last fact and Z demonstrating unwavering work ethic and sacrifice of body through his whole career trump all the others.
  11. @yave1964 I would be perfectly comfortable with Larkin wearing the C. As an homage to his years of service, Kronner could be co-captain in his last season to take some of the responsibilities off of Larkin his first season as captain. No one has mentioned this idea, but I think it would be good. Good for BOTH of them. Larkin’s so likely to eventually wear it, I don’t see a big deal with getting that started. IF Z is out.
  12. It is becoming more apparent to the public that Henrik Zetterberg may be finished as a hockey player. That he was struggling as much with his back without the public really knowing how bad it was is both a testament to how well he has learned to play with pain and to the ability of the franchise to keep his struggles mostly on the down-low. But now that we DO know, it makes the re-signing of Vanek and Green more understandable. Even though I liked both signings before, this new information makes those decisions even more correct. If we are to lose Z’s services, it is a big blow as far as leadership is concerned. His loss—if he IS unable to play—almost certainly guarantees that Zadina will start the season wearing the Winged Wheel. The bad news is that we would have liked Zadina to witness Zetterberg’s persistence and calm despite his pain and partial disability. To experience watching the work ethic of a superstar as well as pick his brain, even if only for a season. Rather than learn from Z, instead Vanek and Nielsen will need to teach him how to go about being a pro at this level. He will need to learn to incorporate two-way play and add defensive-mindedness to his obviously well-equipped offensive skill set. I have always liked the re-acquisition of Vanek to encourage him to hone his offensive scoring skills, and add more playmaking. Nielsen will need to teach him defensive responsibility. Z could have done both, but maybe not be able. I wonder if this may also open the door for Veleno? Maybe not day one, but if Z is out, it leaves an awfully big hole to fill offensively. Defensively, the Green signing—even with his question marks—makes sense too. Without Z and without Green, our D would be even more shaky than it is. If Z does go, it is going to be a tough go this season on the defensive side of the puck. Z helped a lot from the front end in an area that we have obvious deficiency. I don’t know that our top talent from the draft solves the problem though. Bottom line: if Z is finished, this signals that our rebuild will be in full swing by necessity, and it will be the end of an era. The Wings will new to put every effort forth to train their young talent to compete.
  13. @yave1964 Though I agree with you that it would be pretty cool to have them raised together, I don’t see it happening for several reasons: 1. It is possible that one or both may not have their numbers retired. 2. They didn’t leave the league/Wings at the same time. (Not a huge deal.) 3. Each man deserves his own celebration of his own career and merits without having to share the spotlight. 4. The Red Wings need as many PR opportunities as they can muster as they rebuild to get as many people in the seats as possible right now. Putting these together would halve that opportunity. Like Trammell and Whittaker “should” have been inducted into the HOF together but won’t be, I don’t see these two having their numbers retired together. It WOULD be cool. I just don’t see it happening.
  14. Over time I have come to realize that the competitive system the NHL had in place at the time is what allowed this. They just took advantage. He couldn't have done it as a less-skilled player. He was a good player, and we won another Cup that would have been difficult to win without him. (It was hard enough to win it with him!) Yes, Carolina took advantage, and so did Federov, but hey, that's competition and letting the market decide. And, yes that DID bother me...until he came through and won that second Cup. Making it to the conference finals was not enough--if we hadn't won the Cup in 1998 I would still be pissed. But we not only won it, but he also played well that season and in those playoffs. So it's kinda like the difference between cockiness and confidence--if you can actually do what you say you can/will do, then I'm OK with you saying it beforehand. It wasn't all his doing, but the Wings still could have let him walk away to Carolina. They (wisely) paid the man. And you're right about the dialogue on here. With few exceptions, talking hockey--even in the face of significant disagreement--is pretty darn good. Millennials on FB and other social media could learn a thing or ten from HF contributors on agreeing to disagree agreeably or even <shudder> actually coming to a consensus!

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