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  1. @yave1964 This HAS to be your most succinct mid-season report card EVER! And for good reason. You COULD have just said: "F That is all!" and you would have been right. I've been reading comparisons of this team to the Avs of 4 years ago, but one thing is different about us than them: We have too many worthless-or-close-to-worthless veterans that we still have high pay and term to eat that we will have to get rid of before we are REALLY gonna be able to turn this thing around to be competitive. I think it will take longer than the 4 years it took the Avs. Having said that, it seems to me that MOST of those contracts end within a year or two of one another, so WHEN the improvement happens, it should happen a bit more abruptly, as more of our young talent enters and the ones who are young now that will be worth saving will be ready for their serious-pay contracts. Hopefully, somewhere in the middle of that, we will have a lucky/gracious draft lottery to help us out. You will note for the first time in a LONG time I have changed my signature line. It's somewhat manufactured, but nonetheless needed. Lafreniere would be a wonderful addition and could take pressure off of a young Zadina moving forward. Could there be a more important day in the next year for the Red Wings organization than that one? The only way to keep yourself from drinking with this team is to look ahead and hope. Though the Gerard Gallant availability seems like it would be helpful, it may not be as helpful as one might think due to the talent pool we (don't) have. No matter how good a poker player you are, when you are looking at 8-2, you can't really do much with that hand. We just don't have the goods right now, and much of the goods we have are injured, or have been for enough of the season where it really doesn't make much difference. Patience is the key now. And hope for a little fortune with a draft lottery or two, plus continued solid talent appraisal by Stevie et al among the prospects. But sneaking a swig or two of some good bourbon will likely be in the cards as well! And watching other hockey games. OH, AND CURLING!! ;-D
  2. Bottom line for me, the officials, by not disciplining that headshot, contributed to Kassian losing it. And lose it he did. And I will hold the league responsible for when we see the next player wheeled off on a stretcher with a career-threatening injury, because they turned a blind eye to an obvious headshot. They are stoking this feud when it is already getting out of hand. And if Tkachuk continues to deliver these kinds of cheap shots (the first, not so much the second) it will be the fault of the league for encouraging a cheap shot artist with a name.
  3. See, this is what I don’t get—you’ve got three people here who love the game, look with unbiased eyes and see the EXACT same things. And yet Toronto and the officials don’t see it! Now, I’ll cut the on-ice officials some slack. Stuff happens so fast, they CAN’T see everything. And because there was no injury, they COULD second guess what they thought their eyes saw, if they saw it. “Maybe he DID get the shoulder.” But there is no excuse for Toronto not getting this right. I see that neck flex, and both players should thank their lucky stars that there wasn’t a cervical fracture or luxation. I really don’t get how they can turn a blind eye to this. If they let this go, what does it say to the next guy with such an opportunity? Must be OK, huh? No. It’s not. And that needs to be said with more than words. For love of the game.
  4. @ruxpin I have no skin in the game for either player. And I love a good, legal, destructive hit maybe more than many do. Loved watching almost all of Kronwall’s work, because almost all of the time, his hits, though heavy on the head were through the body as well, and were a result of the opponent simply playing with his head down. But this was nothing like those hits. If Kissick’s head and neck were removed, it would have been a glance hit on the shoulder at most. Until hits like this are dealt with using heavy consequences, it is impossible to argue that the NHL is really serious about head injury issues. I guess it’s gonna take losing a superstar before they come to their senses. You would think that Crosby would have scared them enough. Nope.
  5. Personally, I think that first hit was a headshot, and Tkachuk should receive supplemental discipline. I don’t know how Toronto sees these things, but for me, my rule is that if you were to remove the head and the neck from the victim’s body and the same hit was made, would it be more of a miss that a hit? If it would be more of a miss, that is targeting the head, and it has no business in our game. Some might say he got his shoulder, but I disagree. Watch his neck flex as the hip collides with it. Seriously, that kind of hit can end a career. I can’t believe it if there is not supplemental discipline. I am NOT saying that Tkachuk intentionally targeted the head. His intent may have been a hip check to the shoulder, but he missed. He should pay for that miss. JMHO
  6. [Hidden Content] I know we lost. I know we had a 2-goal lead and lost 4-2. I know we gave up two goals in less than a minute in the second. Again. But at least we had THIS! Granted, he had lots of time to size that shot up, but he NAILED that! THAT is a goal scorer’s goal, and boy do we need some of those right now! It’s kinda like that gasp of air while you are being water boarded!
  7. YES! It’s Christmas break. 5 days without a Red Wing game! Does that count as a bright spot?
  8. @WordsOfWisdom It is actually WORSE for AA when you take into consideration that of the people on the list, AA and Cholo are the only two not regularly matched up against top-line opponents. That Cholo was on the list didn’t surprise me one iota. He has been close to dreadful. He is a giveaway machine. And it’s easy to see. AA isn’t as easy to see unless you are paying attention to who is missing assignments. He has fewer bad giveaways in the D zone, but tries to cheat too much and ends up by the red line a lot while his man either scores or assists. And let’s be honest: ANY 5 we out out on the ice right now puts us in a world of hurt! And than heavens for the Christmas break, because Mantha and Adam Erne just went down along with Bernier. This keeps up, we will be calling up kids from Juniors! ;-D
  9. @WordsOfWisdom Unfortunately, that stat isn’t too far off, but it could partially be by design. Last year, because we were so short at center, an experiment took place where Athanasiou (AA from now on) was tried at center. There was another purpose behind this too—to try to teach him the defensive responsibilities one must have even as a forward. At first, he was DREADFUL! I’m not sure he had ever been told to take his foot off of the offensive gas pedal before, but now that was what he was being asked to do and it was clear he didn’t know how instinctually. He would have to learn to do that. As the second half of the season, two things happened: 1. He got better defensively. 2. He ALSO got better offensively. But center is not his natural position, and so in the off-season, it was decided that AA would be put back in his natural position at wing and lower line centers would be brought in or up to fill that void at center. The hope was that AA would remember what he learned and still do at least SOME of it while on the wing. He hasn’t. He is right back to playing the way he was before, except now our D is LESS able to make that first pass to break him out up front, so his offense no longer makes up for his defensive lapses. Cherry-picking only works when you have people who are able to send you that puck from out of your own zone. We don’t have that this season, nor will we for the next couple of seasons either. And so the ridiculous +/- is the result of that. I do think it is skewed at his expense because we are so low in talent on D, but he just can’t seem to adapt his game to be more responsible, and now they are just hoping he can bet a few goals just to try to make tickets a little bit more enticing for fans. On a team with a much stronger D who can activate him, he would be a terror! Dude has speed and skills! But he’s not going to get the kind of help from the back end that he will need to play beat his potential on the Red Wings for at least 3 seasons. And unless he is managed right, and forcefully directed to play a more responsible defensive game, he won’t. I predict he will eventually at some point be traded for this reason, and some team, who has the talent to feed him, will be the better for it.
  10. Flu takes out half the team. Dekeyeser, arguably our best D-man, now out for the season after having back surgery. The real pity here is that while this would normally be an opportunity to give a prospect some NHL experience, we are forced to give Brian Laschoff a call-up. To replace an injured Ericsson. As tempting as it could be to call up Seider, please don’t. Not unless he is ready. I need some hope, and if you bring him up now, and he’s not lights-out, what other hope do we have on the defensive side of the puck? Nope, I need that hope to remain. Brining him up just so we would lose 4-2 instead of 5-2 doesn’t help me. I can’t wait for the curling season to heat up!
  11. @yave1964 Zadina is being taught how to ride the bus. Recalled from GR. They can’t decide what to do with him!
  12. @yave1964 Still, why rush him? The hockey stinks with or without him. He can’t right that ship himself. All this losing is gonna kill his confidence and mess with his mojo. Why do that to him? i kinda agree with the move, though I WISH my reasons weren’t valid.
  13. @mojo1917 Friday's game was better than Wednesday's, although 6-1 is still a beating! The Toronto game was just one of the worst games they've played. They. Had. Nothing. But that's only one game. If that game stood alone as an exception, it would be dismissable. But last season we had multiple games that were similar e.g. Montreal games. This ISN'T just about THIS season. The problem is that unlike previous seasons, most of the time, where we were losing, but losing 1-goal games (or 2-goal games with an ENer to seal it for the opponent), we are losing 3- and 4- and 5-goal games now. Consistently. And many of them follow the same pattern of collapse. We might stay in the game for 20-30 minutes. Maybe even 40. And then... Fragile is right. There is little belief in ourselves. It does contribute to these collapses. We don't have the solid veteran presence that doesn't panic or get down on themselves when they go down by 2 goals. The only ones who seem to be able to do that are injured more than we'd like and aren't on the bench. The Caps game was the best game we had played in a long time. Held our own until we pulled our goalie in the third and Ovie scored 2 ENers. But Larkin really showed his frustration, as he was the one who coughed up the puck on Ovie's second ENer to give him a hattie. And that's why this season was not the season to give him the captaincy. That will come in time. But this kind of season can bruise an ego if you let it, and that's my biggest concern--the culture. We've certainly lost the winning culture. We have also lost the compete culture now. That's a bigger concern to me.
  14. I hope I am wrong! And you ARE more aware of what our talent look like in GR, so I defer to your knowledge there. But I would rather THINK like me and have LOW expectations for next season than set myself up for more disappointment if they continue to play anything close to this level. What's the old saying: Prepare for the worst. Hope for the best. I'm prepared for a LONG rebuild. If it's not long, I'll be pleasantly surprised and happy! If it is, well...it's just like I thought. I just didn't think it would be THIS bad THIS year. But it is!
  15. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Thanks TFG. I had written a somewhat-lengthy response in kind, and I thought I sent it, but apparently the Lord saw fit to spare you from my diatribe. I knew it was gonna be a long basement run. I knew it was going to be bad. I just didn't think it could be THIS bad in the cap world. The teams are so much closer in talent level on average that it becomes really noticeable when one part of your game has so little talent (our D). Makes it stick out that much more, it seems, even though I wouldn't have thought that. And let's face it, it's only been 3 seasons, but to be out 3 seasons and still be here is somewhat concerning and does make one wonder about how long we will be here. I think 3-5 seasons before we are in the playoff mix other than a possible fluke bubble season where we might squeak in because somebody else chokes.

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