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  1. You must reasonable about this. It is NOT just about the kill rate. Right now--at present--the kill rate is still less than flu. Legitimate expectations are still 1.X%. That alone is not worth panicking about. But that is not the whole story. 1.X% of WHAT? How many people are expected to get infected is an important stat in figuring out what the appropriate level is to react to this. If 2/3 of the country eventually get infected, but the virus still kills 1.X% of 2/3 of the nation, that's a LOT of people dead. WAY more people ill, but will recover. Do we need to turn our lives upside down? Probably not. Many of us are probably gonna get sick. Most of us will recover. BUT, if you or your loved one are the 1.X%? Do I think the NBA and NHL are overreacting? Perhaps, but the previous poster is right when he/she said that they did it to avoid the inevitable lawsuit from the few who will have loved ones die who went to that game that the NHL didn't cancel, regardless of whether or not they actually got the infection there or not, and regardless of whether or not they would have otherwise been infected by other means. That is unfortunately the state of our culture in America today. "I'm gonna get me mine." And because of it, we lose the rest of the season. Not because of the true lethality of the virus, but because the one mutant would potentially ruin it for the rest of us. <sigh> And yes, BTW, the DDS in my moniker is because I'm a dentist, so I am working in what is likely one of the highest risk environs of just about anybody other than those directly treating the confirmed-infected. Be smart. Be reasonable. Nothing wrong with taking a few precautions. But don't let it take over your life. My $.02.
  2. GREAT NEWS! We haven’t lost in 3 days! That’s all I’ve got.
  3. That might actually be bad for this idea. Usually, it is when the top 3-4 players are highly valued that teams want to move up. If it's more Frenchy than anyone else, and then everyone else is about the same, no one's gonna want to move up any, especially if they have their eyes on forwards. They KNOW we will be taking a Dman. So it would have to come from a team a few picks down that wants A certain player amongst the deep group at the top.
  4. Welcome @Altzy91. You are not wrong. It’s high time to move on. It’s not all his fault right now, but he’s dreadful and so are the Wings when he’s in the net. I’m sure you were responding to the 7-1 drubbing by the Wild. To be fair, he was moving too much on the first goal, which made that one an easy score, but a number of those MN goals, including one on Bernier after he relieved Howard, were top-corner snipes that are gonna go in even if Carey Price is in net. Especially if the patient shooters are open at the back door as widely as the D is leaving them open. But yeah, it is time for Howard to go. But truly, I don’t know what you are expecting right now. They are asking this collection of “leftovers” and building blocks to play for their pride against teams who have more talent and have actual reasons to play to win other than simply playing for pride. I gotta say that that is a tall order, especially for a leadership group like we have here. Dylan Larkin does NOT know how to lead a team out of this kind of place, because I don’t think he’s ever been here before in his career, even before the NHL. He looks and sounds like a guy searching for answers. Having a good goalie in net in this game would have simply made the score 5-1 rather than 7-1. And I promise you that that game would still demand to be turned off as much as the 7-1 drubbing did. This is simply unwatchable, no matter who is in the net right now.
  5. @yave1964 We—as we do often are—are in agreement. Dunno if you watched that Yzerman P.C. that I shared, but this is exactly his thinking also. We need just about as many 1st and 2nd picks as possible because truthfully, not all 1st round picks work out. We WANT and EXPECT them to, but sometimes what can look right doesn’t end up BEING right. And of course injury plays into that some. But in answering the question why still trade AA for less than a 1st, Stevie answered it directly: For is to pull out of this within 5 years, some of our 2nd and 3rd round picks are gonna have to rise above expectations. In other words, we are gonna need some luck on our side. More picks give more of a chance of that happening. But he wasn’t bashful about saying that somewhere between 5 and 10 years is how long it takes to do this right, u less you get EXTREMELY lucky and land a generational player. I am glad to see Veleno starting to play more like we expected. It was really early, but the start of this season had me wondering if he might be more of a dud. I don’t think so now. I think he just needs time. The good news is that Stevie seems to understand that. The bad news is that WE have to understand that too, and it’s tough when watching curling is better than watching Red Wing hockey. We are just gonna have to be patient and pray that our almost-1-in-5 chance of landing the top pick actually happens. Unfortunately, there is more of a 4-in-5 chance that we WON’T. Truly, I think that the odds of the worst team getting the best pick should be better than 18.X%, regardless of whether our team is that worst team or not. It shouldn’t be a coin flip, but it should be more than 1-in-5.
  6. @yave1964 So, I take it, depending on how strong the other non-Dman prospects are below Frenchy, you would consider possibly trading down a 2nd or 3rd pick if it didn't look as though the top D-man prospect would go top-4 or -5, yah? As long as we were "safely" above where the top D prospect will probs go? Might get a prospect or extra pick for it for the right team that might want to move up.
  7. Oh, geez! I hadn't heard that his prognosis was as negative as you are implying with your response. Have you heard something I haven't? I was under the impression that he would be ready at the start of next season. Don't let the current disaster negatively bias your look at next season. Chin up!
  8. @yave1964 I just noticed--you forgot DDK. That would round up your top 6. Pair Seider with him. Let Dekesyer play responsible defense while Seider explores how much risk he can take making that first pass, eh?
  9. @yave1964 If anyone had any doubts that the rebuild timeline was any shorter than 3-5 years (or longer), they only need to see the trade of Andreas Athanasiou and watch Yzerman's PC. Here's the PC: [Hidden Content] Note the truth about what he is saying--he is talking about 10 years. TEN YEARS! Not 2. Not 5. Ten. Other than this PC being almost a GM 101--Intro to Being a GM class, this really should put into perspective what is probably coming. This was about as honest a PC as one could expect from a GM. I really like what he said here...other than the timeline. I like how he said that not all first round picks work out. He's right! He is looking at this wisely. And I hope that the higher-ups and the fans who eventually will become more and more impatient will let him try to work his plan out. Also, IIRC, one of the reasons they kept Raz down was to get him to play center. I have a feeling that when they call him up, that they will have him centering his line, not playing him on the wing. That seemed to be their intent with him anyway. I'm not saying that it is smarter to do it that way. I like your putting him on Franzen's wing better. Less responsibility right when he gets back up to the show. They can always put him at center if one of them goes down with injury. Question for ya @yave1964: Short of getting Lafreniere, which if they get the first pick they would be stupid not to take with that pick--I assume we agree on that--if they get pick 2 or 3 or end up at 4, do you draft any other forward rather than getting the top-rated blue-liner? Maybe trade down the pick a few picks (not too far though). A young blue-liner might, like Seider and most other D-man draft selections, require a year of refining and development in the AHL before playing with the big boys. With this draft, how many forwards other than Lafreniere would be worth deferring a blue-liner pick? Any at all?
  10. I saw that they also dealt Kuffner and got Sam Gagner in return as part of the deal. Draisaitl-McDavid-Athanasiou Now that is a daunting defensive challenge. Maybe the most daunting in the league. If they click...watch out!
  11. I don't know what we are getting in return, but this was the best fit for him IMHO. He's gotta be psyched!
  12. Your wife is a Jackets fan?! She from Columbus? A buckeye?
  13. Hope you're right. I thought it was 1PM EST. My mistake. With 3 hours left, I still have hope. I think AA wants out--few wouldn't with his abilities and with the DRW situation right now. It'll hurt next season some, but we won't have any headlines about having to match RFA offers over the summer. And maybe a season or two later, we'll be glad we moved him. Istill say no less that a first-rounder or a SOLID prospect and a second. He's got too much upside to move him for less.
  14. @yave1964 1 hour remaining. Think AA will get moved? Odds? I say no.

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