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  1. @yave1964 THAT is more like the yave I have come to know and respect. Emotions got the best of you trying to accelerate hope because this is YOUR team! I totally get it. It’s hard to swallow the bitter pill that is a true rebuild. Unfortunately, there will be more than one dose! We knew this back when they were making deals and we were saying “no.” Not as loudly as we say it today, but still acknowledging that we were giving away our talent for very short-term help. And I blamed Holland, but he may very well have been doing Mike Ilitch’s bidding. I don’t really know who to blame. But whoever it was didn’t even get what they had hoped. And then to make up for it, we continued our “noble” cause of loyalty to the falling. You can do that for a very select few. Z for example. Kronner. But Helm? Cleary? Abdelkader? Those are not elite heroes. They are supporting cast. But we have treated them more like just sub-elites. This was a long series of mistakes that have had extended impact that has totally prevented us from doing what Chicago has done. To be honest, I think Chicago learned from Detroit’s mistakes and avoided them by letting go of supporting players. Shaw comes to mind. Bickell does too. They knew they had to cut some ties, and they did it before it was too late. And getting lucky in the draft lottery ain’t gonna hurt ‘me any! I predict that Dach is gonna be a great player for them. When Jimmy Devellano came over, he knew it was going to take a long time to build a great team. It took longer than he thought it would. We are not as bad as the Dead Things were. It won’t take THAT long. But Stevie knows history has a tendency to repeat itself. He’s got the right perspective. Think. Long. Term. In 2-3 seasons it might be time to make that interesting FA move. Now, a signing like that hinders the flexibility we need to be able to get our young talent opportunity to show what they can do. For your own sake, I suggest you swallow the pill. Accept the reality. Lowering expectations makes it easier when we finally start looking mediocre again. Easier on the heart. More likely to be around for those grandkids. And if you just can’t help yourself, yave, there is always weed! ;-D
  2. @yave1964 The only thing I disagree with you about in that whole post is that “yikes” was your opening word. I was expecting the rest of it to be trashing the signings, but you didn’t. In fact, I think you were very even-handed and honest about them. What I think you need to accept are two things: 1. We are officially and uncategorically in rebuild mode. We will be fortunate to get back to good in 4-5 seasons. (“Good” being defined as able to go beyond the first round of the playoffs.) OK, maybe 3 seasons. But it’s still gonna be 3 SEASONS. Let that sink in. 2. Yzerman is NOT going to make the mistakes of years past wasting resources just to make us good enough to be a bubble team. That is a good thing, even though in the short run, it sucks. We’ve already done the short-term thing for FAR too long. That is EXACTLY what has got us where we are. To be perfectly honest, I don’t have a problem with any of the signings at all. I actually think they are smart, even though I think expecting anywhere close to 17 goals from Val Fillpula is a pipe dream on this team. But if he can give us 12-15 and maybe help show kids how to play a two-way game and prepare like a pro, then fine. Even though most of the Europeans he was playing with before are gone, we know he understands the organization, and he knows Stevie. Not to be the wet blanket, but my advice to you would be to lower your expectations. You will be less disappointed with reality doing it this way. Better for your health. AND should they actually start clicking and becoming more competitive than we think... 1. We will enjoy the pleasant surprise of it. 2. We will have some cap space to make another add later if it might actually get us close to “good.” This is what smart GMing looks like. It isn’t always exciting. Sometimes smart GMing is downright boring. I think that’s exactly what we are seeing. Now just wasn’t the time to make a big splash. Too soon. Patience, grasshopper!
  3. @yave1964 In the spirit of inclusiveness, the Hockey Hall of Fame is henceforth being renamed the Hockey Hall of Fame, Mediocrity and Vague Familiarity. Love, Commissioner Gary Bettman
  4. Yeah, I addressed the first pick in another thread. Post-first-round interview with Stevie showed that they tried to trade down, but couldn’t find anyone who would trade up a first not too far down the chain. Like you, I don’t have a problem with Seider. And I don’t even have a general problem with the fact that we picked all D in the first 2 rounds. Again, our biggest need is Dmen. We are short on talent there. This helps that. OK. it’s the “who” of their picks that makes one scratch his/her head. It’s almost like they ignored what anyone else thought of players and went with their own analysis on some of these. But let’s remember a few things: 1. Stevie has proven that when it comes to evaluating talent, he and Verbeek don’t suck at it. They have reached before and it has paid off for the Bolts. 2. Only time will tell if their analysis is better or not. Even players who are considered “the best player available” turn out to be duds. 3. There is absolutely something to be said for how a player “fits” your organization, and to be quite honest, that can trump talent level, especially after round 1, where talent level gaps are not usually as large. 4. We have ZERO idea what was said in interviews, and we haven’t actually watched these players in action. In other words, our analysis is at best third-hand, at worst speculation. 5. By making these reaches, it does put Stevie et al in a position where if what they did works, they look like geniuses, but if they don’t, they look pretty bad. It’s almost an all-or-nothing deal. They now will get all the credit or all the blame. Going “safe” spares you from some of that if you take what is generally considered the best talent available and it doesn’t work out. 4. Let’s face it: Stevie is gonna get a bit of a pass because he is Stevie. 5. Let’s also face it: Stevie is gonna get a bit of a pass because he is not Kenny Holland. If he is going to try something like this, now is the time. 6. No matter what else you think, #2 above will be the final judge.
  5. Update: As I suspected, listening to Steve Yzerman in a post-first-round interview, he said they DID try to trade down their pick to the teams just below theirs, but no one was interested. That makes sense. Unfortunately for the Wings, There was a glut of talent that was all at about the same level from 6 to Caufield, and none of the other teams felt the need to give up a decent lower-round pick to try to close a gap in talent that wasn’t there. The only real chance that they might have had would have been if Spencer Knight was thought to have gone top-ten, and some team 10-15 really wanted him. But nope. i have a feeling this pick will be just fine. It starts to fill our biggest need at the blue line. And there is no denying the kid’s size and smarts. Hope he’s fast enough at the NHL pace. I DO think it helps that Stevie made the pick rather than Holland. People would be calling for KH’s head a lot more had he made the pick. I told ya we had no chance at Bowen Byram. And the Dmen picks in the first round went earlier than most predicted they would, not just us. This kinda reminded me of the thread/discussion we had last year before the lottery determined we would have the 6th pick when I asked if we would take Svechnikov if he was still available or a Dman like Bouchard to fill our biggest need, and I said I would probably take the Dman, and I was about the only one who said that. And I might have been mistaken with the talent gap between Svech and the Dmen that were available, and we ended up going for talent level over position with Zadina. This year, we did the opposite, and I think it may have been wise as poor as our Dman talent pool is with the prospects in our system right now. I just wish there had been a talent gap that stimulated more teams to try to move up so that we could have traded down, but it just wasn’t there.
  6. I'm not disappointed in the pick of Seider. He was the best Dman available and we needed a Dman more than anything else. But I absolutely wonder if we shouldn't have traded down. We could have had him at 8-9 fairly safely. Maybe even 10. I'm a bit perplexed. Maybe nobody was dealing? I HOPE that our scouting team saw him right, because there was some real talent that we passed over.
  7. I'm having a hard time seeing him still being available for us at 6. His name keeps coming up, but there's no way he is still available for us realistically, right?
  8. Well, if the DRW history has anything to say, you may be right. Our decline began with the loss to the Pens in the 2009 SCFs. We didn’t lose by much. Some would argue we lost because Malkin was given a pass. But the succeeding seasons say that the decline had begun. We were actually competitive for a few more seasons, but soon we were simply making the playoffs. And then we were struggling to make the playoffs. And then we were trading all of our future talent to extend our streak of struggling to barely make the playoffs and exit quietly in the first round. It wouldn’t surprise me at all if this is the beginning of the decline. The question is whether the Wings can get better fast enough to make the playoffs before the Pens stop making it. They actually might. Despite being the 4th worst team, we lost a whole lot of 1-goal games this season. We may be closer than it feels like we are. But even if they do start making the playoffs, it won’t be the same thing as it was in ‘08-‘09. If the Wings and Pens are to meet in the next couple of years, it will likely mean only that the winner gets the opportunity to lose to another real contender in the next round. But I must admit that as a DRW fan the idea of the Wings becoming good enough to send Sid to the golf course—the circle becoming complete—sounds pretty good! Gotta love hockey!
  9. @notfondajane You and I will be waiting a LONG time before that happens. Even for the opportunity for that to happen. We’re not close. And by the time we are, excepting another miracle draft lottery win for the Pens, they will be well into their decline.
  10. @yave1964 @TropicalFruitGirl26 @pilldoc @JR Ewing Steve Yzerman is the PERFECT fit right now. It is good for the organization, because as vaunted as Kenny Holland’s history with the franchise has been with the 3 Cups and so many consecutive years in the playoffs, he CLEARLY has made a number of SERIOUS booboos. And some of them aren’t going away any time soon. To Holland’s credit, he started making some better decisions since dealing with Datsyuk’s bolting for Russia. Not ALL of them. Here we are with a long-term deal for Justin Abdelkader who went 41 games between goals this season! We are going to regret that. But to be fair, he actually had started to do something for us lately with excellent deals for draft picks and solid draft picks. It might have been easy for Holland to let his ego get in the way of letting someone else take the helm. With Stevie being such a good friend, that made that decision easier for him and for ownership. And the team needs this. Badly!
  11. @yave1964 You obviously missed my posted topic entitled “There is a God, and He is Good!”
  12. @yave1964 The difficulty with the tough love thing is that for it to be accepted takes a lot of maturity. Young kids often don’t have it. But fortunately, I think Larkin gets it, which helps. The young kids see how Blashill treats them, but Larkin is right there to say, “No, he’s doing it to help you.” Tough-love coaching DOES work with the right group, but in most cases the players have to know who they are to a significant degree. If they don’t, then when the coach rides them for their screwups, they accept that as their identity, and that’s harmful. That is why keeping veterans on board—and even better, good young players like Larkin—and I can absolutely see Hirose being one very easily too—are there to help “translate.” For Mantha, I think the smartest thing Blashill did was show him 10 best shifts vs. worst 10 shifts on video. Anthony has to see that the coach didn’t just remember the screwups, even though it can SEEM like that with tough-love coaching. And it worked. For AA, the challenge of giving him a 2C position which came with more ice time and responsibility worked as well. I think it was all the more meaningful when he did it despite being short on the wing after Nyke’s trade. They weren’t missing a center. But he needed to play it. And I don’t think he would have responded the way he did if he hadn’t been shown how wrong he is when he neglects his defensive role on the ice first. Without the former, I don’t know if the experiment works. The difficult part as fans—like for me with Zadina—is that we want the growth to happen immediately. But that is rarely true. I’m hoping maybe Hirose can break that mold. I was really impressed with him. No more excuses for Blash now with Yzerman at the helm. He has two seasons to put up or shut up. Because by the time his contract ends, these kids will be ready for an experienced coach to guide them to greatness if Blash can’t show he can do it. I hope that you are wrong about him, but I’m not sure whether you are or not.
  13. I woke up this morning and started scrolling through my FB news feed and one of the first things I see is “Welcome Home, Steve Yzerman!” Press conference this afternoon should make it official that Stevie will take the helm as GM, while Kenny Holland will finish his contract in an advisory role. It’s about time! I hope he is able to do what he did in TB. It’ll take some time, but I think this is the best DRW news in several seasons. Good start to my Good Friday!
  14. @yave1964 Nice summary. Though you and I agree on a lot of things, I strongly disagree with you about the low point of the season. In fact, the low point, in my view, wasn't either spot you mentioned. It was the sequel to the Montreal Debacle that occurred as a part of the post-trade-deadline slump. The wheels officially came off during that stretch. Green was down for good. Our talent was depleted. We knew the season was over. What to play for? That Montreal game was the low point in that, if there was any game that we should have responded to by playing hard, it was that one. And we came out asleep! Dead! Unforgivable! The first Montreal Debacle was bad enough. But to do that TWICE?! Ugh! In stark contrast to you, I think the win streak at the end WAS a GOOD thing for this franchise. I understood Lughes for Hughes, BUT look at what Ottawa/Colorado got for all of their losing: 4th. We would have had to lose so many more games, and deal with the mental issues that come when you lose all the time. And for what? Picking two spots earlier. If it had gotten us a MUCH greater chance at a top-2 pick? OK, I buy it then. But it really doesn't as the results of the lottery show you. The difference between the 4th pick and the 6th pick? Not as big a deal, really. To me a strong argument can be made that the low moment of the season was when the Detroit Red Wings logo flipped on the card as getting the sixth pick in the draft, even with one team remaining in the hunt for a top-3 pick, dropping 2 positions from the default 4th if they had picked in reverse-standings order. No chance at either Hughes or Kakko. But technically, the season was already over at that point. BIGGEST SURPRISES: The play of Nick Kronwall. Appropriate I am mentioning this on Easter weekend, because the dude resurrected himself from the dead. If he wants to play another season, he darn well should. If he doesn't, he went out on a higher note that most of us thought he would. He gets the Steve Yzerman award for playing on two half-knees. The play of Taro Hirose. He made quite an impression in a short period of time. Not just THAT he had all of those assists, but HOW he got those assists. I like his smarts and intuition. Kudos to Jiri Fischer and the gang for getting that young man to sign with us. That was really a nice bit of unexpected hope added for seasons to come. And as you noted, the play of Luke Glendening. Perhaps one of this best seasons ever. I'm a little surprised he didn't get moved at the deadline. BIGGEST LETDOWN: OK, I'm gonna say it--the lack of immediate readiness of Filip Zadina. I just got too excited, I think. I was hoping with his pre-draft confidence that he was gonna drive himself to make an immediate impact. Not ready. Too soon. DANG! MOST SARCASTIC MOMENT: Justin Abdelkader scoring his first goal in half a season. Wooooow! <SMH> That contract is gonna look worse and worse, isn't it? And it was bad the moment it was signed! Not quite Riley Sheahan, but he's got a heckuva lot better contract than Sheahan ever had. And I guess I'll disagree about the Dead Things. You can't mention these guys with that era. Not yet. They aren't THAT bad. That era didn't know what parity looked like. The Dead Things were the opposite of parity. As bad as we are comparatively, we aren't NEARLY as far away as we were in the 70's-early-80's era. There's more hope here than there ever was there.
  15. Was actually reading some Malcolm Muggeridge. That dude was the master of turning a phrase. It may have rubbed off a little. Having said that, we Wings fans know how LONG that shadow can look/feel when you are living in it. It seemed like it took FOREVER for that day when we would play the Avs and avenge Lepieux’s assault on Draper to arrive after the Avs eliminated us in 1996. That was a LONG offseason for Wings fans. But looking back on it, it really wasn’t long before we got out of that shadow and into glory! (And P.S. my “Longfellow” isn’t my feet! ;-D )
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