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  1. @yave1964 Which is why Washington got fined $100,000 because four of their players all went to one of their rooms to watch sports. Isolation is critical if this is going to work. You're right that it sucks. You know what doesn't suck? Getting their paycheck. Playing hockey--a game you love--for a living! I appreciate the fact that Mantha and Blashill both recognized the privilege they have in being able to do it, despite the suckage involved on the road.
  2. For sure, the question isn't can he keep the monster at bay now. It's easy when you are scoring goals. The question is: Eventually when the goals stop coming, how will he keep the monster at bay then? If you think hockey is tough, addiction can be FAR more difficult to succeed against. You're right. I'm pulling for him either way. But I'l take the success now and hope it continues for as long as it can.
  3. @yave1964 I started a new write up, but you beat me to the punch. I agree with every single thing you said. The first game I expected them to look rusty, and they did. Game 2 was VERY different. They upped their physical game, and it paid off in spades. And the addition of Bobby Ryan is like a breath of fresh air! The guy knows how to position himself and he’s cocked and ready to fire. It’s only going to open up more opportunities for the other two on his line, once teams start focusing on him. In the meantime, Zadina will improve his setup game
  4. Thoughts after watching game 1: 1. I expected the Wings to look like they hadn't played in 310 days. They did. 2. I expected the Wings to get outplayed by a much better opponent. They did. 3. I expected the Wings to have a high likelihood of getting shut out especially if they fell behind early. They did. 4. I expected Thomas Greiss to play a solid game. He played a VERY good game. Stopped 40 of 42. He is the main reason this game was even watchable for as long as it was. 5. I expected our offense to struggle to score. They did. 6. I expected them to look m
  5. @TropicalFruitGirl26 It is certainly the sentiment for most fans, but remember that for fans of teams who missed the playoffs last season, it has been a MUCH longer offseason, so an added exclamation point goes on the end of that for us! ;-D
  6. Scotty Bowman got on EVERYONE, but yeah, Kozlov too. (Everyone except Brett Hull on the 2002 team.) He would push guys to be better and they would listen and respond because his hands were covered in rings! I like this deal. Smart. Again a good use of resources that helps ice a team, but doesn’t jeopardize future slots for the young talent as it matures and becomes ready to play. I really like how Steve has worked this week. He didn’t need to gain respect in Motown, but he just can’t seem to help himself! He’s smart. Always has been. And you have gotta love
  7. I like Krug better also, thinking long-term. But we opened up a couple of forward slots, and it's not likely that Raymond is gonna be ready to play this season--even less likely that he would start. So I understand taking on Ryan if it nets us a decent pick. Yzerman's objectives are clear: 1. Acquire as much talent through the draft as possible and develop it, and 2. ice a team now that they can somehow market as watchable, so we don't look like we are calling the season before it begins. Ryan would be clearly serving the latter, and depending on what pick(s) we get for him could a
  8. Show me one place EVER when I suggested that the worst team should be given the #1 pick. Show me one place EVER where I have said that a losing team should be awarded a franchise player. I’ll wait... Do I think the worst teams should be the ones in the lottery for the first couple of picks in the draft? Yes I do. I am going to disagree with you on that, as does EVERY SINGLE PROFESSIONAL TEAM SPORTS LEAGUE. Name one that agrees with you. I’ll wait... Here’s the logic for you: If you are going to try to have a competitive team sports le
  9. @CreaseAndAssist @pilldoc The lottery at it is is asinine! I have been saying it for years. And if there was a lottery that illustrates what I have been saying all along, it is this one! It is wrong that the worst team only has an 18.5% chance at the first pick. I agree that it should NOT be a coin flip. We don't want tanking to give a team too reasonable a shot at it, because tanking sucks. I get that. But less than a one-in-five chance at it? No. That's wrong. And the possibility that the worst team, if they don't win ends up picking 4th? That's wrong too!
  10. My fellow HFers will back me up that I have been saying FOR YEARS that the lottery system is FAR too unkind to the worst team(s). I was saying it long before we were near (or AT) the bottom. But if there is a draft lottery that is a shining example that I have been right, it is this one! You wanna see tanking? Wait until a team goes down 0-2 in their qualifier series and watch what happens. Lose for a decent chance at Frenchie! That’s just wrong! You know what else is wrong? That the worst team is only guaranteed 4th. And lookee here! We are missing the top
  11. It's either Rossi, Drysdale, or Askorov if you ask me. I'm with you on Drysdale as my first choice, if for no other reason because our depth at the blue line is pretty thin. He would be a lovely addition to the PP units. I think that a good bit of our offensive problem is our inability to get the puck out of our own zone. We need more talent to be able to activate what talent we have up front. I like the Askorov idea also. We need SERIOUS help in net. Rossi should be considered. I didn't see you mention him. If we are adding up front, he'd probably be my gu
  12. Here’s hoping our 18.5% chance becomes 100% reality! Good luck today! LGRW
  13. Format announced yesterday. And I think the Wings lose again...well, they have at least an 81.5% chance of losing again. This format doesn’t help us AT ALL! In fact, it hurts us more than it helps us. Other teams get more time for prospects to train and for young developing players to get competitive playing time and experience. Oh and if a Cup run doesn’t work out, they can still get Lafreniere! Our players get better at Call of Duty. And our odds of getting the help we really need didn’t change at all—still 18.5%. In other words, we still have an
  14. When you listed Blackhawks as 1, I thought you were ranking them #1! Obviously, I thought you were off your rocker! Then I read the whole thing. It was a list, not a ranking. Whew! And P.S., that Yzerman goal was 2OT. Game 7 too! I remember it well! Gary Thorne with the call. Etched forever! Vladdy coughs up a juicy puck to Wayne Gretzky--of all people!--who by the grace of God was too gassed to handle it. Yzerman picks it up on the move, blue line and GAME OVER! SERIES OVER! LEGEND! And I may be biased, but NO rivalry had the intensity that Wing
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