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  1. Grant's looked pretty darn good in the little bit I've been able to see.
  2. The Jets were actually struggling heading into the playoffs last year and still almost beat the hottest team (and eventual Champs). The Blues did just enough to beat them and that's all that really matters.
  3. The Blues showed last year that you don't need a superstar if you're outworking your opponent and you have a blueline that can really get the job done. B Schenn as you're top left winger? I could make an argument that Tarasenko had that potential but he was only .65 points per game through the playoffs. And yes, a hot goalie helps a lot too, but Binnington didn't exactly light the world on fire in the playoffs either.
  4. Rosanne Cash's story caught my eye as well. I'm not going to pretend that this could be a possibility, but illustrates the difficulty of diagnosing "migraines". [Hidden Content]
  5. I'll paraphrase Ta-Nehisi Coates: it's a powerful thing for POC to take control of a word that white people invented and weaponized. I do get what you're saying though-it is the ugliest of words (and I talk like a sailor).
  6. I'm going to address Peters' alleged racism with another generalization which I know can be troublesome. We're nearing the end of the era wherein NHL hockey coaches were raised in rural Canada. Rural Canada (and especially the prairies) is about the whitest place you can exist (I'm excluding First Nations in that sentence for a reason). I was raised in the rural Canadian Prairies and I was surrounded by racists. I go on facebook and I see they have not evolved to any degree. These people have never had to experience any other cultures and therefore don't understand or even appreciate them. To understand them would be an inconvenience. It would be like trying to understand the First Nations. Why would they need to understand FN when they hold all the power over them anyway? Maybe one benefit of the urbanization of our countries is that there will be less and less yokels to climb their way into positions of power.
  7. How 'bout us white guys don't tell POC how they can use that word?
  8. I'm not so sure d-men are waiting until they're 27-28 to hit their prime anymore.
  9. Just wondering what happens if Patrick outplays him in camp and pre-season and is forced to the third line for far too long so the org can save face with this ridiculous signing. On the bright side, we have our new designated whipping boy.
  10. I remember you. I just hope you didn't bring Kuato with you.
  11. Hayes wingers in Winnipeg were at any one time a combination of Laine, Ehlers, Wheeler and Conner and he produced himself out of the 2nd line. I realize he didn't have much time to adjust, but I don't see him as the kind of centre who makes his wingers better (as the best centres do).
  12. Not giving up assets today, but Hayes' contract guarantees we will be giving up assets cheap somewhere down the road to stay under the cap.
  13. Hate it, hate it, hate it. Hayes is going to have to improve a lot for this to make sense, because if he doesn't, there won't be a spot for him on this roster. You have to be top 6 (and producing like a top 6 forward) to earn that kind of coin and I don't ever see him getting 70 points. I sincerely doubt Patrick's ceiling is on the 3rd line, so how many years X 7 million are the Flyers going to waste on Hayes?
  14. Shattenkirk was the Blues equivalent to Ghost, but he's been gone for awhile.

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