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  1. It really is a unique set of circumstances. All I'm saying it is very plausible that Scheifele was just trying to make a defensive play and it went horribly wrong when he ran out of time and space. I don't even see how a horrible collision doesn't occur if he makes the stick save given their skating paths.
  2. His stick blade was still down with less than a second before impact. He was racing to stop the goal. I think he was in an impossible situation - stop the goal and make contact, or bail and be pilloried and no player would bail in that situation.
  3. I respectfully disagree. If charging is call (and it was), how can future players in a puck race defend against a player trying to score on a wraparound? Watch it in real speed and throw out the freeze frames and slo-mo's. If Scheifele is there 3/10's of a second earlier, he prevents the goal. He's travelling at about 30 km/hr in a straight line to stop the goal (either by playing the body or the puck) and realizes with less than half a second before impact that he's too late. The only thing he can do at this point is brace for impact. I don't blame Evans for trying
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