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  1. Kris (with a K) Letang practiced this morning (albeit with a non-contact jersey). I'm guessing his pelvis is A-OK.
  2. @flyercanuck @Podein25 I hate you both.
  3. That can get your reported.
  4. I love the hate...misguided as it is. I'm cautiously optimistic the Pens sneak in...probably at Carolina's expense though I'd love to see Carolina get in just to get Don Cherry's blood pressure even higher with their post game celebrations.
  5. I heard Sergei Gonchar might come off the bench. Zach Trotman played almost 19:00. Yikes. Everyone is "day to day" with a "UBI" with the exception being Dumoulin and his concussion. The rumor on Letang was possibly a neck issue which is not good considering his history there. Goalies are fine. Murray is Murray. DeSmith has been a more-than-capable back-up and Jarry is waiting in the wings in WBS.
  6. After losing Mattaa, Letang and Dumoulin another defenceman bit the dust last night when Chad Ruhwedel went down and did not return after a big hit from Nick Foligno (you know it's bad when Ruhwedel going down is a concern). The Pens also lost Bryan Rust after a big hit by Adam McQuaid. After the game, Rust was spotted on crutches. Ruhwedel in a sling. Props to the rest of the D for holding up again while shorthanded - Schultz and the oft-maligned Jack Johnson especially. Maybe a little adversity is what this team needed.
  7. I'm indifferent on Kane though I appreciate how he has matured as he has aged (wink wink). To me this is just another incident that proves fighting or the "threat" of having to fight is not a deterrent especially for guys at the top of the food chain. Chara is only 2 years younger than me and is still handling himself (and Kane is no slouch - ask Matt Cooke). I get up three times a night to take a leak. Getting old sucks.
  8. You touched on the big question for the Pens moving forward (pun intended). Sullivan likes three lines that can score which is why Kessel often finds himself on the 3rd line. He and Brassard/Sheahan just never jelled like the Pens though they would. So do the Pens load up the top 6 (Crosby/Guentzel, Malkin/Kessel)? For now I would think they would certainly try Kessel on a line with Bjugstad and possibly McCann. Especially now that Hornqvist is back. I have not seen tonight's lines (Malkin is out) but figure something like... Guentzel / Crosby / Simon Rust / Malkin / Hornqvist Kessell / McCann / Bjugstad Blueger / Cullen / Pearson
  9. @yave1964 Good list as always! Can't argue with any of it. I can't help but grin a little with Toews on there as it was not too long ago that half the forum would have taken him over Crosby to build a team around and the other half would have taken someone else.
  10. Fixed. Don't forget Jarry. Now that DeSmith is basically locked into the back-up role I think it's clear Jarry has become a nice trade chip. Good article in the PG last week. Basically, Rutherford has some combination of Jarry, a defenseman (Oleksiak's name is mention most often) and Brassard to work with as far as upgrading the roster. Ironically, the need most often mentioned is....3C. Could you pry away an Eric Staal from MInnesota if they fall out of the running?
  11. Still not liking the trade? Since being dealt, Sprong has 4 goals, an assist and is a -5 in 12 games. Pettersson has 2 assists, is a +5 and has stabilized the 3rd D pairing with Jack Johnson. I gotta give credit where it's due on this one. Small sample but JR got this one right.
  12. Sprong = Eric Tangradi 2.0. If a guy projects at a top 9 (heck - top 6 in Sprong's case) you can't have them "learn" on the 4th line. That said, I think it's clear that in his limited chances both in games and practices Sprong didn't do much to impress Sullivan and we know the coach isn't going anywhere. They have 3 RW signed to multi-year deals ahead him, too. While I don't like how they handled his development I can't argue with getting a comparable young controllable defenseman who - while not having Sprong's upside - is certainly more of an asset right now. Could be a prelude to another deal down the road (do they give up on the Jack Johnson experiment already?). All I know is come playoff time you can never have too much depth on D. There is always the option (come playoff time) to dress 7 defensemen, too. That leaves at least Ruhwedel in the press box come playoff time which is where he belongs at that time of year. As for Riikolla - I think he's safe. To a man (err - Sullivan and JR) they are publicly high on him.
  13. Call me a cynic but I doubt this hit will make Tom Wilson change his ways. In the end I think the result of this is more proof of the notion of "players policing themselves" not making one bit of difference.
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