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  1. I know there was a "We Welcome You..." thread that had been going on forever...but I can find it. So... We welcome you, Louis Domingue, to Pittsburgh Penguins' back-up goalie playoff lore. Frank Pietrangelo Johan "Moose" Hedberg Jeff Zatkoff Matt Murray (Technically...) And now...Louie Louie. Edit: We can also call this list "Fonda Jane's Favorite Pittsburg Goalies".
  2. Copied from the Post-Gazette this morning. I knew he was a sharp guy but that's one interesting background. Wish the guy all the best... David Morehouse has four kids, but on July 7, at least for few moments, he probably will feel as if he has five. That is the first day of the 2022 NHL draft. Logan Cooley, born and raised in West Mifflin, is expected to be a top-five pick. Cooley is a significant part of Morehouse’s wide-ranging legacy with the Penguins. Morehouse, who resigned Wednesday as the team’s president and CEO after joining the organization in 200
  3. I cast my annual "Pens' Opponent In 4" vote. Like Bob Dylan said, "the times they are a changin'...". I think this is the swan song for this group. Crosby will be a Pen for life. Probably Letang, too. But...longtime President Dave Moorehouse just resigned. My guess is Fenway Sports Group really wants to put their mark on this franchise now and to me...gut feeling...that means Malkin does not get resigned. If that's the thought process, I can't argue. That's $9,500,000 million in cap space that could be spent elsewhere...on younger players, future core, etc. They go for it un
  4. I am pretty sure that if Malkin...hypothetically ...took a knee in protest of the invasion he'd be hailed as a hero as that would be a total kick to Putin's icy balls. Shocked if he did it...or any Russian NHLer for that matter. Don't blame them for not wanting too, either.
  5. @WordsOfWisdom I for one don't think that Putin will ban Russian hockey players from playing in the NHL. There is too much pride at stake. We are talking about a country that is providing performance enhancing drugs to 15 year old figure skaters. Putin clearly wants Russian athletes to display their "legitimate" skills on the international stage. That said, sports on the international stage are a little different i/m/h/o than say...the NHL. No problem if they are banned from the World Cup, international hockey tournaments, etc. That's more about punishing the country than the pla
  6. Phyiscs. It's not about how big you are. It's about the size and speed of the guy hitting you. Being bigger doesn't make you any less susceptible to head trauma, broken bones, etc. Whether you are 5'9 and 180 or 6'2 and 230 - if you get hit in the head by Tom Wilson in 2022 NHL gear you are lot more likely to get a concussion than being hit by Gordie Howe and his "felt & plastic" equipment. Respectfully, this is the biggest crock of shite (err...myth) in hockey today. Tom Wilson. Again - he of 6'4 and 220 lbs. - is one of the dirtiest players in the history of the l
  7. Spot on. On top of that, the players wearing those plastic and felt pads were a lot smaller for the most part. Probably slower, too (considering the technology that now goes into the care/maintenance of ice and skates). There weren't a lot of 6'4, 220 lbs. giants chasing around the stars of earlier eras. For example, Clarke was 5'10, 176. Dave Schultz was 6'1, 185. Stan Mikita was 5'9, 170. Richard was 5'10, 170. Howe was a heavyweight...at 6' and 205. And those guys weren't "immune". Mikita and Howe both suffered from dementia. Mikita was diagnosed with CTE after his death. Now imagine a
  8. He settled even after a co-worked testified the accuser bragged about consensual sex with him. That wasn't even a criminal case. It was civil (i.e. - this "happened" so pay me). And yes - if I had pro-athlete money I'd pay a little to make it go away, too. If I were a black plumber though there is no civil suit because...no deep pockets. The criminal case was the one where no charges were filed. Totally shady and he should not have been at a college bar in the first place. Total conduct unbecoming an NFL QB...which is why he was suspended. The guy was no angel - but I
  9. OK…but he wasn’t even charged. Can the guy at least be innocent until proven guilty? (No OJ comments, please.)
  10. Good timing. I just shared that video with family and all the guys in my 28-years-and-counting fantasy football league...most of whom hail from Boston and Philly. Cue the "Rapistberger" posts. The guy was most definitely flawed but today is about the career.
  11. I just threw up some of my morning coffee... https://www.nbcsports.com/washington/capitals/capitals-reportedly-interested-acquiring-blackhawks-g-marc-andre-fleury?cid=Yahoo&partner=ya4nbcs There's no ex-Pen I root harder for than MAF but man...this would be asking a lot.
  12. At that price? No brainer....especially with all the UFA they have coming up after this season.
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