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  1. It worked. Local paper reporting $900MM.
  2. LOL! Alive and well. Just busy with life. Moved out of the 'Burgh and to the hockey hotbed known as the suburbs of Atlanta Georgia. Speaking of which, when did the Thrashers move? So no rumors recently which is surprising in today's world especially considering these talks had apparently been going on for months. The team wasn't for sale - Fenway approached the Pens. That said, there were rumors of a sale in 2015 when Burkle and Lemieux hired Morgan Stanley to look at "options" but nothing came of it.
  3. https://triblive.com/sports/report-fenway-sports-group-in-talks-to-purchase-penguins/ Wow. Didn't see this coming. First reaction...replace deep pockets (Ron Burkle) with deeper pockets (Fenway/John Henry) and Mario keeps his stake. No major front office change. So far so good. No mention of a price tag yet though.
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