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  1. I get it. Not sure what the situation was with the timeout if you mean stopping the momentum on the 5:00 PP (it wasn't OT though). Vegas collapsed (and yet rallied to tie and lot in OT). They can whine all they want about that call. Cup-worthy teams don't blow 3 goal leads with 10 minutes left in a Game 7 under any circumstances (OK - maybe a 5:00 5 on 3).
  2. Mmmm maybe. It was a cross check but a 5:00 major? That said, while I think the call was bad there is now way I pin this game on that. You do not give up FOUR goals on that PP in that spot if you are Vegas. 1? OK. 2? Forgivable. 4?!?!?! Bad call. Not the reason VGK lost.
  3. ...and sung in sports stadiums/arenas. Granted, inappropriate language is edited out. Then again, Kate Smith's "God Bless America" got the axe for something else she sang, too.
  4. We = society. Not everyone of course. There are plenty of people (just look at the comments in this thread) who disagree on various levels with what the Flyers did, why they did it, etc. Unfortunately there is a significant portion of the populous who clamor for the drastic actions that the Flyers (and Yankees) took in this situation and many others like it. I don't think "everyone" gets offended too easily. I do think too many get offended too easily.
  5. I don't think something as simple as listening to music (or playing a particular song by a particular musician) necessarily means you "support" them. I think we have gone way way WAY to far as a society in the regard.
  6. Big difference. The Confederate flag is arguably the most recognizable symbol of a rogue "nation" fighting a war of secession for (among other things) the right to maintain slavery. Kate Smith sang a song. I'm not even sure she wrote them. Is there any evidence that she herself was racist? Public comments? Known beliefs? If that is the case - different story. I don't blame the Flyers for doing what they did. They had to - especially after the Yankees pulled the plug. I'm just saddened we live in a world now where they felt that had to pull the plug. Confederate flag? Whole other ballgame.
  7. Nabicso? Oscar Meyer? Someone will if the price is low enough.
  8. Good points. Remember though, Murray got his chance because of Fleury's injuries (concussions). 7-8 year age gap. $4,000,000 salary gap. At the time it was a no-brainer. I still think it is. Fleury has gotten better with age but I don't think anyone saw that coming. Goaltending is the least of the Pens' concerns these days.
  9. This will be mostly high level but here goes... What went wrong? That was obvious. The Pens simply could not overcome the Isles’ defense-first/offense whenever strategy. Too impatient. To easily frustrated. Lehner outplayed Murray. Trotz outcoached Sullivan. So what is next for the Pens? Regardless what some wishful thinkers will say, the core is not old...or done. At the start of the 2019-20 season, Crosby will be 32. Malkin 33. Letang 31. Schultz 29. Everyone else is early to mid 20’s. I purposely left out Kessel. I think he gets moved in the offseason even if it means quarters on the dollar. The Pens have 9 forwards, 6 defenseman and 2 goalies from the current roster under contract for next year at about $80,000,000 with the cap expected to be $83,000,000. Only Garrett Wilson is UFA. Blueger, Aston-Reese and Petteson are all RFA. Moving Kessel frees up almost $7,000,000 in cap space. That’s a lot for JR to play with to reshape the supporting cast. We have been here before and came away with two Cups. It can be done. I still think there is another 3 years in the window. Heck, Yzerman won his first Cup at 32. There isn’t much in the pipeline (they are all here) so JR will clearly need to go the trade/low-end free agent route. He’s certainly proven he can get creative. I doubt he goes "big" and moves a Letang or (gasp!) Malkin. But I'd be shocked if Kessel is here. 4 years. 2 Cups. I'll take it but time to move on (queue the tribute video).
  10. Players. Absolutely players. Sullivan isn't going anywhere.
  11. The sweep was embarrassing. Losing the series wasn't. I mean - the Isles were the higher seed, right?
  12. All is fair in love and playoff elimination!
  13. Isles. The Pens couldn't (or didn't) play the kind of game needed to beat a team like the Isles. The better "team" won this series. If there is a silver lining, I'm really looking forward to Trotz facing the Caps (assuming the Cans don't pull a Blue Jackets) in the next round.
  14. Kessel as a "scapegoat" started well before the playoffs. If he goes (and I think he will) it won't be "just" because of this series. This could be the hypothetical nail in his coffin though. When you play iffy D under a coach like Sullivan and have a stretch of something like 2-3 months during the regular season without an even strength goal....well....let's just say I wouldn't be looking at new houses.
  15. Nope. Not at all. Murray has two Cups under his belt already. If they kept MAF they don't resign Dumoulin (quickly emerging as one of the best shut-down defensemen in the league). I'll take Murray/Dumo for Fleury every day of the week and twice on Sunday. Murray wasn't great but I don't put this on him at all. The team in front of him pretty much from top to bottom didn't play well.
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