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  1. As a Pens fan at La Salle during the "Legion of Doom" years....I can relate. :-)
  2. This. And...Tanev is out until the playoffs. Malkin doesn't appear to be close. You get a guy who can still score a little, can play up and down the line up and play multiple positions. PP and PK. Two Cups under his belt and his old boss just showed him some love.
  3. Not quite. NHL revenue leans heavily on gate receipts. Baseball is all about revenue from the local television markets. And the Yankees on TV (hello YES Network) make a heckuva lot more money than the Yankees in Yankee Stadium. The Yankees financial dominance has nothing to do with gate receipts and everything to do with being the most popular sports team in the largest market in the U.S. and owning a quarter of the network that airs their games. That’s a license to print money.
  4. Yeah but the Sabres have actual NHL players. Dick Tarnstrom led the Pens that year with....52 points. Dick. Tarnstrom. Career high for him BTW! Of course, he was a -37, too. Rico Fata...a stellar -46. Wait for it....John Sim played 15 games for the Pens that year. He even had a GWG!
  5. B21


    Phil earned that one. Could argue he should have won the Conn Smythe both years.
  6. @yave1964 Fair point but he NHL also does less (i/m/h/o) than any other major professional sport to protect its star players so if stars like McDavid and MacKinnon return what I'm sure has been done to them (and not caught on video by YouTube warriors and bloggers) I have nooooooo problem with it. If you can't beat them with skill then clutch/grab/elbow/spear/slash/cheap shot/hurt them. That kinda BS cost Mario and countless other players years of their careers. Every team has been on both sides of that coin at some point.
  7. B21


    I hit enter before finishing the topic name. If any moderators can add the "y" at the end of "Fleury" it would be appreciated.
  8. Oh @notfondajane!!!! Would your head have exploded? https://www.msn.com/en-us/sports/nhl/rutherford-tried-as-hard-as-i-could-to-get-fleury-back-in-pittsburgh/ar-BB1ehXEV At least it looks like they made the right call between Jarry and Murray. That's not saying much. Jarry has played better lately - maybe finding his groove. But up until now, the only goalie worse than Jarry has probably been Matt Murray.
  9. @yave1964 @pilldoc Thanks!! As you can see - I have a lot less free time on my hands. Kids, man. Not just any kids but boys. Had a herd of boys within a few years of each other hit the age where they are in constant motion, start playing sports, double their food intake but yet can't completely brush their teeth, bathe and, for that matter, properly wipe their arses. Slowing emerging from that neanderthal phase. Not in the 'Burgh anymore either. Moved mid-pandemic to that hockey hot bed Atlanta. I'm going to try and get back into the swings of things.
  10. Great idea. Problem is....Wilson fights, too. I'm not saying he'd come close to beating any of those guys...but he'd drop the gloves. He's 6'4 and 220 lbs. The only way to really stop a guy like Wilson is to hit him where it hurts....games and money. 7 games for this with his history is clearly not enough.
  11. Yup. His old man played there. They lived in a neighborhood where a lot of athletes lived at that time. He used to play street hockey with Pirates' greats Manny Sanguillen and Rennie Stennet. Rutherford was actually a Pens' netminder at the time and befriended him and apparently encouraged him to try goalie. Go figure. Shame on me for not knowing this. TSN (Seravalli) wrote a column on it. https://www.tsn.ca/heat-is-on-new-pittsburgh-penguins-hires-ron-hextall-brian-burke-to-win-now-1.1590562
  12. I actually like the hire a lot. I know "win now" wasn't his M.O. in Philly but that's because the situation there at the time (should have) dictated more patience. I think he and Burke could be a good mix. You don't bring in guys like that and then meddle with them. I don't think Hextall takes the job if he feels that he'll get that kind of a raw deal. That said, one of the big rumors as to why JRGM retired was because he wanted to deal Letang and "management" (read the tea leaves there) said "no" so who knows.
  13. And here I thought 2020 was insane... "It's an honor to be joining the Pittsburgh Penguins - an organization well-known for its excellence on and off the ice," Hextall said. "I look forward to working with ownership, Brian and the entire organization toward the ultimate goal of bringing another Stanley Cup to Pittsburgh."
  14. I don't see how the NHL can do anything other than follow the NBA's lead at this point. Large crowds. Too many shared arenas. Too many players with overseas connections (friends, family, etc). Patient "0" in the NBA is Rudy Gobert. Plays for the Utah Jazz. The NBA's Washington Wizards played at the Jazz on 2/28 and just yesterday announced their players need to self quarantine for the next 3-4 days. The Wizards played home games on 3/6 and 3/8. In the meantime, the Capitals hosted the Flyers in the same arena on 3/4. Why take a chance?
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