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  1. B21


    Caught a few Tweets on this. The funniest thanked the Flyers for finding a job for the Phillie Phanatic's meth-addicted step-brother.
  2. B21


    That's so bad I can't even make fun of it. If there is a petition somewhere to oust Gritty I'll sign it.
  3. Yeah - I don't begrudge Johnson one bit. I'm not going to condone what Rutherford said....but anything that sets Tortsie off (which is just about anything) is awesome in my book.
  4. I read it to my 3 year old and 5 year old this morning right before I dropped them off at day care. Pay all that money for what amounts to glorified babysitting....might as well make it fun, right? (Kidding - about reading it to them. Not day care - that's wicked expensive). All you need to know as that the local media here in Pittsburgh is loving this in a good way (i.e. - not killing Torts but giving him credit for speaking his mind so....honestly). It's hard for the media to get anything of substance from anyone associated the the NHL....Torts being one of - if not the - biggest exceptions.
  5. At the press conference announcing the Jack Johnson signing, Jim Rutherford was asked how he could sign a player to a 5-year deal who was a healthy scratch for his team in their lone playoff series. Rutherford's response mentioned analytics done on the Pens' side but also that he didn't think Johnson had a bad season and that he (Rutherford) knew why the Blue Jackets scratched the defenseman down the stretch and it "wasn't because of how he was playing." Later on, Johnson stated that he was happy to be joining the Penguins because he wanted "to be a part of a winning culture." Ouch. First - I love this. Just more fuel to the growing rivalry between PIT and CBJ. I don't think those are comments Rutherford should be making but I love that he did if for no other reason that it tweaked the thin-skinned Tortsie something fierce. [Hidden Content] (might need subscription to read the full article). Johnson? No issue with him taking a shot as his former employer. Common place nowadays. Either way - I think the first PIT/CBJ game this season will be must see TV.
  6. I have to give the powers-that-be on the Pens the benefit of the doubt here for that reason. Cole. Schultz. Daley. Oleksiak. All thought to be "bad" to "what were they thinking?" moves and they all worked out...really well. I love the annual hit on Schultz. Hate the term but at the end of the day when this deal is up the Pens could easily be a hot rebuilding mess as the core will all be 36-37 at point. What's 1 more aged veteran at that point if it helps win another Cup in the meantime. It's a contender's deal - plain and simple.
  7. Meh. Trump had more for his inauguration.
  8. More than rumors. I think he's being actively shopped. I like the guy. I think a lot of what is said about him is exaggerated (to a point). However, nothing wrong with adding some new blood to the roster. Sprong (Kessel-lite...literally) is getting top 9 minutes next year according to JR. I think the Pens can get a decent return. Even with the lousy playoffs this year he still has 75 points in 83 career playoff games and he probably should have won the Conn Smythe in 2016. The $6.8 million cap hit is a lot lower than most of his peers with comparable stats.
  9. He's certainly not looking at him but he is moving towards him. Moving "right" (towards Wilson) but looking left. I'm not going to fault him as technically he should not "expect" to get hit there. Still...a player shouldn't expect to be cross-checked or boarded or slashed either...but it happens. That's why they are penalties. I just don't see it being any more than what it was. 2:00 for interference. Not sure where "blindside" comes into account as far as a penalty. The rule states unaware and hit in the back. Certainly the latter does not apply. The penalty (rightfully) is when he hit him - not where. Just my $2.00.
  10. Don't forget the cut of those expansion fees, either.
  11. I heard some great points on this on the local talk show. The host basically said the NHL was scared stiff about Vegas looking like the expansion Ottawa Senators. Not sure if this is accurate but reincarnated the Senators had the worst overall record in their first three years of existence of any team in any sport anywhere. Then there is the money factor. The expansion fee back then was $50 million. Vegas cost $500 million. That's a lot of $$ to royally suck right off the bat. Also - no cap when the Senators were added so teams weren't letting real NHL-caliber talent go because they were on bad contracts or simply couldn't afford them. It was a perfect mix to at least give Vegas a fighting change. Turns out McPhee was smarter than all of us.
  12. Well he did get 2:00 for interference. As for squaring off with Reaves - I'd be shocked. Wilson wouldn't fight Oleksiak who, while large, doesn't carry Reaves' azz-kicker reputation.
  13. I never said he should have expected to be hit. I only said I don't buy this notion of that being a "blindside" hit. He's moving towards Wilson. His back is not turned. The hit is shoulder to shoulder. It was late and Wilson was rightfully penalized for interference. Let's face it - if it's not Marchessault and he doesn't go into the concussion protocol - we aren't talking about this hit at all. Agree or disagree with the though process but that's kinda what Wilson is "supposed" to do, no? Is 2:00 worth it to maybe make Marchessault play a little skittish while he's out there? Of course (though ideally not with 5:00 gone in the 3rd period of a 4-4- game). I mean if Wilson really wanted to do some damage he could have. Instead he went shoulder to shoulder and again - was penalized accordingly. Nothing to see here.
  14. Ryan Reaves is a Golden Knight. Just sayin'. In Wilson's defense (threw up saying that) it's only "blindside" because Marchessault's head is turned watching his pass. His body is actually moving towards Wilson. In the physics of this universe it's impossible for that to be a "blindside" hit.

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