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  1. 91? We got Stamkos!?!?! In all seriousness (trying really hard) I would not be shocked if the Pens win the division nor would I be shocked if they were the 8 seed. the Metropolitan is wide open.
  2. Fine. *Capitals *Flyers Canes Devils Islanders Rangers Blue Jackets Penguins Better?
  3. Flyers Capitals Canes Devils Islanders Rangers Blue Jackets Penguins (The Pens finish last...not the ninja.)
  4. Agree. I'm glass-is-half-full on them this year. By no means are they the favorites for the division let alone the Cup but I don't think it would be a total shock to anyone if the new "parts" all meshed and the team made a deep run as a 2/3 seed. I would be shocked if they missed the playoffs entirely for reasons other than several star players missing a lot of time due to injuries.
  5. I'm guessing that Rutherford would take a 3rd for Bjugstad in a heartbeat.
  6. So after dealing Phil the Thrill (no surprise) the Pens took a quick dive into the free agent market (surprise!) and signed Brandon Tanev for 6 years at a cap hit of $3.5 million. Through the black and gold goggles I think this will be one of the better free agent signings as far as a team filling a need. Tanev brings some much needed speed and grit. Tenacious penalty killer. 3rd in the NHL with 278 hits and was a +9 while starting almost 60% of his shifts in the defensive zone. I think the cap hit is fine. The length is a bit long for a projected bottom 6 guy (6 years) but he's only 27 so it's not "that" bad and he's only played 195 NHL games (less wear and tear than most 27 year olds). The signing leaves the Pens about $2 million under the cap with deals still to be done with RFA's Marcus Pettersson, Teddy Blueger and Zach Aston-Reese all of whom are expected to break camp with the team. So...someone else has to go. Multiple news outlets in the Burgh have taken Rutherford to heart that he is happy with his D (sorry Jack Johnson haters) which means that most likely to be dealt are either Bryan Rust ($3.5 million cap hit) or Nick Bjugstad ($4.1 million cap hit) who never quite meshed after being acquired from Florida. I would prefer it be Bjugstad as I would not want to lose Rust’s speed or experience with the Pens. Bjugstad will certainly generate less return which is fine. In a cap world I look at it as trading him for Tanev. If Rutherford can pull off a Bjugstad deal the Pens will break camp looking something like this: Guentzel / Crosby / Hornqvist Galchenyuk / Malkin / Rust Tanev / McCann / Kahun Simon / Blueger / Aston-Reese ??? Letang /Dumoulin Schultz / Johnson Pettersson / Gudbrandson Riikola Murray DeSmith Rust, Kahun and Tanev are all interchangeable. Caveat: Assuming $4 million total on the deals for Blueger ($1M +/-, Aston-Reese ($1M +/-) and Petterson ($2M +/-). That leaves about $2 million in cap space for a mid-season deal if needed.
  7. Sounds like an NHL All Star-Team, eh? Nope. It's part of the latest recruiting class for the Arizona State Sun Devils Men's Hockey Team. There is something cold brewing in the desert and it ain't the Coyotes. The Sun Devils, who currently play an independent schedule, are coming off their first NCAA tournament appearance. [Hidden Content] "Now it appears that another crop of bloodline talent is on track to the NHL and… get this… they’re all playing together on the same team for the upcoming 2019-20 season. Arizona State University of the NCAA announced yesterday that joining Austin Lemieux, son of Hall of Famer Mario Lemieux, will be Jackson Niedermayer, son of Scott Niedermayer, Joshua Doan, son of Shane Doan, and Carson Briere, son of Daniel Briere."
  8. Meh. Galchenyuk put up 19/22/41 on a mediocre Coyotes team. I guess I can hope if you put him on one of the top lines on the Pens that can become 25/40/65. Younger and faster. $2M cheaper. He's got 1 more year left. If he works out, keep him. If not, they have cap space to play with after this season. In a vacuum, not a great deal for the Pens but considering this is literally the ONLY team they could have dealt him too, not bad...and a decent prospect to boot.
  9. This. Mattaa had the great rookie year and got by for the next few seasons on that "cred". The Pens won a few Cups so his shortcomings got lost in the shuffle. Don't get me wrong - I like the kid. By all accounts he works hard, good character, etc. Said all the right things when he was a healthy scratch. Beat cancer, too. But...he's hurt alot and the Pens need the cap space. He's only 24 so there is certainly time for him to get better. I wish him the best.
  10. @BlueAero Great accomplishment for you and your fans. Much deserved. Enjoy, St. Louis!
  11. [Hidden Content] Multiple sites have reported on a possible Phil Kessel (and possible Jack Johnson) for Jason Zucker (and possibly Victor Rask) deal with the hold up being whether or not Kessel wants to play in Minnesota. Looks to be part salary dump. Part get younger. Zucker makes about half as much as Kessel and is 4 years younger but also had half as many goals/points last year. Curious what the more knowledgeable posters think. I don't know much else about Zucker. Wonder if he likes hot dogs?
  12. I get it. Not sure what the situation was with the timeout if you mean stopping the momentum on the 5:00 PP (it wasn't OT though). Vegas collapsed (and yet rallied to tie and lot in OT). They can whine all they want about that call. Cup-worthy teams don't blow 3 goal leads with 10 minutes left in a Game 7 under any circumstances (OK - maybe a 5:00 5 on 3).
  13. Mmmm maybe. It was a cross check but a 5:00 major? That said, while I think the call was bad there is now way I pin this game on that. You do not give up FOUR goals on that PP in that spot if you are Vegas. 1? OK. 2? Forgivable. 4?!?!?! Bad call. Not the reason VGK lost.
  14. ...and sung in sports stadiums/arenas. Granted, inappropriate language is edited out. Then again, Kate Smith's "God Bless America" got the axe for something else she sang, too.
  15. We = society. Not everyone of course. There are plenty of people (just look at the comments in this thread) who disagree on various levels with what the Flyers did, why they did it, etc. Unfortunately there is a significant portion of the populous who clamor for the drastic actions that the Flyers (and Yankees) took in this situation and many others like it. I don't think "everyone" gets offended too easily. I do think too many get offended too easily.
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