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  1. http://t.co/p1p5joXG4r @buycleveland

  2. Mark Recchi..during a pre-game shoot around. i'm down at the glass holding my 2 year old son..mark is on the other side of the ice..takes notice..skates over bangs on the glass and gives my son a hi-five..class act that dude
  3. he has the oldest team in the league...it is what it is
  4. Renaud Lavoie of TVA Sports is reporting that Flyers center Vinny Lecavalier has a "lower body injury". Vinny was noticeably absent from the Flyers practice in Voorhee's this morning. Lavoie's statement contradicts earlier reports that Lecavalier was not practicing with the team by choice. This news has yet to be confirmed by any of the local beat writers, but it wouldn't be the first time that they have missed a story. No word yet from GM Ron Hextall on the severity of said injury or a timetable for return. Any sort of long term injury would certainly spell the end of rampant trade
  5. Each passing day, it sounds more and more like this whole Las Vegas NHL expansion thing is closer to reality. Prospective team owner Bill Foley is starting a ticket drive to gauge local interest in a team, an arena is being built by MGM right behind the New York, New York casino on the Strip, and it's clear that there is something real going on there. It also appears that if Vegas gets a team, there will be a Flyers connection. (There's a Flyers connection to everything in the NHL, but .... whatever.) Via TSN's Pierre LeBrun: and that person is Murray Craven: read full article here: http://
  6. if we did he would count almost 2.9per for 3 years then 3 more @ 888k http://capgeek.com/buyout-calculator/?player_id=884&buyout_y=2015&buyout_m=06&buyout_d=15
  7. when i watched them tank twice and get the best player in the planet at that time
  8. please don't wish for Bylsma...look the seasons lost..dream of mcdavid in orange and black...you'll sleep better at nght
  9. its all homers fault for wanting Bryz...o wait
  10. I know this is a trade we'd all love but its funny anyway..kudos to the hackers
  11. good as in 8 seed and early playoff exit..if hexy can weasel edmontons first this upcoming draft everyone not named G, Jake, Cooter and simmonds is available for discussion
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