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  1. I'm guessing because there are Flyers fans throughout the Delaware Valley Region (Delaware, Southern Jersey, and Pennsylvania).
  2. Exactly. In what universe would the article have the quote, "With my current team, no, playoff season is not happening"? I just think a sports writer could ask better, more challenging questions that require REAL answers.
  3. Reporters need to ask more intelligent questions. Of course he answered yes, any player of any team would. As if they'd publicly announce any lack of confidence by answering no??? I appreciate the display of confidence of course. Just really dislike poor interviewers.
  4. Thanks for the welcome! Sorry about the username change...noticed a Sarsippius on the boards. No relation; wanted to eliminate any confusion.
  5. Sorry, changed username when noticed a Sarsippius on the boards. Wouldn't want the confusion.
  6. Was afraid that'd be the case! But thanks for the welcome!
  7. For those with kids playing, what's the average annual costs? (Fees, travel, and equipment)
  8. Never took notice to who's cleaning the ice. Between periods is time to grab a fresh adult beverage and maybe use the restroom.

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