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Framework for Deals

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Parts of this discussion are littered about several topics already started so i thought to maybe centralize them.

Trading for a D-man: I dont think anything will be done that includes the shedding of salary. The Cap situation is a mess, made even trickier by the real possibility of Carle walking at years end. Personally, i cant see Weber or Suter coming for those reasons. Aaron Ward had it right during the TSN montreal telecast when he said you replace parts of prongers game with trades, not all of pronger...Carolina's Allen or Gleason. This team needs a solid shut down #4 or 5 guy who can spell guys like timmo so they aren't warn down by April. Our core 4 are pretty solid and gus and bordon are worthy of ice time and should improve.

For the first time i heard that the cap might go down next yr. (source during a game telecast-cant remember which) and that would really make a clusterfu*k of this team. If thats the case, look for briere to be moved as a salary dump and for NO OTHER REASON. And yes, he would need to agree with it since its NMC. Hartnell despite his penchant for being the second zamboni is one of our few (maybe only?) sizeable winger who bangs and scores so he should come back.

This of course hinges on Giroux being healthy and no lingering, career threatening health issues (crossing fingers!)

The larger part of this whole cap situation lies with the new CBA coming up. Hopefully, there will be some buy out windows as the last one had where homer can buy himself out of the corner he signed himself into with long contracts for old players...even briz.


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I think still that the Flyers would make a run at Weber. He's the kind of guy you can build a team around. Start in goal with Bryz, add Weber, and know that Giroux makes others better I'm happy with that core.

Everyone else truly is expendable to make it happen. I'm not as concerned with chemistry as I am with character. If you can get a Weber I think you do it.

My point is I still see the Flyers FO going after him.

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