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      "We did a lot of good things out there"
      Philadelphia Flyers
      brelic - Posted
      I would scratch Konecny for a game or two. Not as punishment, but as an opportunity for him to refocus, watch a few games, and come back with more control in his game.   In his place, maybe bring up Martel, Lindblom, or Vecchione. If you bring up Vecch, that means more significant reshuffling.   G/C/V Weal/Patrick/Simmonds Raffl/Vecchione/Filppula Weise/Laughton/Leier   Maybe swap Laughton and Vecchione.   When Konecny comes back, stick him in Raffl's place, move Raffl to replace Weise, and scratch Weise.   I would also scratch Sanheim for a game or two. Same reason as Konecny - a learning opportunity, time to refocus.    Bring up Morin and give him a few games.  
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      Witkowski suspended 10 games, Tkachuk facing hearing
      Around the NHL
      SpikeDDS - Posted
        Are you kidding? Call it attempted murder in the first degree! Witter is lucky to be alive after that shot! I’m just glad the trainers were able to save Witter’s leg with the tourniquet to keep him from bleeding out!   Close one!  
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      "We did a lot of good things out there"
      Philadelphia Flyers
      caluso - Posted
      Thanks for your reply!   Provorov did NOT sit his rookie year. And, to be clear, even after Provorov was -5 against Chicago, I did NOT want him benched. I am sure that, like me, you recognize that Provorov is a once-in-a-lifetime talent, so to compare how he was handled to any other rookie, is unfair. Having said that, Sanheim might turn out to be great but right now he is struggling. Konecny, Ghost both watched from above. Why not, Sanheim.   My bigger issue is with Hakstol is the accountability? If he thinks someone is playing in an undisciplined way, it is on him to deal with it, not whine about it after the fact. Bench that player, send a message!   On another note, the construct of the team is flawed. Filppula and Weise were terrible acquisitions by Hextall. Why not bring up Vecchione and see what the team looks like with another speedy, skilled center. He is playing extremely well in the A. It can't be worse than what they look like now.
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      "We did a lot of good things out there"
      Philadelphia Flyers
      mojo1917 - Posted
      I am trying to remember how Provorov was handled when he struggled early on  @caluso  did he watch a couple of games? I know Ghost did. However, I don't think Sanheim has looked awful, there have been moments when he's looked like a rookie to me, a few times where he's fumbled with the puck in the d-zone.  I really don't think he needs to be sent back to the A.    This group has been frustrating during these last 4 games. I have watched a good portion of 3 of the games. Both Min games and Wpg. The two games against Min were infuriating partly because of the trap the Wild play but also Hak's reluctance to play his effective lines.  Laughton and Leier were the most effective both nights, yet, we didn't see a whole lot of them.  There was no one on Mn that was going to outskate them, why not play them more? I also thought the Flyers looked pretty good vs  Wpg.  I was surprised the Flyers didn't win that game based on the two periods I saw. These guys are inconsistent. Is it because there are a lot of young guys playing big minutes?  I feel like this team competes every night and isn't a pushover.   I'm curious to see how they play these upcoming in-conference games.     
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      Why Is Simmonds Playing?
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
        Well they can't even negotiate a new contract till the summer July 1st you have to be in the last year of your deal he is under contract for 18-19 once they have the discussion knowing what he wants, then they can move forward.   They have several options to trade him during the summer or keep him diring the year and move him before the deadline or last resort trade him at the draft or resign him to a new deal.   I see this clearing up some next summer maybe. I don't see him being traded rhia year.
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      Gudas: Intentional ? or Not? (Update - 10 game suspension)
      Philadelphia Flyers
      OccamsRazor - Posted
          A right hand shot to boot i think they can get at least a 2nd for him.
    • 1
      The "Crow or Gripe About Your Conn Smythe Team Thread: 2017-18
      pilldoc - Posted
      As everyone knows, I love STATS.  Here are the STATS as of 11 pm Sunday Evening   FORWARD STATS                         Team Name G A +/- PIM PPG PPA SHP GWG SOG FW HIT BLK Ded Flatbird 88 130 47 176 22 40 0 15 766 842 326 267 The Shock 88 115 -13 199 25 39 3 22 790 1079 295 269 Nasty Angrymen 80 135 -29 222 30 45 1 10 735 1111 355 280 De Haan Job 79 133 19 159 17 55 4 8 699 461 260 223 Lady's Knights 75 122 37 152 19 38 4 18 735 710 391 276 Mom's trust Letang!! 74 145 -22 168 18 49 11 11 849 673 347 216 MrDanglez67's Team 74 172 25 194 21 63 4 16 746 755 221 227 AKOF 70 151 21 199 22 43 6 8 632 1125 343 242 Your wife's a dyke 64 121 10 92 19 39 2 12 647 342 210 223 Wolfe Pack 60 103 14 121 20 33 1 12 671 430 297 186 Bambi on Ice 58 144 18 185 14 39 5 10 738 705 324 285 RickB's Legit Team 56 106 -43 121 15 26 5 9 656 324 252 258                           GOALIE STATS                         Team Name W L GAA SV SV% SHO             AKOF 23 17 2.88 1377 0.916 3             Ded Flatbird 23 7 2.41 976 0.922 4             The Shock 22 11 2.58 1001 0.919 3             Mom's trust Letang!! 21 13 2.62 1128 0.92 2             Lady's Knights 20 7 2.29 890 0.925 3             Wolfe Pack 17 10 2.76 847 0.908 1             RickB's Legit Team 16 9 2.86 819 0.907 1             Nasty Angrymen 15 15 2.79 970 0.913 2             De Haan Job 14 9 3.11 798 0.905 1             Bambi on Ice 14 15 2.99 861 0.902 2             Your wife's a dyke 13 11 2.93 668 0.9 1             MrDanglez67's Team 10 15 2.91 735 0.907 1            
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