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  1. Sometimes the NHL is such a stupid league.
  2. It might help to not call the phantom penalty along with the embellishment. Why does this have to be rocket science? How bout only call the embellishment penalty when it happens.
  3. At least the kids were spared… (pats on back)
  4. You know what though? I would boo the hell out of Bettman too and Shanahan and any of these other guys that facilitate the good old boy network that the NHL has become. Hockey is great and the NHL has failed to maximize what it could be due to stubbornness and greed. As a fan of the sport who has been a fan for quite some time this league has become less and less about us and more and more about TV money. Sure I'm happy for the players but pro sports are about the fan first because without the fan they would just be sports. Two lockouts in 5 years, inconsistency, a lesser product…. sure, let Bettman and anyone else who has ears hear it. Why not? Those kids will be hearing plenty of boos and cheers in their careers. I doubt a few boos ruined the day for them. They just fulfilled their dream.
  5. It is what it is. I think ashamed and disgraced is a bit of an over-the-top way to look at it but to each their own. I wouldn't boo everyone. It's a big day for those kids. But people do and it's not a big deal.
  6. What's wrong with letting the commissioner know how you feel about his Crosby favoritism? It's just boos. I love it. It shows they're paying attention.
  7. Please tell me we're not interested in Phaneuf.
  8. Sadly in 3 years will still be paying a 38 year old Mark Streit and a 38 year old Vinny Lecavalier each 5MIL a year.
  9. Keeping in mind their situation and Philly's situation are not the same.
  10. I get why as a Flyers GM you wouldn't give that up for Coburn, but with an organization who hasn't made the playoffs in forever and a young crop of talent already in the system who keep getting older and older with no real improvement in wins due to a significant lack on the back end wouldn't it make a little more sense to you to go after an NHL ready Dman that you covet? Instead of drafting another young forward with upside why not put some chips in the middle and make a run for your fan base and for your young players to show them you are committed to winning and taking the next step in the "building a contender" plan. Don't you think the top young players get sick of playing for a team that has all this young talent and still can't get out of the way of a top 5 NHL draft pick every year? They have a glaring need and plenty of ammo. You could afford to not be getting exact value for a player you truly covet. Especially when that player (though arguably not great at anything but good) is extremely important to the team he currently plays for. I don't think the 3rd overall pick is unreasonable for a player. I keep hearing "no way does Edmonton pay this asking price or that asking price" but if I'm the Flyers no way do I let Coburn go for less than a significant offer that borders on overpayment. He's too important to this team. Edmonton knows how important he is to Philly. Its obvious to us so its obvious to them. They obviously like Coburn enough to be interested in him for the last two years (if the rumors are to be believed) so why would the 3rd overall pick be that unreasonable?
  11. What's the word on Jiri "Joe" Sekac? I thought his decision was comig by the 15th.
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