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The Fan Lockout


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Here's "The Fan Lockout," your unofficial hip-hop anthem of fan angst.

What about the fans man? The ones who buy the tickets

The ones who don't have payrolls with such high statistics

You want more money and then pretend you're hardly greedy

You're far from needy as you sit in your Ferrari GT

Lacin' up, claim to play the game they love

Looks to me like love got pricy so we're savin' up

The players wanting in the NHL is making billions

"We need money we're not playing hockey till you pay more millions!"

And Gary Bettman, let's make a bet man

I say you don't really care about upset fans

As long as pockets making profits here's our final offer

Rejecting three proposals, ten minutes no time to ponder

So here's a song for the workers selling chips and hot dogs

For the pub servers, making less tips and lost jobs

All cause some millionaires can't make the peace

They say temperatures rising so lets raise the heat.

I think one of the reasons the Winter Classic was cancelled so quickly is the league knows there will be a "fan lockout" for merchandise purchases. Possibly there were still tickets are also tickets to be sold and they chose not to be at the world's center stage while the fans will have many opportunities to speak their disgust.

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