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A bit surprised Darcy did not trade a pick?

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I am a bit surprised Darcy did not trade a pick for an established player? perhaps he tried and just could not work anything out? I am sure he was on the phones. I doubt this coach we have had any say whatsoever on anything. Unlike in Vancouver were I am sure Tortorella had some input with Gillis. I wish the Sabres had gone wtih James Patrick if they were going to give some young guy a shot. Not Rolston. I still do not know why Rolston got the job. Its not like Rochester did that well with him.

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I'm not at all surprised we didn't move a pick. A rebuilding team doesn't move picks for an established player they stay at 8 and 16 and pick two good players. I love the move in the 2nd round with Carolina to get Compher more than acquiring McBain. Also Rolston was given the job because he is excellent at developing young players. See Foligno, Pysyk, McNabb, and Flynn. This team is going to be littered with young players that need to be developed in order to succeed and Rolston is a good fit for that job.

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