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Streamlining the league


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I hate the concept of east vs west

Every team already plays each other already right?

30 teams 82 games

2 teams are playing one another


5 games per matchup with a few games left over

If you have them add 2 teams like giving Quebec their team back and I dunno Hartford too? That would give you closer to 5 games per matchup with a few games left over for tie breakers.

Change scoring to a more European football style system 3 points for a win 1 point for draws, nobody seems to like the shoot out system where you get a point for losing.

Top 16 teams go to the playoffs, no wild cards games unless there are ties in the scores that create more than 16 teams.









This would astronomically better at establishing the better teams overall than the current system. It would also turn the playoffs in 50% of the league making the playoffs instead of more making it than missing it.

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