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  1. http://www.csnphilly.com/philadelphia-flyers/jakub-voracek-lashes-out-bill-daly-gary-bettman-over-olympic-indecision
  2. It seems like he was put on the Phantoms roster for that reason, but it also seems like they're waiting on Koe to get healthy before rushing him back onto the ice, they're both pretty similar "faster than the puck" players.
  3. Call Koecny back up, put Fipp and him on the first line for a game and let Giroux be a healthy scratch to gather himself.
  4. Wonder if they'll keep Weal up even when Koceny is ready to go.
  5. He's still getting exposed to Vegas and is a pretty good pick-up to ensure you hit the cap floor if you're the Vegas management looking for some decent players to poach during the expansion draft. He's got 20(?) games to prove he's assistant captain worthy, They'll likely pull the trigger on taking the C away from Giroux, if PEB remains thats 1 A, so really you're looking for a new home for the open A without giving it to Giroux.
  6. Danny B was still on the team, Chris Pronger was the captain, Jager was his line-mate, Hartnell was doing all the gritty work,nobody else wanted to do. Wayne and Vorchek and Timmo were all 40-50 point getters. The team was just a better offensive team under Lavi, I don't really like how they just fired the guy after not winning the play-offs in his short time there, his replacement did a horrible job and then you handed a team in disarray to a college coach trying out the NHL with a team struggling with the cap and direction of the team.
  7. I just don't see how changing the letter is going to bolster Simmonds' voice on the team or what it'll change at all, it's more likely going to negatively affect Giroux than positively affect the team. Not sure about the Sharks but a lot of changes were made that year too and I believe it was a record low for Joe in Games played. Who are you slapping the two A's on after you give Simmonds the C? Gudas and Vorachek?
  8. It may be true, but his career +/- is also positive and that statistic is usually a good sign of a guy that either plays some semblance of defense or takes care of the puck instead of centering it in front of your own goal like some of our guys do on occasion. He may be soft, but I don't think you have the option of getting a gritty guy any time soon, they sent Hartnell to Columbus.
  9. No, but knowing the NHL, they'll save any team that does fail and keep them propped up instead of moving them for years anyways.
  10. Why? Nobody is interested in the news or facts anymore, they just want opinions about the news by people that have agreeable opinions. His +/- is already better than the Top 6 currently on the flyers. His career +/- is actually a positive number as well, so while he may be soft on the puck it seems like he is hardly the reason his team is scored against as he isn't on the ice for goals against as much as he is goals for, unlike the -20/-17 of some of the Flyer's players he'll be sharing a locker room with.
  11. Del Zotto, Michael Schultz, Nick Gostisbehere, Shayne Weal, Jordan all Free agents next year, Gostisbehere and Weal are the most likely resigns unless schultz and MDZ agree to overly generous contracts, but allowing them to sign elsewhere and bringing up one of the 3 prospects you've been grooming in the AHL for the past 5 years seems more likely, Hagg, Morin and Sanheim have to be ready sometime this decade. We are currently getting Gostisbehere for extremely cheap and if you don't think his contract is going to double next year then I'm not sure what to tell you.
  12. He's also fairly consistent, he's one of the few players that hasn't constantly popped up on any of the Flyers discussion boards as a "turn-over machine" or "no better than if you tossed a road cone out on the ice with a stick tied to it". It sounds like PEB and Neuvirth were given raises and both put out there as exposure targets, if they get taken it's likely so that Vegas can hit the cap floor. I still don't see who you'd sign instead of PEB though, would people have preferred Giroux, simmonds or vorachek being traded? This team isn't loaded with talent that people are clamoring
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