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  1. I would have to agree with every word you guys said. It is extremely frustrating to watch this kind of garbage. I think it might have been Zetterberg who said he embarrassed not only himself and the current team, but also the whole organization and all the alumni who have worn the Winged Wheel sweater. That's pretty much true. You can't go out to the SAME TEAM who mopped the floor with you TWO NIGHTS AGO and the LOSE 10-1! Babcock used to go all high school on these guys when that happened and made the skate hard laps for a couple hours. Bowman would have just shot somebody. Blashill? I have no idea, but I really don't think he's the type of coach you're gonna hear through the walls, yaknowwhatimean?
  2. Third place in the Atlantic Division Standings? How did that happen? I didn't watch any of the last three games (Too busy watching football and drinking single malt with my dad). I do know that all of these games ended in losses (overtime or otherwise), and then I see we're in third place? This looks pretty good so far, a quarter of the way though the season. Dad went home and I'm all out of single malt so I'm looking forward to watching both Kings and Habs. The Wings are going to be hungry for a decisive win. They have what it takes to get 4 points this week.
  3. @SpikeDDS YES! That was fun! I had a great time watching that game! They had a lot riding on that game, mostly from the echoes of the embarrassment at the Saddledome last week. I'm glad they responded the way they did. They took their lumps in Calgary, learned from it, and gave it right back to them. I hope they learn even more from this experience. They are a team that CAN compete. A lot of the media count them out anymore, and the Wings showed everyone they must still be reckoned with. @hf101 I have long suspected the NHL has long had it against the Red Wings. They don't like to give them good press. Maybe it's a conspiracy theory but even when you look at highlight montages for good scoring plays by one or two players, invariably, they always throw in several from Detroit, more represented than any other team. But I'm not bitter....
  4. @yave1964 I missed the Cancuks game because I was watching the Lions, but it seems they're still trying to find their legs. as a team. They have the pieces and talent to be an incredible team, even a playoff contender, but they have to keep producing at that high level, night after night, whilst keeping everyone healthy. I am looking forward to the long stretch at Pizzarena. Million, and billions, and zillions of dollars, to build the place, no to mention another gajillion spent for all the media hype and they've only played there a handful of times. Let's get that baby moving and see what she can do!
  5. It's a little shocking, I know. But that's only half of it. After lass night's loss to the Canucks, Jeff Blashill actually had bad things to say about his team. Real bad. Almost like he was angry at them. This is just weird....
  6. @TropicalFruitGirl26 Witkowski was brought in specifically for sandpaper quality, same as Steve Ott last year, not that it did any good. Nevertheless, your statements are true, and Wings fans will undoubtedly agree. How do I copy this text to Jeff Blashill, though, so he'll consider it when developing his next lineup? Anybody know his handle? @JeffBlashill2017.... maybe?
  7. @SpikeDDS Absolutely. And when you're spending so much time trying to get out of your own zone, by the time you do get it across the other blue line, there's only one guy carrying it in while four other players trade seats on the bench. Tired hockey is losing hockey.
  8. @yave1964 Hedman and Kucherov played a hell of a game, for sure, but we didn't test them very well, particularly on special teams. Power play was awful and completely lifeless. Penalty kill was okay and giving up on goal is not the worst thing in the world, but the Bolts were able to spend too much time in the offensive zone. Once again, we relied on Howard a little too much.
  9. @SpikeDDS I can't argue with you there. It seems to be a hallmark of the Red Wings team to only play the second and third periods of any given game. It WILL bite them at some point, as it always does. For now though, they are playing well despite, and as you say, I'm really enjoying the play of Frk. Larkin is showing flashes of his freshman year, and everyone seems to be clicking fairly well. Handing Vegas their first franchise loss was pretty nice and being first place in the Atlantic Division looks good too! I know, I know it's only been a handful of games but c'mon!! :-)
  10. @SpikeDDS I'm here! Was between jobs for a while and just started a new one. Learning the ropes about internet usage here, but I'll check in from time to time. Wings looking good so far!
  11. Someone will need to be moved. With the new signings, the Wings only have $3MM in cap space, but still need to reach deals with restricted free agents Tatar, Ouellet, and Anthanasiou. Both Tats and X are arbitration eligible, so it could get ugly if Holland tries to lowball them. I can't imagine AA getting sent down just for cap room.
  12. I had to laugh when I read Blashill's comments regarding Witkowski. (not verbatim) "He brings a toughness to our team. he looks out for and sticks up for his teammates, something we need very much." That's exactly what Steve Ott was brought in for last year, and he barely ever played, before being traded to the Habs. Exactly how bad do we need the sandpaper, Coach?
  13. I hadn't heard of these attitude issues, but one thing we can all agree on is that the Detroit Red Wings franchise has always been one of maturity and respect, and anyone who does not get on board with that will be quickly shown the door. The last thing the Wings need right now is Jack Parkman in the locker room.
  14. @pilldoc Agreed! Fantastic effort for putting this together and managing it! Great commentary and some interesting selections. this was fun! Enjoy your weekend and Happy Fathers Day to all the dads, granddads, step-dads and dads-at-heart!

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