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  1. Good report and a good sum-up. And yes there are a lot of questions, but that is exactly what this was for. A whole group of hockey and business execs can sit around a big conference table talking about (and I'm sure they did and will continue to do so), but you have to start somewhere. Have the tournament in whatever arrangement seems best at the time, and let the questions, issues, and problems arise. Then solve them for the next one. If you sit around and talk about problems, you'll never get anything done. As the Mythbusters would say..."Failure is ALWAYS an option." It seems the NHL is set on holding the WCH, which is fine. I like the idea. So now it's time to start addressing the problems so it can be better next time. If nothing else, it's a business investment. Sometimes you need a "loss leader" just to generate interest, so that the overall project generates profit.
  2. Gonna have to go with the Oil on this one. That orange and blue color scheme has always been one of my favorites.
  3. Those ARE pretty bold predictions, but also very plausible. I'll be anxious to see how it pans out!
  4. It's still very chilling to think about what happened that day. Even now, 14 years later, it seems a little taboo (at least for me) to use the September 11 date, even on papers, reports, checks, anything routine. I almost feel I should wait a day or two so I can use a different date. I was in college when that happened. I had an early morning lab which let out around 10:00 or so. So I was already gone when they came around to cancel the rest of classes. We had just moved into our apartment too, and we didn't have the cable hooked up yet. It wasn't until about 3:00 in the afternoon when I went to the grocery store and found a bunch of people crowded around a television.
  5. The concept of "Innocent until proven guilty" actually exists when it comes to superstars in the NHL. The Hawks are going to hope against hope to the bitter end of this. At the same time, look for him to be benched until it all plays out.
  6. That's very possible. However, in trying to think of just such an event, I decided to open it up to all categories, outside of sports as well. I wasn't around for the Miracle on Ice, but did that make the whole country stand still? Since hockey is not America's passion sport, I doubt so many folks were watching that day.
  7. Sometimes I wonder if there is anything in the US that is so unifying as hockey is to Canada. Just the other day I (re)watched that documentary on the '72 Summit Series. How a single (non-tragic) event can bring an entire country to a stand-still is beyond comprehension. I can't think of much in US history that had quite the same effect. Maybe the moon landing?
  8. I had no idea that incident even happened! Great post, and thank you! If the Richard Riot is indeed, an integral part of the Quebecois separatist movement, perhaps it's beginning to dissolving simply as a factor of time, that the next generation of hockey fans can't defend Richard quite so vehemently simply because they hadn't been born yet.
  9. I remember that car crash after the 1997 Cup finals. It was only about a week or so after the parade. It let the air out of the whole city. The Cup wasn't even worth celebrating anymore. Konstantinov was an amazing defensemen - the Kronwall of his day. He laid out plenty of open ice hits. I remember he uplifted Claude Lemieux head over heels. Worth mentioning too that Yzerman, upon receiving the Cup after the 1998 Finals, gave it straight to Konstantinov in his wheelchair.
  10. Great post! When I was younger I wasn't as interested in hockey as I am now. Which is to say that I knew Steve Yzerman played for the Red Wings and Wayne Gretsky also pretty good. That was the extent of my hockey knowledge. Lanny was also one of those names that I associated with the game, and yes, the hairy lip was part of it. He was just an active, force of life and he played with heart and soul.
  11. Outstanding article! I had to sit and just think about it, let it sink in, before trying to figure how to respond. I still don't know how. Life is precious, and beautiful.
  12. @Old School Hockey I see. Understood. Agree with you 100%. DDK is first priority.
  13. @yave1964 I suppose you're eight (and not just about Tootoo ). It's a benefit in disguise though...the less he gets hit, the healthier his back stays, so I won't knock it. Is it hockey season yet? @Old School Hockey I'm not worried about DDK at all. He'll be resigned. There just negotiating the terms now, but he'll get he wants. Considering Quincey got a pay raise, DeKeyser can just about name his own price and be approved. If they let him go, Holland will have that contract extension crammed you-know-where and be run out of town.
  14. @yave1964 It's a sign of respect. Lidstrom never had that happen to him either. Players would skate in for a hit, but never a hard one, and only as part of the game. Nick would usually dodge it anyway. On the other hand, players never get too close to Datsyuk when he's skating it in, do they?
  15. @yave1964 @jammer2 I think it's better than 50/50. I vote 75% he comes back. I'm sure he's been seeing doctor's and getting treatment for his back all summer, but hockey is a tough sport so the proof is in the pudding. While Holland is loyal to all his players, I think that's one of the hallmarks of his leadership. It's not just about money or hardware. Ask any of the Red Wings team, staff, or management...they all feel like they're part of a family, which is important in this business..hell, ANY business. Granted, he may take it too far in certain cases, but at the end of the day, you'll never be able to say that he sold out. As far as Alfie's salary, I don't think he'll have a problem with it. Lidstrom took a pay cut the last couple years in his career, and he played every game of the season.
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