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  1. If you'll go back and look, I made my pick with the very first word of my previous post.
  2. Klefbom HJ, we can't all be on here 24/7. I'm not trying to be rude, but there's no point in flipping out every time someone takes more than 5 seconds to make a pick.
  3. @pilldoc I'm going to be busy for a while with a softball game tonight. Would it help if I messaged you with a couple of potential picks to keep things rolling assuming no one takes them first? Funny enough, I do wonder if one of them fulfills my joking threat earlier. Lol
  4. Cam Talbot Your pick, @AlaskaFlyerFan
  5. As far as that run to the Finals in 1999... There was this guy named Dominik Hasek that dragged that team kicking and screaming to the Finals. They were that bad, and he was that incredible. I give him WAY more credit for that trip than Ruff.
  6. Rask isn't the guy I'd want to depend on in the playoffs either. Personally, I think he's one of the biggest reasons the B's lost to Chicago in 2013. That meltdown in game six was the stuff of legends.
  7. You won't be getting xxxx xxxxxxx. I'm picking him before you can.
  8. I think I'm next. If so, I'm going Malkin.
  9. I have to like the Sens' chances in this one. We took all four from Boston in the regular season, and the team actually managed to reverse a skid and win a couple of games down the stretch without Karlsson. He'll be back for the playoffs, and we should get Methot back soon as well. I certainly don't expect a sweep, but the pieces should fall into place for this one.
  10. I'm virtually positive it's a problem with the NHL site, because I got NGINX errors a couple of times while trying to fill mine out.
  11. Erik Karlsson Your pick, @AlaskaFlyerFan
  12. Sorry for my late reply. I've been without Internet thanks to a dog chewing on the cable. This should work for me.
  13. I can't see how they couldn't award a goal. It's pretty clear that the intent for such a situation is an awarded goal. Since the officials know that, that would almost certainly be the ruling made. If it was then found that the rule book doesn't specifically cover that, I fell pretty confident that would be fixed in short order.
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