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  1. Was able to catch the 3rd period. Watching Pastrnak and Marchand is enough reason to tune into a Boston Bruins game. Their numbers are definitely unsustainable, but Pastrnak has been trending upwards ever since 2016-17, and had the 7th best ppg in the league last year. As for Brad Marchand, at this rate he'll be carving himself a HHOF career. He's been top 5 in points the last 2 seasons and not lower than 6th best ppg in the past 3.
  2. Haven't seen you in a while, are you still with us?

  3. I cant post the statistics because im on my phone and my desktop hasnt been functioning. However I do recall Gretzky actually led in ppg twice when Lemieux outproduced Gretzky in the 80s. Anyways, I dont see how Gretzky would transition to the league worse than lemieux. There are among numerous small framed high iq players and some are the best players in the game (Kane and Gaudreau to name a few) Also, correct me if im wrong but wasnt Lemieux not in optimal shape in the 80s? I heard his conditioning was insufficient. That would be more evident modern era than it ever
  4. I still think Crosby can remain a top point producer in a few more years. I suppose we'll have to see, but Crosby is gradually becoming a better defensive player. In fact, he's already been excellent the past few years. Its rather analogous to Sakic and Yzerman in the sense that all 3 became better defensive players at the expense at some offense. Offensively hes the equivalent to Jagr with superior defensive ability, Crosby's ppg gap over everyone else is quite significant. In the tier of offensive players just below Gretzky and Lemieux. In terms of forwards I dont see
  5. You insinuated Gretzky wouldnt be a force in modern era hockey. Sure. You got me there, not "half" but they were extremely close in the late 80s with Lemieux's prime starting and Gretzky in his late prime years. Both beneffited immensely from a highscoring era (Gretzky moreso) and neither would be reaching 160 pointd in todays league. Point is, if Lemieuxs dominating, Gretzky will be.
  6. He can do it. Just 20 more years of 50 points. Disregarding the fact that he still hasnt peaked yet.
  7. I think its quite plausible he becomes a top 15-10 player of all time. Statistically, his prime is already amongst the greatest of all time (with all but 2 seasons of his entire career being on pace for 100 points, only lemieux and Gretzky have more) and it doesnt seem to be in any significant decline in the forseeable future. Imo The highest hockey iq of any player in the last 30 years excluding Lemieux and Gretzky.
  8. What a preposterous statement, especially considering half of Lemieux's prime was in that exact era Gretzky was outscoring him in. Gretzky would absolutely be a force in todays game if you are to say the same for Lemieux. In his late 30s, Gretzky lead the league in assists, tied with a prime Jagr.
  9. Seriously? Sure, Malkin chopped the goalie. But that absolutely does not justify what Williams did. that was reckless, Malkin's head almost came in contact with the boards.
  10. In one play, Auston cements his calder trophy while simultaneously stripping Karlsson of the Norris.
  11. Lol, thats true. And no, jagr has no children nor does he have a wife. Instead, he spends his time revitalizing himself in the fountain of youth... In other words, screwing 18 year old girls.
  12. I know you're joking. But the bolded is illogical. Of course you insert modern Jagr into the 1950's, he would have a substantial fitness advantage, and all the knowledge of the previous hockey generations. Now, if he were to be born in the same time period as everyone that played in the 1950's. That would be an equal playing field, all he would have to rely on is his innate talent. I mean, do you think the subsequent generation is inherently more talented? perhaps, but technology, fitness is exponentially improving. That, and they possess the knowledge of the previous generations.
  13. What's your point? No one would have. What I did say was that even excluding Gretzky and Lemieux. Messier only wins 1 Art ross in comparison to Howe's 6 during his era. And taking into account Scott's information, Gordie Howe would have won 4 art rosses with Gretzky out of the equation. And I didn't even remove Lemieux. "I always thought he was comparable to Messier more than Gretzky" What you said in an earlier post. It rather implies that he was more in a league with Messier than Gretzky. That's how I perceived it anyway. But yes, in regards to playstyle Howe is more simi
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