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  1. Was able to catch the 3rd period. Watching Pastrnak and Marchand is enough reason to tune into a Boston Bruins game. Their numbers are definitely unsustainable, but Pastrnak has been trending upwards ever since 2016-17, and had the 7th best ppg in the league last year. As for Brad Marchand, at this rate he'll be carving himself a HHOF career. He's been top 5 in points the last 2 seasons and not lower than 6th best ppg in the past 3.
  2. Haven't seen you in a while, are you still with us?

  3. Another edition of hockey gifs...
  4. Here's hoping when Jaget eventually retires that you still converse on here!

    1. JagerMeister


      Are you insane? Jagr won't retire..

    2. notfondajane
  5. Lol these are classics. But lest we not forget the absolute lunacy and randomness of. Olli Jokinen GIFS
  6. Goalie edition! Unfortunately, I can't find that ilya bryzgalov gif. You all know what I'm talking about... Or maybe u don't, because he has a crap ton of gif worthy content.
  7. I have no idea why an agitator in the NHL hasn't done that by now.
  8. Subban has time to improve in all aspects of the game, particularly and especially defense. Weber has been showing signs of deterioration for sometime. And as far as I'm aware, Subban's playstyle is more easy to maintain for longevity.
  9. Like your location!

  10. even Lemieux was unable to elevate his team in the playoffs. Gretzky couldn`t with his art ross win in LA. But I don't know about most team game, Im not an avid football viewer but that seems very team oriented.
  11. So from what I have learned about this hockey drama over the years is that anyone with the last name Kane is an automatic douchebag.
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