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  1. Black Mirror

    From Wiki Black Mirror is a British science fiction television anthology series created by Charlie Brooker. It centres around dark and satirical themes that examine modern society, particularly with regard to the unanticipated consequences of new technologies.[1] Episodes are standalone works, usually set in an alternative present or the near future. Highly recommend it, I've heard many comparisons to Twilight Zone if anyone's watched that.
  2. America's Got Talent

    This still exists?
  3. Haven't seen you in a while, are you still with us?

  4. Would You Take Gretzky or Lemieux?

    I cant post the statistics because im on my phone and my desktop hasnt been functioning. However I do recall Gretzky actually led in ppg twice when Lemieux outproduced Gretzky in the 80s. Anyways, I dont see how Gretzky would transition to the league worse than lemieux. There are among numerous small framed high iq players and some are the best players in the game (Kane and Gaudreau to name a few) Also, correct me if im wrong but wasnt Lemieux not in optimal shape in the 80s? I heard his conditioning was insufficient. That would be more evident modern era than it ever was in the 80s. I still maintain the belief both would dominate everyone else. Both of them in their mid to late 30s were still among the best offensive forces in the game. Lemieux in the 2000s leading the league in ppg and Gretzky in his late 30s tying jagr for most assists in the league.
  5. Crosby Might Be Changing My Mind

    I still think Crosby can remain a top point producer in a few more years. I suppose we'll have to see, but Crosby is gradually becoming a better defensive player. In fact, he's already been excellent the past few years. Its rather analogous to Sakic and Yzerman in the sense that all 3 became better defensive players at the expense at some offense. Offensively hes the equivalent to Jagr with superior defensive ability, Crosby's ppg gap over everyone else is quite significant. In the tier of offensive players just below Gretzky and Lemieux. In terms of forwards I dont see many ahead of him.
  6. Would You Take Gretzky or Lemieux?

    You insinuated Gretzky wouldnt be a force in modern era hockey. Sure. You got me there, not "half" but they were extremely close in the late 80s with Lemieux's prime starting and Gretzky in his late prime years. Both beneffited immensely from a highscoring era (Gretzky moreso) and neither would be reaching 160 pointd in todays league. Point is, if Lemieuxs dominating, Gretzky will be.
  7. Am i the only one disliking this negan character? His demeanor and mannerisms are too overdramatic and cartoonish, and he acts that way all the time. Its excessive. Also, that season finale ending was incredibly cheesy. Especially when they switched to each person. It was drawn out. And another minor character like Spencer dies. Just when they started to develop him, now how many times has that happened on this show before? Relatively recent characters being killed. How can we care for them? Also, minute complaint but olivias death irked me because of its implausibility. Seriously out of everyone punished it just so happened to be the furthest person away from the group. Maybe because she was the most useless. Idk. Decent episode though.
  8. Would You Take Gretzky or Lemieux?

    He can do it. Just 20 more years of 50 points. Disregarding the fact that he still hasnt peaked yet.
  9. Crosby Might Be Changing My Mind

    I think its quite plausible he becomes a top 15-10 player of all time. Statistically, his prime is already amongst the greatest of all time (with all but 2 seasons of his entire career being on pace for 100 points, only lemieux and Gretzky have more) and it doesnt seem to be in any significant decline in the forseeable future. Imo The highest hockey iq of any player in the last 30 years excluding Lemieux and Gretzky.
  10. Would You Take Gretzky or Lemieux?

    What a preposterous statement, especially considering half of Lemieux's prime was in that exact era Gretzky was outscoring him in. Gretzky would absolutely be a force in todays game if you are to say the same for Lemieux. In his late 30s, Gretzky lead the league in assists, tied with a prime Jagr.
  11. Am I the only one who's not fond of this Negan character? He seems like an archetypal sadist. Another character simply made for everyone else to despise and nothing else. No complexity or moral grayness to the character. That's my impression atleast, please not another Ramsay. Also, I feel like he's suppose to be saying more crude things, but instead substitutes it for a less offensive word. It undermines the authenticity and comedic affect, who still say's freakin? Especially in that context... Anyways, my overall thoughts on the episode. It was ok, but It was predictable. I would have preferred Glenn's first death because you genuinely don't anticipate it. Or if Abraham died in the finale, then Glenn dying in the premier. Now that's not to say I didn't enjoy anything. Rick's breakdown and submission was exceptional, and I'm looking forward to the psychological toll this takes on Daryl. But ofc now after this emotionally packed episode, there will be filler to come. Brace yourselves...
  12. Sid concussed ... again

    Seriously? Sure, Malkin chopped the goalie. But that absolutely does not justify what Williams did. that was reckless, Malkin's head almost came in contact with the boards.
  13. Matthews REALLY Debuts!

    In one play, Auston cements his calder trophy while simultaneously stripping Karlsson of the Norris.
  14. Stanley Cup Winner Predictions (2016-17)

    You're all wrong, this is Buffalo's year!!!

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