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Nathan MacKinnon - The real deal

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So it's two games in to the season but already Nathan MacKinnon is looking like the real deal and a worthy no 1 overall pick. 


He had 2 assists in the his first game (a 6-1 blowout of the Anaheim Ducks), the first of which was a lovely backhanded no look  pass from behind the net to Jamie McGinn.



The second, whilst not quite as pretty, was still a nice move.




Having watched a replay of the 1st game and highlights of the 2nd (where he also had 1 assist) I thought his hockey IQ shone through brightly with his vision and overall head up play.


He looked very fast to me, cutting past several d-men like they just weren't there (albeit the first game was against the Ducks, whose defensive issues are such that they are allegedly looking towards the Flyers for help  :lol:). 


From what I can see the only area of real weakness is his face-off skill (18.2% through 2 games according to NHL.com) which is something that should improve with a little more experience. 


Win or lose, the Avalanche are going to be a fun team to watch this year - the offensive style of Roy and his passion for the game + a juiced up offence should make for some interesting hockey. If MacKinnon stays on his line I reckon Jamie McGinn would be a pretty good sleeper fantasy pick (albeit my fantasy hockey history is not the strongest  ;) ).

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I've watched both Avalanche games thus far. Super exciting team.  

MacKinnon has some slick passing skills.  I have him in one of my fhl leagues and ended up picking up Jamie McGinn in two deep leagues mainly because of Mackinnon's skills. 

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