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  1. Decent price and term, gives us his prime years and still gives him a chance to get paid in FA if he's as good as we hope he is.
  2. Halle-frickin-lujah....Such great news for anyone who loves hockey. I actually enjoy listening to opposing team feeds to get a different perspective but couldn't do that with the Pens whilst that muppet was doing play by play.
  3. The spreadsheet works for me... Sorry for the late reply but just got back from Japan and trying to catch up on things.
  4. Congrats to @pilldoc for his victory inn the Conn Smythe... I look forward to matching up next year in the big boys league!
  5. It's hard to see how they could make it any easier for the Flames. Can't even execute an entry into the zone, just lacking in the core basics. Just frightening...
  6. **** me I have never seen such a toothless PP in all my life. What a momentum killer...
  7. Wow, great zip on that pass to Coots! All good here bro, hope you are too. And then damn WTF?
  8. Hahaha, indeed! But whilst we are here can someone just freaking shoot Del Z, or break his ankle... Anything to get him off the ice. Making Macdud look competent, and those penalties? Hartnellesque in their complete stupidity...
  9. Sad that Cunninghams career is over as I always liked him as a Vancouver Giant. However on the positive side it's just great that he is still alive and has the opportunity to pursue other opportunities within hockey.
  10. Congratulations to rux on a hard fought battle, he pushed me all the way. Finally squeaked home by 3 points thanks to Erik Karlson having a big night.
  11. Ha @ruxpin, I'm not so sure... had a couple of weeks where the team wasn't scoring so well and then last week when I'm on a bye they decide to bust out... Par for the course but very frustrating! This could be your week...
  12. Good to see the kid back after such a nasty hit. Glad he's been kept out for a decent length of time, hopefully he can avoid further concussion issues.
  13. #@%$ &*#" %$!# AKA the words you utter when your top center goes out for the foreseeable future. Get well soon Steven Stamkos. The only silver lining is having Drouin on your bench and hoping he again steps up in the absence of Stamkos as he did in last seasons playoffs...
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