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  1. Not quite sure that this is being driven by players... an earlier attempt to unionise the CHL crashed and burned because there wasn't a great deal of interest. Don't get me wrong, the league is making some real money but at the end of the day no one forces the kids to play in the CHL.. To me this is more about the union trying to build up membership. And you can forget the BS about it being a nominal fee, they will soon get their hooks in for more dough.
  2. For clarity, this is from the article linked to by hf: "The East Coast Hockey League had at one time become a forgotten league, where players who couldn’t make it in the NHL or AHL wound up to play out the rest of their careers on semi-professional teams. However, today the ECHL is back in the loop of respectable hockey leagues and it might be taking one might step forward by combining with the Central Hockey League. The latest rumours swirling around the hockey league have the ECHL and CHL merging leagues to become one destination for hockey outside of the NHL and AHL. The CHL already holds designations with teams such as the Allen Americans, Mississippi RiverKings and Brampton Beast. Adding the ECHL to the mix would only help widen the validity of the CHL and perhaps convince players to stay in the CHL over the NCAA route. There is such a wide gap or leagues for players who aren’t ready for the AHL or NHL as of yet and this will certainly open more doors for more ECHL players to get call-up’s." Indeed...
  3. @jammer2 Methinks you are getting somewhat confused... The CHL being referred to here is not the Canadian Hockey League (OHL, WHL, QMJHL) but the Central Hockey League, a US based league. Nothing to do with David Branch and young Canadian kids!
  4. Good deal IMO. Maybe partially makes up for signing him at 6 mill last year...
  5. OR, Last night Akeson was very good, generated a lot of offence and was directly responsible for both Flyers goals. I really liked the awareness of his kick back of the puck on the second goal.
  6. @brelic, I read the same article as well as the tweets. Whilst not good news in any way, a stretched/strained Achilles tendon sure as heck beats a rupture. Let's hope the kid is okay and doesn't suffer any long term issues as a result.
  7. @flyercanuck Yep, all part of Branch's ongoing campaign to make the OHL a non contact league flavoured with a little bit of London favouritism. Read this article and wondered what Bob Duff is smoking...
  8. FC, I know we have discussed Dave Branch's "interesting" decisions before but I have to say this just left me absolutely speechless. I watched the video without benefit of voice over the first time and just watched the "hit". I could hardly believe this was even reviewed, let alone a 15 game suspension. When I heard the rationale behind the decision I didn't know whether to laugh or cry... Truly, an absolute joke of a decision, almost Colin Campbellesque in its ludicrosity. I doubt that "hit" even gets reviewed in the WHL...
  9. Yep, it's not a surprise that the natives are getting restless... You would have to think that one more early playoff exit would be the straw that breaks the camels back in terms of his job security. On the other hand right now Disco Dan is keeping the heat of Ray Shero, that's the only reason I can think of that he has a job. I just pray you keep Bylsma, if you had a better coach your team has the potential to be lethal. My favourite DFB quote of the games last weekend... "We are a grind team"... Unfreakinbelievable that he says that, let alone is serious about it.
  10. Noss, I feel your pain... He just doesn't seem capable of reacting to situations in game... Or else he is so blinkered he just doesn't see the need, I'm not sure which. It might be fine during the regular season to a degree but come Playoffs or tournament play you get found out real quick ie during the Boston series last year or this years Olympics.
  11. @yave1964 I saw this game too and couldn't agree with you more. For me there is no doubt whatsoever that McKinnon will win the Calder this year, barring some unforeseen injury. And even then I suspect he has done enough to seal the deal already. I will be interested to see how they get on in the playoffs this year, they are certainly a contender but it might be one year too early for them. Next year, watch out, especially if they can add to their D.
  12. Anybody else with some good fan taunts? From THN: http://video.nhl.com/videocenter/embed?playlist=552913 Sorry I can't get the video to embed. Gotta love the Mario's Poolboy chant
  13. Agreed. We finally have a goalie who can win us games... It's an incredible feeling to know that a breakaway isn't automatically going to lead to a goal nowadays.
  14. I tend to agree... certainly not an overall Cup winner. However I do agree with Ken Campbell's basic premise that in a 7 game series we are capable of beating any team in the East. Boston would probably be my biggest concern as although the Pens are strong they hold no real fear for me.
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