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  1. Becoming a scary thing with Murray and concussions. You have to wonder in sports, and especially with goalies in hockey, how this affects a players reflexes and such as the number of concussions increases. Its to the point you have to worry for him any time he's hit in the head with a shot at this point.
  2. Wow, I'm pleasantly surprised, 20 games. As much as we make fun of the DOPeS, they finally put the hammer down on Wilson. [Hidden Content] Hopefully he finally gets it
  3. I know that I'm not supposed to have an opinion on this since the Pens have employed Matt Cooke, Darius Kaspiritus and so forth blah blah blah, but for the safety of the rest of the league, this guy needs to go for a log time. He's just not getting it. He was suspended like three time just last year. I mentioned Matt Cooke, this is the same type of hit that helped Dennis Savard along to his retirement. Its the pick to the head that the league DEFINITELY wants out of the game. If the league is serious, he needs to start the season with a 15 or more game suspension, because he's not getting it. This sets the standard for him, next one goes further.
  4. I think you can use Darwin to explain that. You start out a Neanderthal and slowly grow towards knowledge.(Couldn't resist, its getting close to smack talking season you know) Welcome in as a Pens fan Corky, we don't mind how you got here, just that your here.
  5. Well Yave, I'm not sure if Jack Johnson was what you were thinking the Pens needed, but with his signing and the resigning of Oleksiak ($2.1M/yr for 3 yrs is not bad)the Pens seem set on defense to go into the season. (Letang, Shultz, Maata, Doumolin, Oleksiak, Johnson). I kind of disagree with you on Oleksiak as just an AHL'r. I think that he played well within the system coming out of Dallas where he didn't play well, and his numbers were actually better that Cole's for the time he was here. Remember, this was his first taste of the playoffs, I think he has a lot of upside coming with more experience. With more confidence I think he can use his big frame to be a physical presence, and with the addition of Johnson, the Pens blue line should be harder to play against. Don't forget to mention Dominic Simon when you talk about Pens prospects, I feel he has the ability to break into a middle six position at some point in his career. He looked well in the limited games he played with the Pens, and should compete for a roster spot this season.
  6. Not a bad signing at all. At age 42, he's only going to play fourth line time of about 8 minutes a game. He'll have no problem physically with that at all. With the experience he brings, and a great faceoff guy, he'll be a great addition to pass on his knowledge to the younger kids he plays with. Oh, and he'll be a great addition on the PK. For Min salary, this is great.
  7. FYI, this is the press conference in question. I don't see how anyone with a sane mind can read bad intent into Johnson's words. Oh wait, I forgot who we were talking about. Anyway, the way Johnson's statement goes, he couldn't sign an extension with the Jackets, so in looking for a new team, with the Pens he could check all the boxes, one of those was to play for a team with a winning culture and whatever else. He NEVER states that the Blue Jagoff's didn't have that. Either Torts can't understand the written language of English or the way someone stated it to him in a question made it sound like Johnson was taking a parting shot. FAKE NEWS [Hidden Content]
  8. Okay, I've been laid up for a few days with a slipped disk, can't golf, so I'm bored. So to honor Tort's for a career dedicated to complaining about everything with that little weasel face of his, I dedicate this rendition of Bad Torts(sung to the tune of Bad Boys by the Miami Sound Machine) to the master of the blame game, John Torterella. [Hidden Content] Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts, whiny Torts Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts , whiny Torts Whiny , whiny , whiny , whiny Torts You make me laugh so much You naughty whiny , whiny , whiny , whiny , Torts You make me laugh so much Knew you would The way you fume so much You get me so amused About the Refs and such My head goes beat beat Beat beat, beat beat Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts .whiny Torts Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts , whiny Torts And when the game is done Well your not done yet You complain to everyone You go Wah, Wah, Wah The Refs The Refs Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts .whiny Torts Torts will be Torts , whiny Torts , whiny Torts
  9. The other thing with Cullen, let him teach the young guys. Show them what it takes to play into your 40s. Maybe he'll role right into the organizations system after he retires as a coach or scout.
  10. Ah good ol Torts. As for Johnson's comment, what was he supposed to say, "Well I came to the Pens because they're on a downturn and I want to lose games"? Almost every player that goes to a top team says something almost identicle. It's like all the cliches Crash Davis teaches Meat in Bull Duhram. The Pens front office didn't take offense to Marion Hossa when he said he wanted to go where he had the best chance of winning. (Then of course the Pens proved him wrong). Now as for Rutherfords comments, not sure what that came from. It would be interesting to be the little fly on the wall sometimes.
  11. Sheary is an undersized forward who used his speed to his advantage. That's the mold for teams like the Pens, use speed on the defense. As a Pens fan, I liked that in him, when he used it. He sometimes went into funks where it did not look like he was giving 100%. When that happens to a player like that, it really shows. His speed matched up with Sid's game well, which is why he played many times on Crosby's wing. The competition for a roster spot is ALWAYS a focus with players like him. And the Pens have Daniel Sprong and Dominic Simon coming up next year who can fill that same spot. And maybe these guys will recognize that if you don't give that 100% all the time, you lose your spot. If Sheary would have had another good year, $3M/yr wouldn't have been a bad thing. But his totals went down last season, while playing a lot of time on Sids wing. With the coming of Guentzel, that pushed him down to the third line this year, which he did not do well at without Sid feeding him. There's still a lot of up side to him, which is the reason for my feelings. But he needs more consistancy. He'll never be a star player, but he CAN play with one.
  12. Wow, $11M/year cap hit. I believe that's the highest cap hit in the league. Hope they make a run next season because in the 19-20 season they are going to have a lot of FA's, including Matthews.
  13. Just heard from a friend in the 'burgh. Johnson deal is a go. And the Pens are also rumored to have signed Matt Cullen to a one year deal for $650K [Hidden Content] [Hidden Content]
  14. Love the title Yave, but you forgot the used bag of puck the Pens got back. It's a little of a shame to see Sheary go, but he just could not stay up in the top six for a long period of time this past season. He is a very energetic player, and will probably fit in well with the high temp that the Sabres play. Not sure if he will score twenty goals to up the Pens pick, I keep having flash backs to Rob Brown. Sprong or Simon should easily fill his spot. Hunwick, could really care less. WAIT, that's not correct, to care less I would have to care at all. I COULDN'T care less. He was simply a depth guy on defense, neither defensively nor offensively excelling. In the end, for the Pens, it was a simple salary dump where they immediately turned the money to resign Rust and Shaheen.
  15. I think that the Pens were looking for someone, ANYONE, who could add a little physical play on the blue line. Their current blue line is not physical at all. The whole, "The Pens signed him because he's Crosby's friend" is a non story IMHO.

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