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  1. Hats off to the Washington Capitals. They've finally done it. No jokes this year. No Ovie Memes. Just a cup and some time to celebrate.
  2. Not only Shultz but Doumolin has been taking up more time this season. If they were to move Letang, I would not be as much interested in the return but the release of a whole lot of cap dollars. Maybe look for a solid hard hitting defensive defenseman.
  3. Yet another great game by the Pens and the Caps to end the series. All credit to the Capitals this series, they were the better team. Feel bad for Murray tonight, deserved better. It was a great run with the two cups, but winning a third really was doubtful. Great for the team to keep fighting till the end. Hero's will abound for the Caps, but the goat of this series for the Pens will be Kris Letang. He was real bad this series, capping it off with the turnover at the opposing blue line that led to the goal. He was a key figure in three of the Pens losses. I have to think that the Pens need to rethink how much they're spending on his contract, especially with the coming of age of Brian Doumolin. The defensive blunders can no longer be covered by his offensive skills.
  4. Hey remember, Don't count your Ovenchickens before they hatch! Honestly though, I don't see them blowing this again. It's a much more balanced team that's not relying soley on Ovie. And defensively they're pretty solid.
  5. Another great game tonight. Think the Pens were the better team, but the Caps took advantage of some blunders by the defense in the third. Pens on the ropes now, Caps in the drivers seat.
  6. Wait, were any of them the ones that tried to make the argument that he wasn't really trying to hit Letang, but that he was trying to block the clearing pass and accidentally hit him. Because on that big board, that was actually someone trying to make that argument.
  7. Was great seeing Hagelin back in the lineup for the Pens, and with 16+ minutes of ice time, he did not seem out of game shape at all. Was surprised to see that the Pens held Ovie without a shot last night. I know that they are shading one of the forwards to his side on the PK to take away the one time chance, but they must have been blocking a lot of shots too. All in all I think both teams had something to take away from the game. Even though the Pens won, I think the Caps played a great game and pressured the Pens heavily at times. Their fore check at time is just outstanding. I mentioned once before, the Pens need to Murphy dump out of the zone and reset more.
  8. Oshie's hit on Letang at the end of the game, for all of the "He Didn't Leave the Ice" people. I just don't understand the disregard to other players health. I know its the end of the game and you're trying to tie it up, but jeez. [Hidden Content]
  9. Not sure I agree, but after a few more margheritta's maybe I will. Here's the point I was trying, and failing, to make. When you drive a hit UP using your legs as an engine, you are going to through whatever and to the head. With Wilson's size, why does he need to elevate? He could have made a devasting hit just driving straight through ZAR. But with him driving UP, especially at 6'4", there nothing to hit but head. And he LEAD with it. If he hit him straight up, the body takes some of the blow, but he's shoulder first, rising. So he hits the shoulder on the way through, slightly, no matter, he's still driving UP at the head. Post Edit. Oh, and with the child analogy. The point there was this whole leaving the feet thing. If you hit the child in phase two of the experiment in the chest , you still going to send the child flying. The point I was trying to make was this whole "Well he didn't leave his feet so its okay" thing. I was trying to make the opposite point, that being on the ice driving with the feet is more devestating, no matter where, than if the feet are off the ice.
  10. Just in, Wilson gets three games. [Hidden Content]
  11. Okay, I'm done golfing, had my post round beer, came home, and have my pre-dinner mahgaritta in my hand. Oh yeah, and the Bolts B's is on the TV at 3-1. So I have some thoughts on this topic. Obviously, since I'm a Pens fan, my opinion is biased here. I have two points to make, the first there should be no bias in what I say, the second, on the actual hit, well yeah. First, IMHO the NHL should not have ANYTHING to do with the DOPeS. For their own good financially, they need to just throw up their hands and turn this over to the NHLPA. Honestly, no matter what they do here, the NHLPA will jump in to defend the aggressor. It always does, and the NHL caves. At some point, just like with the NFL(oh wait, I think they've already started), the NHL is going to be sued almost to non existance by ex-players for head injuries due the the NHL's lack of concern with hits to the head. Let the NHLPA have the DOPes, let them take the blame. If the players want to let this keep happening, so be it. When the NHL says, "Yeah, that was a hit to the head, but that ones okay", they've screwed themselves. Let the players police themselves. If they don't do a good job at it, it's their own fault. My second point, albiet biased because of this case, is this whole nonsense of "Well his tippy toe was still on the ice prior to the hit, and he only left his feet after the feet" is the most insane defense of these types of hits. No, I never played hockey, but I've played plenty of contact sports, and have orbital bone and dental damage from a few hits. If you are going to hit me, PLEASE leave your feet prior to the hit. Its really simple physics. The moment the skates leave the ice, the body starts to decelerate because there is no force behind it any more. So when a hit occurs, with the deceleration, and the "two opposing forces" thing", the brunt of the blow is actually less than if someones feet are still anchored to the ice accelerating towards the head. The leaving the feet thing is for charging, but it used as a defense every time these hits come up. IT'S WORSE IF THE FEET ARE STILL ANCHORED. Look, if you don't believe me, I have a simple experiment for you. This works especially great if you have a small child in your home. Take the child, and put them on a chair. For safety reasons, put a helmet on them. Now take one of those light little balls that all kids seem to have, about basketball sized, and put it in your hands to make a two handed basketball pass. Space yourself so that you are far enough away from the child so that when you step forward and push the ball as hard as you can, you are still six inches from their head when you release the ball up towards to his head. Now you should probably do this outside as you don't want the ball bouncing into something in the house as the ball, without acceleration and anchor, bounces off the childs head and bounces away. As step two of this experiment, move one foot forward and repeat. When the police are interviewing you in the hospital, tell them at least your feet were still on the ground. Good luck.
  12. It only hurts people if you respect the opinion of the other person, I think B21 is quite safe here.