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  1. Yave, as much as I'd like to agree here being a Pens fan, I just can't. Itshay happens in every game, we can complain about it, but it doesn't matter. When you carelessly swing your stick at someone, no matter what's happened prior to that, you deserver what you get. As a generic hockey fan, I don't want to ever see someone injured by a swinging stick. Heck, he could just as well have hit Letang or Crosby, he didn't know who was back there. He's luck he didn't hurt someone. So I'm happy that the league suspeneded him even though there was no injury. This is the way it should always be. If they'd have gotten the original penalty right, that would have been good too, but Malkin got what he deserved.
  2. Someone on the D corps had to go. With Shultz getting ready to return, Petterson playing well and Rikkola having a very good break out season, Jammie was already the odd man out.
  3. Hummm, would be quite the trade for the Pens. Don't know if I'd do this as the Wild though. It would probably have to be Brassard/Oleksiak, which reans they would pick up $500k with the forwards and have Oleksiak as the prize in the trade. For a quality possible rental for a playoff run, the wild should be able to do better than that. But there are times GMJR makes some great deals.
  4. Casey DeSmith has signed a three year extension with the Pittsburgh Penguins The average cap hit is $1.25M/year. That seems to be a very friendly contract for a goalie whom many thought would be a career minor leaguer. His season has really pushed Matt Murray to overcome the funk he started in and put the Pens goalie tandems in the league Good deal for both team and player.
  5. Yeah, I had always hoped that Sprong would blossom into that guy, kind of like Simon is, that can play up on the top lines. Just wasn't happening. Pettersson had played really solidi(I think Gonch has a magic wand he waives when he gets a young defenseman), I just don't know what is going to happen when everyone is healthy on the back line.
  6. Why is he smiling? Well Jake Geuntzel is in the fold for the long term, signing a 5 year, $30M deal with the Pens starting next season. [Hidden Content] The Pens have made him a part of the core of the team for the foreseeable future. On pace for a 30+ goal season, he's got to be "Smiling like a butcher's dog" playing on a line with Crosby. Add to that two playoff runs with 23 goals and 19 assists in 37 games, and you have a player the Pens would like to keep for a long time
  7. It seems like a pattern with the Pens the past few years to come out of the gate really slow. Then come the turn of the year they seem to turn it on. Not something that I like seeing from a so called contending team. Be that as it may, that was quite the game last night. Great coudos to Marcus Petterson for the clear off the line.
  8. Well with a lack of scoring depth this season hurting the Penguins, GM Rutherford trades one of the players that could give him some depth for another defenseman. Daniel Sprong, who had quite the junior career, just was not getting much time in the Pens lineup playing on the fourth line. This was one of those head scratching moments, they seemed to just bury him down there. Rutherford, who says he has no plans to move any of his defenseman, now has eight NHL defenseman on the team with Letang, Oleksiak, Maatta, Johnson, Doumolin, Riikolla, Pettersson and Ruhwedel. Oh yeah, remember that Justin Shultz guy who is on injured reserve? What the heck is he thinking. I certainly hope that he has something planned here as you can't keep all of them in the press box getting no experience? And I hope they don't bury Riikolla like they did Sprong and stunt his growth.
  9. So DeSmith gets his second shutout of the year against the Yotes in his second consecutive game. His GAA is not1.89 to 3.87 for Murray. Could be that DeSmith may get a few more starts in the near future.
  10. Yave, I wouldn't go so far as this call cost the Pens the game. I think the real reason they lost the game was Holtby. Stats wise the Pens dominated this game, but Holtby played phenomenally between the pipes.
  11. TFG, should start a whole new thread about the Lucic thing. That was just ridiculous in this day and age. This goes back to the Neanderthal age of hockey.
  12. Ahhhhh, TFG, we're going to sign you up as a member of the Yinzer club. Come on, Pierogi's, Kielbassi? What more can you say?
  13. The problem is they gave him a MATCH penalty. You want to give him an interference penalty? MEH, whatever. But to give him a match penalty for intent to injure? That's beyond the play. And I guess you agree because you seem to see it as a bad play by Malkin assuming he's going to be hit and not an attempt to injure.
  14. Yes, I believe that Oshie went away from the hit after Malkin passed the puck. But how is Malkin supposed to know that in the, what, fraction of a second that happened, that Oshie went from hit to puck? He protected himself from what he thought was going to be a hit, he was not premeditatively going to hit Oshie.

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