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  1. Wow, what an ending to that game. McKinnon's third goal to retake the lead may have gone down as one of the best playoff goal efforts ever, but lost a little of its luster in a losing effort. Games like this is why people love playoff hockey. Hope this goes seven games.
  2. Good recap. Personally I believe that the Pens overachieved this season. People tend to forget that the Pens played the first third of the season without both Malkin AND Crosby. I think that's why the team character was built on team defense and a quick forecheck. At one point, they had the best PK in the league(too bad they couldn't bring that to the Rangers series) In the end, I hope that it help them in years to come. Losing Jarry was the kiss of death, and then Dumo too for the playoffs. As for the off season, it was a pretty quick start with the resigning of Bryan Rust.
  3. Well it looks like the Pens must have a plan in place. Sigh, another Penguin for life. Rust is 30, this means he's under contract until 36. He's great on Crosby's line, but I don't see him being worth a long term contract till retirement. Without Crosby feeding him, MEH. That's an increase of $1.5M a year for five years. Don't like the way this is starting. https://www.nhl.com/penguins/news/penguins-agree-to-terms-with-bryan-rust-on-a-six-year-contract-extension/c-334235324?partnerId=pit-fb-penguins&fbclid=IwAR0bREsohhJdx1hwqwHujQb_yJNz0_ThMpmPlr_8xg0-xPYMGCfFtXITJmE
  4. Pens get the screw on this one. Not the Penalty in ot, that's deserved. The non call for the Rangers to score to tie it was just ridiculous. That's a sad way for a great series to finish.
  5. This will be a case where coaches will want to to se this helmet off rule to change. Game should be over.
  6. Louis has pretty much been what Pens fans expected. When you can score seven goals in a game, you win. If you don't, well . . . . He's been pretty good at smothering pucks hit square in his middle, but outside of that, he has had troubles. Every time there's a shot from the point, I cringe. Can he win game seven, sure, but the Pens are running out of magic, and players. A little noticed fact last night was that Boyle only took two shifts and went down five minutes into the game. He's a key on the PK, and the Rangers scored two out of three on their PP. Losing Crosby, Rak
  7. Wow, five games sevens in the first round. Gonna be a great hockey weekend. I'd have to say that if I was a betting guy, I'd just go with all the home teams. The home crowds are going be great in all the arenas, and should be a great advantage to the home teams.
  8. Sad way for a pretty good game to end. Pens had their chances, but did not capitalize. If I'm the Rangers, I just shoot everything I can in game 7. Louis has played ok, but he's still so shaky. Hopefully the Pens can get Crosby and Rakell back for game 7, but with head injuries, I don't think they'll see Crosby.
  9. Well Crosby is out for game 6 with a concussion. If diagnosed as a concussion, can't see him coming back for game seven if that is necessary. Quite shame as his line has been pretty dominant this series. Gotta say this probably swings the series in favor of the Rangers. I give Malkin 30 minutes before he starts retaliating badly.
  10. Losing Crosby last night was a huge loss for the Pens last night. Yeah Jake scored another goal but the mixed lines from the top did not gel very well. If he's out long term, I think the Rangers will bang on Malkin even more because they know that they can get him off the ice like they did last night. Hopefully Crosby comes back, along with Rakell and Doumolin, to give the Pens more of a full team for game 6.
  11. I could quote myself from the last game. I just did not see the Penguins forecheck giving the Rangers Defense so many issues. Its not like their pounding them hard, but they're making them make fast decisions. As bad as the Pens looked in the last three weeks of the regular season, that's how good they're looking at the moment. But it takes four games to win the series, so I am not counting out the Rangers or Shesterkin. There's no way that I would start Georgiev, I think it would be a confidence kill for Shesterkin going forward. You would not want to loose that game with Georg
  12. Well the Pens are lasting longer than what I thought with Jarry out, and then the DeSmith injury. Still don't see how they can move on if they don't tighten up some of the defensive lapses. They need to keep it simple in front of Louis, the Letang goof up on Rangers shorthanded goal is the classic example. Make the simple play off the boards with the puck, don't try to play the puck through the oncoming forechecker. But at least they bottom six had a great night last night, which is a key for any team in the playoffs. With Zucker back, and possible Rakell for game four, hopefull
  13. His interview after the game was priceless. He thought that the lineman were joking with him when they came to the Zamboni door and told him he was going in the game. Can't imagine what kind of emotions had to go through him at that point, other than "I hope I don't let the first one go in". By the way, I wonder if he gets some Chinese restaurant promos for Spicey Pork and Brocolli?
  14. As a Pens fan, just cannot spin that anyway but just a dirty play. Deserves a three game suspension but just can't predict what the NHL Wheel of Justice can predict.
  15. Was a lot of fun watching as a Pens fan, especially Geno's hat trick in his return from illness. But you can't expect that against better teams. Also great was seeing Rakell get his first goal as a Pen. We'll have to see if this carries forward some confidence in Tuesdays gam with the Rangers in Pittsburgh.
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