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Bills are better than Sabres for first time in ages

Buffalo Rick

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That is how bad things are.  I think we get a Florida team that fought the dickens out of Chicago?  Not sure, afraid to check schedule.  If so, its as winnable a game as there is.  .  They had better expectations than this fiasco of a start.  I hear Rolston is fit to be tied.  .  I do not know how much rope Rolston has but he has to be close to the end of it.  I still do not know how he got this job.  Go Bills!!!  So far they have given me something to cheer about.  I know they are going to be good and a true contender by next year.  The Sabres?  Its hard to have faith when you are waiting to hear your two best players in the last decade are most likely going to leave.  Who could blame them

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