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Hail to the Chief


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Thank you Berurbe for:


1. Making this team from hard to score 3 goal to hard to even score a goal

2.Cratching Luke and Gus and playing 41 and 75

3.For not seening game turning point if it has "Hello Berube" sign (For this time around Lavi you should know atleast how to use a timeout)

4.Thank you for switching forward lines just to settle them as last years ones (last year we suck if you do not know)

5.Thank you fof bringing all that AHL coaching experience to save this season

6.Thank you for using practices to learn NHL veterans how to skate

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I'm Just curious,what would you like him to do? Enlighten us.

I will

First to make oposite of first post decisions

Second I want him to start winning some games or at least motivate his players to play.

Right now every other person on this planet can make them to be the worst in the NHL with 1.47 goal per game.

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