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20 game point in the Season report cards


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 Easy topic, first quarter of the season is done and here are my report cards for the Wings.


Zetterberg: A. earning his stripes as the captain


Kronwall: A.  Solid player, missed two games to injury but 11 points, plus 7.


Datsyuk: A. Point a game best two way forward in the game, or at least on the short list.


Alfredsson A-. Everything the Wings could have hoped for.


Bertuzzi: B. played every game, earning top line minutes on 20 goal pace.


Kindl: B    Plays whatever role that is required and is solid.


Ericsson: B   Missed 10 of the first 20 games, a completely different team without him in the lineup


Dekeyser: B   Hard to believe he was in college this time last year.


Helm: B-     Coming back from multiple injuries looks like he hasn't missed a beat


Gustafsson:  B-  3 wins in three starts when Howard was out, but cannot stay healthy


Franzen: C   Okay, he has not been that bad.


Tatar: C     north south player when in the lineup gets pushed around a bit because of his size though


Quincey:   C  Unspectacular but serviceable.


Lashoff   C Much better than last year


Abdelkader:  C-  Lost his top line role, looking for an identity


Andersson: C-  Looks really good one night, disappears the next


Howard: C-   Solid D in front of him, no reason for the poor play.


Miller:   C-    A non entity too many nights


Samuelsson:  D   13th forward, terrible on the power play, not enough for his contract


Cleary:  D    Horrible start. Needs to sit and figure things out.


Smith:  F    The best thing he did for the team was get hurt


Weiss  F   I have been his biggest defender but other than faceoffs nothing is clicking




Forwards: B-   I feel the top line is doing great, Alfie is a remarkable specimen and Helm coming back is a miracle. Weiss is the biggest free agent flop so far in hockey.


Defense:  B   Maybe higher. Kronwall, Ericsson, Dekeyser and Kindl are a solid top 4.


Goalies:  Howard has been very average but Gus had three straight big wins, and Mrasak a shutout in his Grand Rapids call up.


  The Wings are on pace for 98 points, playoff bound at this pace. We need better goaltending and need to start winning at home again.

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