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KUBINA announces retirement after 13 year NHL career


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Pavel Kubina.


Not all sure where he has been since the ending of last season, but not at all surprised to hear he is calling it a career.


For whatever reason, be it physical, mental, whatever..he simply was not, and HAD NOT been much of an effective player for a few seasons leading up to this.

I would dare say the guy had been a shell of his former self since he left the Maple Leafs back around 2008 or 2009.


That all said, at his best, Kubes was an absolute monster on defense. Not so much as being particularly sound defensively, but the guy was big, mean, knew how to hit and I think pretty much intimidated opposing forwards trying to make plays in the Lightning's zone.

He also featured a pretty decent offensive skill set, he would kill penalties, play on the PP, and could be seen ALWAYS sticking up for his teammates by roughing it up, or dropping the gloves even if it came to that.


He was the prototypical "big, nasty defenseman" that every teams seems to want on their team.


But something happened to him from the time he left the Leafs and bounced around from the Bolts again, the Flyers, the old Thrashers, and even some European play.

Maybe his body was starting to give up on him (wouldn't have been out of the question the way he played), or maybe, his heart simply wasn't into going through the grind of preparation for an NHL season, followed by a grueling 82 game schedule, then followed after that by a possible playoff run.

He often looked slow, lost defensively, not particularly fierce, and took LOTS of really bad penalties that hurt his teams.


But did he have an NHL career to be proud of? Absolutely!

The guy was an all star, won the Stanley Cup, and even while still under contract and playing at his best with the Bolts, was highly sought after by other teams because of what he could bring to the table during his productive years.


And for being such a big part of TB's only Stanley Cup in 2004, I give a big "Thank You!" to Pavel Kubina.

Loved watching him play during those days, he never was dull, and although the Bolts won the Cup for lots of reasons, Kubes' play during that entire run was certainly one of them.


Good luck and happiness with you family in retirement, Kubes.

Was a pleasure watching you in a Lightning uniform.

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