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It's come and passed again, the trade deadline that is. Winners and losers. But my habs dominated! We literally stole Vanek from the islanders. Thanks Snow! We owe you one, unless we don't make the playoffs then you owe US one haha. What a day yesterday though, watching how we played against the ducks last night with a new goalie and all. Although, that no goal where it hit both posts was VERY iffy. Regardless their second goal was a freak play... Karma at its finest. Which brings me to my point, hopefully after tonight and seeing how Vanek plays along side Plekanec and Gionta, we should be able to tell and decide what line to put Galchenyuk on.... For the first time in a while, as a habs fan, it's nice to be able to feel what it's like to have options when it comes to skill and talented players. I feel our chances in the playoffs are good, especially if we continue to play as we are currently. And, of course we need Price back. He is Our chance, and if Vanek brings his A game I feel we have a solid group. Our defense has good production and I like Tinordi back there. He adds size, along with Murray, Subban and Emelin. So, over all I'm pleased and content with our recent moves, but also how we are playing... Hopes are high!

Go Habs Go!!!!!

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@jammer2 I agree that would make a good line... But if that happens I would like to see galchenyuk on a line with Gionta and plekanecs. Get his numbers up and although he makes mistakes still he can grow thru those two. I guess we will wait and see but last nights game was an embarrassing loss... To the coyotes lol not how I thought we would perform. It just shows how much we need Price. I like Budaj and we looked a little flat, regardless I still feel good about the remainder of the season.

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@Indiana habs fan  Budaj is a pretty respectable back up, but ask him to carry the load for a week or more and you start to see chinks in the armour. Without Price, this team is dead in the water, and even with Carey, they need better sustained playoff play from their stud.

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