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Any Other Sledge Hockey Players/Fans Out There?


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Welcome.  I knew if I created this forum someday someone would join and post in it.   :)


I'm a fan of sled hockey.  It is an great sport, the skill some players have is incredible. My nephew in Minnesota has played for years, his team came out to Philly last year for a tournament, our family enjoyed every game and a chance to spend some time with the team.  

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I knew there had to be someone else on here! I've only been playing for a little while, but I already love the sport. I found out about it from a friend, who happens to be our goalie.

Finding the right sport for me has always been a challenge, because my disability is so mild. I can't play on a consistantly efficient level on a regular AB sports team, but I'm not always eligible for adaptive sport teams, and there are so few for kids my age in Delaware. The Sled Snipers are actually the only sled hockey team in the state. We're incredibly small.

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Is the Sled Snipers a youth only team?  The tournament I watched was a mix of gender, and age and for the most part only one team per state.  Looks like you have found a sport you will be able to play and enjoy for a long time.

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Able-Bodied players can be no older than 15, but there is no age requirement for disabled players. We have a little guy we call "Peanut" who is only seven, and a severly handicapped man in his thirties, Eric. Due to some incident that occured years ago with one able-bodied player, AB players are only allowed to score one goal per game.

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