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Pastrnak heating it up in Providence


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 1st round draft pick, Swede Pastrnak is enjoying a lot of scoring success in his first pro season. The 18 year old, should be going through some growing pains in his first foray into the AHL. 9 pts in his first pro month is quite the accomplishment....and he should be first in terms of call ups based on that performance.




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@jammer2  I got to see quite a bit of this Pastrnak during the world junior tourny. He was excellent. Right after that tourny he was called up from Providence to the parent Bruins.


 If you are playing fantasy hockey, listen carefully.....GO GET HIM. This kid looks like a superstar. Wicked eye hand coordination, wicked hands, decent speed....playing on the top line with Krejci and Marchand and is also on the top pp. This is the kind of pick up that can win the league for you.....GO GET HIM....the jammer2 stamp of approval has to count for something.....LOL!

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Busy with work so plenty of things plus hockey taking a backseat right now.


However...from what Ive seen so far, this kid has sweet hands plus great ouside speed and doesnt mind going in the dirty areas.

He could have had 4 tonight.

Lucic...who now has decided to play hockey now instead of being looking distracted by what other players are doing looked like there was some nice chemistry going on between them. Ericsson is playing better. Marchand is slowly pulling his head out of his ass. Soderberg is cooking.

Chara is looking healthier.


Light at the end of the tunnel.


Hilite of the night.....Cooke getting his ass handed to him by Weber.Love it.

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