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Simmer in front of NET


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Simmonds looked good some time ago parked in front of the net I have not seen that lately? Is it just me missing the play? Him in front of the net and a shot from Giroux on the power play instead of passing passing might be a good move too?

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i haven't seen that overmuch recently, either.  which..is ok.  it can be effective, but it's predictable, and it evens out numbers.  5-on-4 powerplay, if you dedicate one player to the front of the net, the perimeter becomes 4-on-4.  loose pucks become 1-on-1 battles, but the point to a powerplay is that you should be able to outnumber the other team anywhere on the ice.  i like how simmonds has taken to drifting across the goalmouth, but has involved himself in the play outside of the immediate crease area.  best of both worlds.


that said, last night was one of the most pathetic team outings i've seen in a long time.  i have missed more games this season than i like, but....was last night particularly bad, or has that been the way most of these games have been going?  because the flyers got killed.  except mason was a crazy person.

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@aziz... Last night was a bit of a microcosm of "many" of this years games.  There have been many periods (mostly the 1st) where we've been penned in our zone and dominated 'possession-ally'


Teams that are really aggressive on the forecheck and have good overall speed (Fla, Col, NYI, ) have given us fits.... we get penned in our zone, don't make break outs and therefore have ZERO offensive game... ie) last night.


In those games it's been our PP that's saved us a bit.  But when the PP sputters... yikes.


On the other hand... there have been a few games where WE did the exact same thing to the other team for most of the game.  (last CBJ game, Oiler game.... well maybe we just look good against shitty teams)


This team is plagued with inconsistency.  For such a rag-tag group, they can really show some great stuff.... and then completely crap the bed. 


But really... this team's record is exactly what it should be.  A .500'ish, mediocre team with some good parts (Top line, Goalie)... and MANY glaringly obvious bad parts. (Bottom 2 lines and Defense)

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