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  1. [Hidden Content] Interesting article on TSN.ca linking Giroux's goal scoring struggles with his shot distances... apparently Claude takes the 'longest' shots in the league over the past few years. Not exactly a stat to be proud of. McDavid averages around 20 feet of distance for shot.... Giroux.. 38. I wonder if getting a few concussions slowed down Claude's net drive. Whatever the cause, he's going to have to work on this if he wants to get back to being the player he once was.
  2. The best thing I can see from Strome's highlight vids is that he appears to play an NHL offensive game already. Just good location, good shooting... no toe drags, no 'Junior" moves. If he can get better wheels, he appears to be a good offensive addition at the NHL level.
  3. A head-scratcher to say the least... not that I expected Cousins to ever amount to more than a bottom 6 forward. Maybe just clearing room/cap for another deal. Otherwise it just seems like we did Arizona a favor.
  4. I think the winner of this series wins the cup... Maybe Anaheim could push them a bit, but whoever wins this is going to walk over both NYR/OTT.
  5. I'll never forget him b/c I showed up to my old elementary school (Northern Ontario) wearing a flyers jersey... I also had a pretty crappy beard at the time and the little kids thought I was Esche. Apparently 8 year olds can't tell the difference b/w a chubby 5'8 guy and a professional athlete ;-)
  6. Call me crazy, but wasn't "Silent Bob".... Robert Esche?
  7. Simmonds always burns the leafs! Nice to see that trend continue! 1-0
  8. That was disgusting. What the hell was he doing? Either get in front of it, or get out of the way.
  9. Carter Hart got the start for Team Canada today... not a great showing to be honest. He let in some softies against Switzerland the other day, and struggled with the same issue today. 2 clear shots just 'beat him'. Canada won 5-3, but he needs to be better. Myers looked decent though. Smooth and confident with the puck. Dude's got some scrawny legs though for sure!! Plenty of time to beef up . Sandstrom got the win in net for Sweden but didn't seem overly tested. Rubstov and Vorobyev were basically invisible imo for Russia today.
  10. I didn't see it mentioned, but have you guys forgotten the mandatory "week off" each team will take this year? I'm pretty sure that's impacted the back 2 backs as well.
  11. Isn't that why you got Matt Martin? ... and don't ever put Kadri in the same sentence as the Big E!
  12. Well, so far the Flyers are undefeated on the 2nd half of the back 2 backs, so we'll take our league leading # of them and keep rolling! It's one of our few bright lights so far! I would guess it's to save $, keep travel costs down, make road trips efficient... I dunno.
  13. I'd wager on a trade before a call-up... Stolarz isn't ready (and frankly, I'm not sure he ever will be) and Lyons is just a kid too.
  14. I really hope Hextall doesn't stick with these 2 all season... I've had enough of both our goalies. My final straw with Mason was the red-liner in last year's playoffs... now Neuvirth finally gets a real shot and being a #1 and he's channeling Bryzgalov. Edit: JESUS H neuvirth.... at least they're both free agents. Frankly, I hope they both walk or sent packing earlier.
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