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Great article! How the Bolts were made....


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  What a terrific piece of journalism we have here....just a fantastic informative hockey article.


  It is straight forward and shows just how much of an AMAZING job Stevie Y has done since taking over the Lighntning 4 years ago. The only two guys remaining from the start of his tenure are Stamkos and Hedman. Those are two VERY important cornerstone pieces he had in place walking into the job, which made things a little easier on him, but make no mistake, Stevie has DOMINATED in drafting, signing UFA's and trading.


 The breakdown, of how he built the perfect beast....




 I knew from the moment the Bolts hired Stevie that it spelled a LOT of trouble for the rest of the Eastern Conference....Stevie has not only drafted well early, the late round picks such as Palat....7th rounder!! and Kucherov...a legit STAR plucked late in the 2nd round...Tyler the most exciting young forward in all of hockey, an undrafted UFA....Sustr the GIANT 6 foot 8 225 lb d-man who can skate like the wind.....HOW DID HE GO UNDRAFTED?!?!?  Stevie plucked him from the Univ of Nebraska-Omaha...WTF>...Stevie has a very keen hockey mind, a great eye for talent and has surrounded himself with great scouts.

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  This next paragraph, speaks directly to just how masterfully Stevie has performed his GM duties...this is jaw dropping stuff right here!!


" We're including undrafted free agents as free-agent signings, and the Lightning have three of them on the roster this postseason (Johnson, Sustr and Brown). What's amazing about the Johnson signing is that it came just a couple of months before the team drafted Kucherov and Palat at the 2011 draft. That means that in the span of four months (again, just after they were one game away from the Stanley Cup Final) the Lightning front office added Johnson, Namestnikov, Kucherov, Palat, Nesterov and Sustr, another undrafted free agent, to the organization. Amazing."


 So, in 4 months, using only a 2nd and 7th round picks, Stevie assembled the core of one of the most exciting group of young stars in the history of the league. This kinda stuff usually takes a great GM half of his tenure to acquire, Stevie did it seemingly effortlessly, a ho hum...another star for nothing type of thing that would make the great Toe Blake jealous.


 The way he ripped off the Sens for his franchise goalie, for a guy who is no longer in the league and 4th rounder.....WOW....this guy might be a better GM than he was a player, and that is saying A LOT!!

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