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Ben Bishop hits 4 monster homeruns before Rays game

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Word on the street is Bishop hit 4 dingers before the Rays game in Tampa even with his groin tear. I think he should convert. I mean being a goalie kinda sorta builds some of the skills necessary to be a catcher. Lightning-like refelxes, the ability to catch a curve since he can judge redirects on the ice and he obviously packs more power than whatever player is squatting behind the plate for the Rays this year. The only thing he'd have to learn is calling the game and throwing to second!


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Not surprised though...the guy is simply a very good overall athlete.

I thought I read somewhere that before becoming a full time goalie, as a kid, he played forward pretty well (hence his skill and propensity to play the puck....for better or worse...lol)....as well as some baseball and football.


As for him converting.....ehhh....haha.

I like him just fine as a goalie.


Monster home runs aside (and yes, i know they were just BP), he can generate MUCH more excitement on a sheet of ice than I think he could on a baseball field.


Besides, baseball would NOT allow him to agitate the opposing players (like he does to Brandon Prust :rolleyes:  ), make death defying (and ulcer inducing) plays on the puck with opposing forwards bearing down on him, and make spectacular 'how did he do that?' type saves while on the ground and simply waving his pterodactyl arms in the air!   :D

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I was merely poking fun. I got to praise Bishop while subtly putting the Rays down. They should've never gotten rid of Jaso as much as it hurts to say so. He wasn't great but he seems to be the more consistent cathcer they've had in recent years. I may be wrong, I don't pay too much attention to the Rays.


There were quite a few moments when Bishop made my lunch become unsettled while he left the net to play the puck but it usually worked out in our favor. He passed WAY down the ice a few times and created breakaways and odd-man rushes so I'm not complaining. I'd like to see him stay in the net for Tampa too, he's only going to get better. Just like Vasy

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