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Rangers' Off-Season Acquisitions


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For those who'd like to catch up on who the Rangers have acquired this Off-Season:


Emerson Etem

Not signed as of yet.  RFA & former 1st Round Draft Pick who's salary was $810,000 last year.  Minimum Qualifying Offer would amount to $850,500.

Fast, strong, dynamic AHL player who has not met with success in the NHL thus far.  Reports say that he was never given much opportunity to crack anything other than the 4th Line in Anaheim, and was often scratched.  Apparently, he does need to learn to see the ice better and utilize his teammates more effectively.  Perhaps a change of scenery will do him some good.  Barring any major acquisitions by the Rangers in the coming months, I expect Etem to play 3rd Line RW, though he could still land on the 4th Line.  We'll see how Pre-Season goes. There is alot up in the air regarding the Rangers' Right Side.  Many possibilities. 


Viktor Stalberg

Signed a One-Year contract in the amount of $1.1 Mil for the 2015-16 Season.

Had a solid 2011-12 Season in Chicago with 22 Goals and 21 Assists, but has gone downhill ever since.  Reports state that he was never happy in Nashville.  Scouring the internet, it appears some people consider Stalberg one-dimensional with very little hockey sense...his single dimension being speed.  That said, I've also heard that he has abilities on the Penalty Kill. To me, this sounds like a reincarnation of Carl Hagelin, except Stalberg is a much larger 6'3" 210 lbs.  I like the combination of size, speed, and experience...although rumor has it that he is a soft 6'3". Time will tell.  From the videos I've watched, he appears to have better hands than Hagelin, though I did see some selfish play.  Seems to suffer a bit from tunnel vision (similar to Etem).  Possibly starts the season as 3rd Line LW, being Centered by Hayes.  If so, this could be a revival for Stalberg.  Hayes is a Playmaker that looks to pass.  Stalberg looks to shoot. May turn into an above average acquisition for the Rangers, especially at a Cap hit one-third of what Hagelin would have cost.


Raphael Diaz (Welcome Back!)

Signed a One-Year contract in the amount of $700k for the 2015-16 season.  

Depth acquisition.  Swiss Journeyman Right-Handed D-man of smaller size (5'11") who is a good skater, and good with the puck & transition.  Has Offensive instincts.  What holds him back is his size.  He's a small enough D-man that he can at times be taken off the puck and pushed out of the play.  What we have here is another Matt Hunwick, which is not a bad thing.  Good depth move that could come in very handy. Hunwick saved our butts last year with clutch fill-in play.  Diaz is capable of the same.


Antti Raanta

Signed a One-Year contract in the amount of $750k for the 2015-16 season.

Fantastic trade by the Rangers.  Was received from Chicago in exchange for Hartford's Ryan Haggerty (a player Chicago had interest in last year). At half the cap hit of Talbot, this move is a real beauty that'll help me sleep a bit better at night.  Played in 14 games last season for Chicago and had a .936 SV% and 1.89 GAA.  Was traded due to Crawford/Darling, not because of poor ability.  I hear he's a great guy in the locker room, too.  





We've had some other acquisitions this off-season.  Included are Matt Lindblad, Brian Gibbons, Magnus Hellberg (What a Name!), Luke Adam, & Jayson Megna.  Most, if not all of these players, will end up in Hartford.  It's a good idea to have some older, experienced players in the AHL...and Hartford needs them.  Playing on a decent Hartford team team should open up the game a bit for prospects like Skjei & Tambellini.  Get their wheels turning instead of keeping them back on their heels.


One curious note:  Megna's contract is One-Way @ $575k for the 2015-16 season.  Not sure of what to think.  Possible 13th forward?  If so, where would that leave Oscar Lindberg, a player who seems to have more than earned his shot at the NHL?  Perhaps a bit bit of motivation and healthy competition for our guys looking to take the next step!







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