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heavy burdens


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One of the things I like best about watching my grandkids' activities, is that for each sport, I have a new circle of friends.


Tonight, I'm watching my grandson's summer high school hockey game.   I'm in my usual spot, in the back of the stands at center ice.  I'm usually by myself.  But, tonight, one of the mothers climbs up and sits with me.  Her son has intermittently been on the same team as my grandson.  I recognize her, but have only exchanged hellos and the occasional small talk.


Between periods, we talk.  Her son has  anger problems.  I've only seen him now and then, and I had no idea.  She and him have had dozens of meetings with school officials because of fights.  He's been kicked out of a couple leagues due to confrontations with other players and officials.  Looks like the boy is heading for serious trouble.  She's hanging onto hockey as an outlet for his rage.


I feel terrible for her.  


Sometimes, we get so wrapped up in our own troubles, that we ignore the vibes sent by our friends.





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She's hanging onto hockey as an outlet for his rage


That is a ticking time bomb. She has to get out in front of this. Letting a young person grow up with anger/ rage issues means instability, social trouble, police, poor career development, poor self esteem etc.


There's too much to lose by letting this go on.


Imagine having a police record for assault or something similar, then losing your job, then looking for a job in this day and age?

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