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Larkin's unfamiliar position: Healthy scratch


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I had almost zero hope for Team USA in the WCOH, but I was looking forward to seeing what Larkin and the young guns of Team North America would do. The team has been fun to watch, even as they had a period of collapse against the Russians. They are likely going to be eliminated unless Finland pulls off an upset.


But I must say that I was both surprised and disappointed to see Larkin being a healthy scratch in their third game. It really does show you just how much talent that squad has if Larkin is sitting down. It certainly hasn't been his best tournament, but I also didn't think he was playing either. But he's no Connor McDavid, is he? Quite a reality check. I was kinda disappointed in his limited playing time in the first two games, affected by not being on special teams. But he hardly skated at all in those 3rd periods. Not much of a chance to keep his legs moving.


I just hope the scratch doesn't play with his confidence coming into this season. We need him running full-steam. I hope the scratch lights a fire under him to work that much harder to move to the next level.


And I really hope Finland pulls off the upset. Team North America was really the only interesting part of this tournament for me. I expect Team Canada to continue what seems like a waltz to the title. I'd love to see Team North America get another game to make things very interesting for another opponent, even if they can't pull off a victory. Definitely the most intriguing and most fun to watch team in the tournament. AND another chance for Larkin to make an impact if they give him that chance.

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I'm not really surprised by any of it. Larkin looked decent in the time that he got, but as much as we may want him to be he isn't on the same level as most of the rest of the team, and he was one of the youngest there. It was nice to see him on the team at all though, international experience is always a good thing and I really don't think that it will hurt his confidence in any way.

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