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Shinny on Skates in NYC 1850's

james laverance

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This is the earliest reference I found about playing "Shinny" on Skates in New York City from 1873 referring to Circa 1853.
It mentions in the newspaper that a Hippodrome exsited in the City from 1853-1855 when the game occurred. 
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I guess there's an older reference to "Shinny"on the ice being played in New York City as early as 1810's...
This is a rather interesting article that appeared in the January 31, 1861 edition of the Commercial Advertiser (New York).

the title was "The Old Skating Ponds of New York"
The author talked about the skating grounds in NY 40-50 years earlier.
He said that Collect pond, Stuyvesant and Lispenard meadows were the main skating grounds in NY (1810s-20s).

The author talked about how "the shinny (on skates) now played in that locality (Lispenard) is rather sad and funereal in its character".

He finished his short article by asking:

"Where will the skating ponds of the next century be? Somewhere, mayhap, in the vicinity of Yonkers or Sing Sing."

In New York people definitely played hockey/shinny very early on.
PS If anyone can find this link it would be greatly appreciated thx.
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