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Nashville's first game with P.K


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With 1 game completed, do you think the Nashville Predators will do better this year with P.K. Subban?


Definitely a faster and more entertaining brand of hockey with P.K. Subban. Was surprised that he was paired up with Josi and how well it worked. Just hope he doesn't continue to take stupid penalties at the end of a game like he did on Friday. 


Overall, I think the Predators should do very well this year. What do you think?

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I've been saying the past couple seasons that the Nashville Predators were a team slowly on the rise.

I actually had them making a surprise run to the Finals (against Washington) last season, and while that obviously never came to pass, the Preds STILL did well in the playoffs and took eventual Western Champs San Jose to the limit in 7 games before finally losing to them.


Former coach Barry Trotz obviously did all he could to keep the team competitive with his defensive schemes when he was there, but now with Peter Laviolette's more open offense (and the more uptempo players there now, including Subban), I think the Preds are now a much more balanced team and more Cup ready than they have ever been in seasons past.

This team has a very good mix of young players, vets, speed and hard hitting type players...and probably one of the best puck moving top 4 D squads (Josi, Subban, Ellis, Eckholm) in the league.


Where they end up this year, I don't really know. The Central division is a tough one overall...perhaps one of the toughest, top to bottom in the NHL, but anything less than making the playoffs for them at this point would be a failure.

Maybe Western Conference Finals? Or Stanley Cup appearance? All very possible.

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