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Six Gretzkys v. Six Marios v. Six Gordies v. Six Roberts

Kings Redeem LA

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How would you rank them 1 through 4 in such games against one another? 


For me it'd be: 


04. Wayne Gretzky 


Hockey World: Wayne Gretzky would like to see NHL scoring ...


03. Mario Lemieux 


Mario Lemieux: 100 Greatest NHL Players | NHL.com


02. Gordie Howe 


Stem cells versus Gordie Howeâs stroke â Science-Based ...


01. Bobby Orr 




I've heard people broach this topic in terms such as 5 Orrs vs. 5 Gretz. I give a prime Bobby all-time greatest status in any such Five on Five against anyone ever. Methinks he emerges even clearer as the greatest in 6 v. 6 versus his three competitors here. I say this because I've watched a ton of his highlights including complete games, as I've done with all four legendary blokes here, and he to me would be the best goalie among these four folks. He actually made some great goal stops in both occupied- and empty-net situations that you can find online! 


Now what's YOUR 1-2-3-4 in this Six on Six mix? And because I'm a semi-swinging liberal--please note: I said "semi-swinging" 😉--I'm down to hear people also share whom they think's best ever in Fives against Fives and why, share whom they think's best ever when judged as individuals on their own in their respective innovations, accomplishments, influence, eras, competition, etc. 


So who wins among six Lightning Bobbys, six Le Magnifiques, six Great Ones, six Mr. Hockeys? 

[and if ya like:] 

who wins among five on five with Roy, Brodeur, or Hanlon as goalie? 

who's best on his own? 


I pick Bobby in all three scenarios despite Mario being my favorite ever, 

despite Lemieux's legitimate arguments for greatest hockey player so far. 

#4 could do everything at the highest levels like the other three but was 

the only one who did so while also being a Hall of Fame defenseman--THE 

HOF defenseman against whom all other defensemen are

still measured despite Bobby's tragically truncated career. 


So: what say you?! :rockin: :horn: :rockin:  Let's rap! Non-gangster rap preferred. 🙃 




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