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Jimmy Howard needs to fade into the sunset!!


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23 hours ago, Altzy91 said:

Can we please send Jimmy Howard to minors or put him in the stands for the year. He is so brutal!! I could make more saves in road hockey gear for 4 million bucks!!? Just brutal!!!


Welcome @Altzy91.


You are not wrong. It’s high time to move on. It’s not all his fault right now, but he’s dreadful and so are the Wings when he’s in the net.


I’m sure you were responding to the 7-1 drubbing by the Wild. To be fair, he was moving too much on the first goal, which made that one an easy score, but a number of those MN goals, including one on Bernier after he relieved Howard, were top-corner snipes that are gonna go in even if Carey Price is in net. Especially if the patient shooters are open at the back door as widely as the D is leaving them open.


But yeah, it is time for Howard to go.


But truly, I don’t know what you are expecting right now. They are asking this collection of “leftovers” and building blocks to play for their pride against teams who have more talent and have actual reasons to play to win other than simply playing for pride. I gotta say that that is a tall order, especially for a leadership group like we have here. Dylan Larkin does NOT know how to lead a team out of this kind of place, because I don’t think he’s ever been here before in his career, even before the NHL. He looks and sounds like a guy searching for answers.


Having a good goalie in net in this game would have simply made the score 5-1 rather than 7-1. And I promise you that that game would still demand to be turned off as much as the 7-1 drubbing did. This is simply unwatchable, no matter who is in the net right now.

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