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New Flyers Defenceman - Niskanen Replacement


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Below is the ideal target 'to trade for' as GM Fletcher is looking for a Niskanen replacement since it is clear now that there is not a good compatible RD to pair with Provorov currently on the Flyers team - - 


First - - some qualifiers - - 


Fletcher must trade for a pending UFA defenceman for a good reason:


If he trades for a defenceman who has at least one more year remaining on his contract (will be a Flyers player for 2021-22), that player will not be protected by Fletcher in the July 21, 2021 Expansion Draft. 


(The desired 7/3/1 Protected List Formula allows 3 defencemen to be protected, and they surely will be Provorov/Sanheim/Myers. A 4th quality defenceman under contract for 2021-22 is highly vulnerable to be selected by Seattle in the Expansion Draft. Therefore, Fletcher loses the player and the trade asset(s) he spent.)


If Fletcher trades for a pending UFA defenceman who is on the final year of his contract (a UFA on July 28, 2021), Seattle would not select pending UFAs. And, Fletcher would not have to protect him.


Assuming that defenceman had played well (a quality Niskanen type) over the final stretch of this 2020-21 season and through the playoffs, and assuming Fletcher and this defenceman are mutually agreeable to sign a multi-year contract after the Expansion Draft, a high satisfactory outcome is very possible.


A pending UFA, RH/RD, Niskanen type, defenceman - - who might that be?


Columbus Blue Jackets

6'2", 233 lbs.
Born:Oct 22, 1990 (30 yrs) in St. Hyacinthe, Que.
Experience:9 years
Drafted:Drafted by Columbus in 2009 (4/94).


Excels at defending his position and shutting down high-scoring opponents. Is a good puck mover from the back end. Has great lateral mobility and plenty of size. Is rugged and a fearless shot blocker. Can log big minutes and be relied upon in important situations. Was a high-scoring defenseman in junior hockey, so his talent is somewhat underrated at the NHL level. Long Range Potential: Quality shutdown defenseman.


UFA after the 2020-21 Season.




DAVID SAVARD ($4.25 MILLION 2020-21)
Savard is the one who is most likely to get traded if things don't go the Blue Jackets' way to start the season. He's a veteran defenseman who doesn't take many risks, but is incredibly dependable. He had more trade value over the last two years, but the Blue Jackets weren't able to complete a deal. He's one that the Blue Jackets will likely try to sign to a two or three-year extension.




The Columbus Blue Jackets are having another bad season. The Columbus GM knows that there will be another exodus of UFAs. There will be opportunity for our Flyers' Fletcher to trade for Savard soon if the trade asset price is not overwhelming. There most likely will be competition, and Fletcher may have to overpay with a quality prospect or draft pick.


Provorov - Savard (RH)
Sanheim - Myers (RH)
Gostisbehere - Braun (RH)



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