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Hawks let's Start This Trip with a Bang!



Hello Blackhawks fans...

Tonight the Hawks officially kickoff the Circus trip and the Hawks hope to continue their recent success on the November trip, having gone 4-2-0 last season and 4-1-1 during the 2009-10 season. The boys in the Indian Crest kick off a six-game trip with revenge on their minds because the Canuckleheads manhandled the Hawks in their last meeting, scoring five power-play goals. Tonight, I expect a different storyline. The Hawks are improving but still have weaknesses primarily on the power play and the penalty kill. These two areas of the game must continue to improve. It is also important for the Hawks to score first (they are now 8-0-1 when scoring first) and silence the Schmuck fans. Lastly, look for the Hawks not to take the stupid, selfish penalties that they did in the first meeting between the two teams.

Keys to the game:

- The 25th ranked Hawks Penalty kill must shut down the Canucnkleheads 2nd ranked Power Play.

- The Bolland line matching up with the Sedins

- Crawford controlling the rebounds

Odds and Ends:

- Duncan Keith missed the first game against the Canucks two weeks ago because of injury, I expect him to bring some killer intensity to the game.

- Dave Bolland practiced yesterday and is expected back in the line up.

- Unlucky #7, Seabs, will not play due to a lower body injury.

- Canuckleheads starting goaltender, Baby Luongo is sidelined with an upper-body injury and will sit out tonight's game.

Expected Hawks Line-Up:






The D-men:






Hawks lets start his trip with a bang! GO HAWKS!!!


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Carcillo on a line with Kane and Sharp? No wonder he is singing about how he likes it there. Carcillo rarely saw playing time on the top 2 lines at philly, for obvious reasons.

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The only problem I had with Carcillo is his timing for penalties and fights. I liked his fire, I liked his ability to be up for most games and I even liked his skill. But he just seemed to not understand when to lay low. The best example of this: 4/25/2009, Game 6 I think. He fights Talbot (ironic) when the Flyers are up 3-0. You can't blame the loss on him but why give any reason for the Pens to get fired up?

(That and Upshall was traded for him :)

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